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Social Media Marketing Expert

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I’m Rowan Casey from Australia, a social media marketing expert, and I am offering my services on this site.

I can get you Twitter followers in your own country, Facebook page likes, share your site with my large list of social connections, or use micro job sites and alternative advertising agencies to get the word out about your site in a huge way.

For example, I can set up a campaign on a site like Microworkers, where people are paid to tweet, like, view, post, or anything you want them to do.

It costs at least ten cents per micro job on that site, but there are many others where you can get cheaper tweets shares, stumbles, likes, Google Plus ones, or whatever you want.

I can write articles, or do SEO work as well, but my mainly, I’m a social media marketing expert.

Why You Should Buy My Social Media Marketing Services

There are many so called experts out there, but I am not just trying to make a sale, but give you a good return on investment so you become a repeat customer.

I will take a look at your site, and advise you on whether it would benefit from one sort of social media marketing or another, or whether it requires changes, or an SEO or pay per click advertising campaign instead.

I have had many years experience in learning to make money online myself, and if that is your goal, I can advise you on the best way to do it.

I work at a similar rate as someone in India, because I own my house, and this is not my primary source of income.

I am not particularly concerned with money, and will work to help you succeed in your business, even if it means losing a sale.

My job as a social media marketing expert is to work out a mutually beneficial arrangement where we both make money on an ongoing basis. I get paid to get you social connections and social signals, and you get paid from the customers that brings to your site.

To talk to me about your site, and how I can help you with it as a social media marketing expert, send me an email at

My expertise is in social marketing.

Cheap Social Media Marketing

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After some cheap social media marketing services? Professional Social Promotion offers a number of really affordable social media marketing solutions for promoting websites of all kinds.
Cheap Social Media Marketing
Whether you want large or small amounts of followers, likes, shares, stumbles, Google Plus ones, or whatever it is, I can help you do it, just get in contact via my email, it’s in the sidebar there.

I have a large amount of connections myself, but more importantly, I can help you get your own connections, social signals, and get the word out about your business through social media marketing.

How I would run a large social media marketing campaign is by using your money to set up multiple campaigns and gigs on different micro job sites, where people are paid to share with their Facebook friends, their Twitter followers, etc.

You can hire these micro workers to do whatever you want. Rather than going to the trouble of searching for these sites yourself, and doing it yourself, you can simply pay me a small commission to do pretty much anything, and I will advise you on what works.

Social Media Marketing Services

I can help you do everything that you need to get done in order to get your site on the first page of Google, or alternatively to make a profit through paid promotion and advertising of your site in a number of different ways. I’ve been learning this stuff for years, and I know I can help you make more money online in some way.

I can advise you on SEO, write articles or blog posts for you, teach you how to get a cheap cost per click on advertising, help you get wide exposure for your site on social media sites, and perhaps help you figure out how to become really successful in your business.

It’s quite simple to get started, just send me an email at and include a link to your site, and let me know a bit about it, and what you want to do, and we can discuss how you can best make a return on your investment through cheap social media marketing.

The best and most affordable social media marketing services.

Best Social Media Marketing Company

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Looking for the best social media marketing company online? Well this site is a good place to start. Professional Social Promotion is not really a big company, but a small business run by me, Rowan Casey from Australia.

What I can do is use micro job sites where people are paid to do things such as tweet, like, share, Google Plus, Digg or stumble your site until it gets all the exposure and social signals that you are looking for, and my commission for managing a social media marketing campaign is very affordable.

I can get you Twitter followers, Facebook page likes, manage a pay per click or pay per view advertising campaign, pretty much whatever you’re looking for, and I can advise you on the best way to get a return on your investment through social marketing and alternative advertising methods.

It’s not a matter of speed, and you want real people and a natural progression of links showing up on social media sites in order to send the right signals to Google so you rank well in the search results.

