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Social Media Guest PostsFor anyone who is interested in writing a social media related guest post on this site, I do accept submissions, so long as it is of high quality, over 400 words, original, and generally related to the topic of social media marketing, internet marketing, Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, or Google.

You could write something about SEO, or anything that fits into that whole online marketing niche, but it has to be good.

The full details of the social media marketing guest post submission guidelines are on the page I just linked to, you can also increase your chances of getting a post published, or get me to edit it for you, or place a link on an already existing post by buying one of my Fiverr gigs.

That page has a link to my Fiverr profile, where you can find a gig called I will make a back link from my PR 4 social media marketing/internet marketing related blog for $5, or something like that.

This site is no longer PR 4, it’s actually slipped down to a PR 2, because I haven’t been publishing as much lately, I’ve just been real busy doing work for people.

That’s why I need some high quality fresh content, and it’s mutually beneficial, as a guest post from a site like this makes a really good back link, and will boost the rankings of your site for any marketing related keywords.

What You Should Say In The Guest Post

As I said, I go into the full details of the submission guidelines on the other page I linked to, but I’ll just say again what I’m looking for here.

I want an original, 400 word article that has not been published anywhere else, and will not be published anywhere else, ever.

It has to be written in really good English, with no gramatical or spelling mistakes, and it should not be overly commercial, it has to be about a topic, or answering a common question, not be about the product or site you want the link to.

You can mention that a little bit near the end, but it’s not an ad for your site, it’s meant to be informative content that my readers will be interested in reading, because it has really helpful information in it.

You can only have one link out to your site, from link text that occurs naturally in the text, towards the end, although you can also include one other link to a high authority site like Wikipedia, or something like that, which will help the ranking of the post, and therefore the ranking of the site it links to.

Authority is more important than page rank any day of the week, so it’s probably a good idea to do that, even though in theory, the link weight gets divided by half.

That’s about all I have to say about writing a social media guest post on this site, send me an email if you’re interested to talk about possible titles, and what you’re going to put in it, or send it to me in plain text in an email as HTML, and if I like it, I’ll publish it.

The other thing is, I don’t want people making tons of low quality back links to the post once it’s published, as that doesn’t help anyway, for me, or the target site. Building a link pyramid should be done gradually, and from quality sites, and most of the old techniques that used to work, no longer work, and can even be damaging to your rankings.

My email is in the sidebar, so get in contact if you think you can write a guest post about social media that I would be interested in publishing.

Social Media Solutions

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Social Media Solutions

What I aim to do on this site is offer affordable social media solutions for businesses of all kinds. There are many different ways to attract customers to your business through social media, or through being found on Google, and a different approach is needed, depending on what it is you do.

If you have a local business, such as a cleaning company that only works in one city, then you may need to try to target local keywords on Google, if any exist.

If there are no keyword phrases with any reasonable amount of exact match monthly search volume, then the next step might be pay per click advertising.

The difference between a local business and a worldwide online business is that it requires a very specific type of customer, and the same is true of many other types of businesses.

Another example might be a company that offered custom made surfboards. While there are surfers all over the world, it’s still not something that would interest more than a fraction of a percent of the general population.

For these types of businesses, which require a very specific and targeted audience, the only real options are SEO, PPC, and perhaps email marketing. Using the search engine and paid advertising traffic to build an email list of targeted buyers.

The other main type of marketing is viral marketing, or the widespread promotion of a product to a general audience of regular people.

This works really well if the page has some sort of viral appeal, and what that means is that it’s good enough and interesting enough that people might decide to share it with all their friends through a tweet, or a share on Facebook.

Viral Marketing Through Social Media

In my view the best way to do viral marketing is through a funny, interesting, or very informative You Tube video.

Video is the best way to spark an interest in regular people, and you may even have to think right outside of the box in terms of creating something that both sells your product, or promotes your site, and entertains in a way that might spread through word of mouth.

The goal is to be one of those people who has a video with one million views or more, and it’s not always certain how these videos become so popular.