Social signals play as important a role in SEO today as high page rank back links used to, and Google themselves are the ones saying that. The benefit it has to your rankings is only a bonus, as if people find your site interesting enough to share it with their friends, it can go viral.

Best Social Marketing Practice

It depends on what your site is, whether you have a widespread appeal, or a targeted audience as to what the best way is to run a social marketing campaign.

Even if your site needs very targeted viewers, you can get them through social sites, sometimes extremely targeted, if you pay for it. I’ll give you an example.

Plenty of Fish is a free dating site with millions of members. You can target your ads to someone who is a certain age, in a certain city, a certain sex, and who is a few pounds, or very overweight.

Similar thing with Facebook Ads, although if you don’t know what you’re doing you can end up paying more than you make back.

Google is an obvious place to try to get customers, but there is always going to be stiff competition on Google, and as I said before, it requires a natural link profile including social signals to rank in a Google search.

So what I would often suggest is that you show up in all of the places that you would if a lot of people really liked your site. What does that mean?

They would blog about it, tweet it, share it on Facebook, on Google Plus, the link might appear on Yahoo Answers, on forums, you get the idea. My social media marketing services also get you traffic for a lot less than you would usually pay on Google Adwords.

The thing to do is get in contact with me to talk about your site, cause while I do have some PayPal buttons set up for some simple services, I want to set up a campaign for you that provides a good return on your investment, by giving you the right advice.

Contact me at to discuss the best way of doing social media marketing for your site.

This is the best place to buy social media marketing services.

Social Media Marketing Versus Pay Per Click Advertising

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Social Marketing Versus Pay Per Click

Social Media Marketing Versus AdvertisingUpdate (over two years later): I’m still running this site, offering my social media marketing services, but I wanted to make an update of this blog post, as much of the information in it is out of date, or not really relevant anymore.

Since I wrote this blog post, the site has taken off in a small way, and I have more than one order to fill every day for likes, followers, views, shares, tweets, or pretty much anything that you can buy in the social media marketing and internet marketing range.

I am very busy doing Fiverr gigs, and you can find me there to take a look at my 99% positive rating, my username is rowanman28.

Once you do see my positive rating, I would suggest that you come back here though, as I can offer a 20% better deal on everything on this site, as I don’t have to pay them a commission.

That’s about all I have to say for this update, get in touch with me, my email is in the sidebar. You don’t have to, but if you’re interested, go ahead and read the original post, which was written years ago.

The Original Post

First of all, there is not really a huge distinction between paid advertising and paid social media marketing.

You may decide to buy Twitter followers through a site like Twiends, or pay per click when somebody clicks on a message you’ve ordered for someone to tweet on a site like Sponsored Tweets.

You might be paying for random views in a category on StumbleUpon Ads, or buying Fiverr gigs for getting social traffic in a variety of ways, such as getting hundreds of Facebook page likes.

The point is, the traffic from social promotion may be slightly less targeted, but it is still targeted due to the fact that the people who click on your link on a Twitter message click because it interests them, and even on StumbleUpon, you can target people based on their interests, their age, and their gender, similar to Facebook Ads.

Why don't you try out a social marketing campaign with us here at Professional Social Promotion, and see what we can do for you.








Set up a Social Marketing Campaign Here

Using all of the sites I just mentioned like Fiverr, Microworkers, Webeserve, Scheduled Tweets, and dozens of others, we can outsource the most affordable advertising solutions on social networking sites to get you the most traffic for your money.

We can discuss whether you would like to focus your efforts on a more targeted campaign through people finding your site in a relevant Google search, already in a buying frame of mind, or whether it would be cheaper to get a hundred times more people who find your site through browsing on their Facebook and Twitter feeds.

I would suggest that you contact me at, as I’m very anxious to make my first sale, (the site is a month old as of now), and I will do you an awesome deal on sharing your site with my social connections, or outsourcing to the best social promotion companies online.

What is the difference really between pay per click advertising and social promotion?