You could take the example of the Old Spice ad, of the black guy who says “I’m on a horse”. That video ad was just released on the internet, and had a little bit of help from advertising, but it spread like wildfire, because it was so different, and entertaining.

Only a tiny fraction of pages have that viral quality that would make people want to click the share button, but one way to encourage shares is simply to ask people to share it.

If you form a connection with the audience, so that they feel like they know you, then they may be more than happy to click tweet or subscribe, or whatever, on a You Tube video, and that’s probably what I would recommend that people concentrate on, as their main destination point on social media.

The reason is, video is a visual medium, which can get across anything you want it to. The cost of a promoted video on You Tube through Google Adwords is much less than any other cost per click.

You can use Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and articles, blog posts, etc, to drive traffic to your videos, which are an effective pre-sales page for your web site.

The key is to understand how other people see your website, and try to imagine what would turn you into a buyer.

As I said at the start of this post, I offer social media solutions for businesses such as getting them likes, followers, shares, views, etc, or through making videos, writing articles, giving advice on how to effectively do SEO and pay per click advertising.

If you’re interested in getting a bit of a free evaluation of your site and how I might be able to help you, send me an email, my address is in the sidebar.

Free Social Media Marketing Tips

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Free Social Media Marketing Tips

OK, the reason why you are here is to get some free social media marketing tips, and I do my best to help, so these are my top ten tips on how to get traffic to your site from social media, for free.

These are not really arranged in order of importance, or the amount of traffic they get me, and people will have different results if they are promoting themselves in a different way, with a different product.

Send me a message if you want to get some free advice on which social media marketing method might work the best. My email is in the sidebar.


The first one is Twitter, and I say that because after trying everything, that’s what I found works the best for me, although it also could be because that’s what I decided to concentrate on.Free Marketing Tips For Twitter

I get my Twitter followers from Twiends, and let me just explain what that means. They are the largest site that does this sort of swapping of a follow for a follow, and there are hundreds of thousands of people on the site, or who have accounts.

I would view a Twiends follower as being a hundred times less valuable than a targeted follower who followed you for no other reason than because they wanted to see your tweets, and a thousand times easier to get.

For me, this means that due to the sheer volume of followers you can get, it’s ten times more effective than following people through a Twitter search, and hoping they follow back.

It’s free, but it does require some work, or you can pay for help with the work, and back it up with seeds to get Twitter followers faster.

You Tube

I’m rather new to You Tube, and I’m still learning how to use the site, and how to impress people with my videos, but there is no question that You Tube is amazing for getting traffic if you make good videos. Tips For Marketing On You Tube

That’s the number one thing to keep in mind, you’re not making videos for the search engines, it has a lot to do with engagement and things like the bounce rate, and whether people watch a video.

Google can’t tell much about how good a video is except by how long people stick around to watch it, and if you don’t make good videos, they won’t watch, and it won’t be shown as suggestions in other videos, and probably won’t rank on Google.

I’ve heard people say that back links help, and embedding it all over the place, and that views help get more views, but what it comes down to is that the views have to be from interested viewers, who actually want to watch.

I make some pretty basic videos for people, or I think they’re pretty good, but the main benefit I offer is the price, and you can find other people offering cheap video production services on sites like Fiverr.


Sometimes I think that Facebook isn’t really helping me all that much, although my Facebook page is outranking my site for a search on the title, affordable social media marketing services.Social Media Marketing Tips On Facebook Free

I also have dozens of other Facebook pages, although due to the way the timeline works, many of them have aren’t up to date, or I don’t have the time to maintain them with regular updates of content.

Still, I am ranking on Facebook searches and Google searches for various low competition phrases, and often the people who like my page will see a post, and I would recommend that you get some Facebook page likes, whether targeted, (Facebook Ads), or random, if you even want to have a chance of having any of these things work.

I use various different social swapping sites, I’ve tested many of them, but stick to the top three that work the best and produce quality likes and followers from real people that stick.

Another way to do things on Facebook is making friends, or joining groups that share your interests. If you have very specific interests, it may be hard to find the right people, but you can do things like look at public posts that mention a keyword, see who posted it, and send them a friend request.

Stumble Upon

I’m not entirely sure how Stumble Upon works, and I’m meant to be a bit of an expert at it, or I’ve been active on the site for many years. Stumble Upon Marketing Tips

How it works for me, is I got a bunch of followers through following people, and talking to them, and I ask them to vote up all my shares from the red numbers on their toolbars.

In exchange, I vote up all the shares to the red numbers on my toolbar. You can download the toolbar as a browser add on for Firefox, or Google Chrome, and I use Firefox.

I get about twenty votes up on the pages I share, and that gives it a chance of getting into the random surf of a category, where if people like it, it will get more votes up.

One of my pages got 15,000 views, and that was a video on my blog Video Mobster of a six foot centipede fighting a snake. It has to be viral content for it to go viral, and it’s hard work just maintaining it.

I can share your site with all my social connections, including my Stumble Upon followers, and I offer that on one of my Fiverr gigs, and it’s really popular. I also offer that on the social sharing page here.

Stumble Upon works for getting traffic, but if you’re not active, then it can be a waste of time, and you might be better off thinking of Stumble Upon Ads to get results faster.

Linked In

I nearly forgot about Linked In, which is another really good source of traffic to this site. I join the groups there that are relevant, and every now and then I share things with the group that are worth sharing. Marketing On Linked In

You can’t spam the group, or some people do, but it’s not worth doing, and might get you thrown out anyway. It’s good for chatting to people, getting connected, and getting traffic.

The friend requests and your profile, that’s not all that important, although you should have a full profile. The thing to do is find groups with lots of people or even make your own group, and use it wisely. I use Add This to click a button to bring up the Linked In share page easily.

Google Plus

Google Plus is still the fastest growing site in the world as far as I know, and Google have made an attempt on this one to make it fairly integrated with everything.Google Plus Free Tips

By everything I mean Google own Google, Blogger, You Tube, and dozens of other sites, and you really do have to learn how Google Plus works.

It’s a good idea to get followers by following people who share your interests, and not just hope they follow back, but plus one and share their stuff, so that they think it’s a good idea to return the favor, and they will often follow you back.

I can get you Google Plus followers through that method with your log in details, or there are other ways of swapping a follow for a follow without needing your password.

It’s still a new site, and not everyone has caught onto how important it’s going to be yet. The reason is that Google does give better rankings to those who establish authorship of a page, like this one has a rich snippets picture of me on Google because I have set up the rel=”author” tag in the right way.

Yahoo Answers

I have had two Yahoo Answers accounts suspended now, and on the second one, I tried real hard to do things in the right way.How To Use Yahoo Answers For Marketing

You can’t just continually link to yourself, but you have to put a link in that is relevant to the answer, like a blog post.

It’s not that good for SEO, as it’s no follow, and the links are from the URL text, but it can get you some traffic, especially if your answer gets chosen on a question that then ranks on the first page of a popular Google search.

You can’t be seen to be using it in a dodgy way, or you may get reported, and if they decide you look like a low quality spammer, then you lose the account.

It takes you a lot of answers to get to a level two, where you can post live links, and you need that so people can click on it. I just like hanging out there answering questions, so I don’t link in every answer.


Pinterest is so new, I can’t really say how good it is, or whether it is really any good at all. Given that I’m a member of all of these other sites, I haven’t had the time to work it out, although I do have about 500 followers.Free Pinterest Tips

I don’t really understand how they see the things that I pin, like are they looking at their dashboard when they do pins?

I don’t understand how it works, and I wouldn’t recommend it for that reason, but I do also sell Pinterest followers if anyone wants them, for four cents each.

Some people say that they have figured it out, and I’ve seen a number of e-books and reports that claim that people can get hundreds of views a day from Pinterest, although I assume from what I’ve seen that whatever lets you do that is spam.


Some would say that a forum isn’t social media, but I view it as being a type of social media, as it’s socializing with people who share your interests.Forum Marketing Tips

You could do the same thing on a Facebook group, or even a video hangout on Google Plus, but it’s just chatting about things, and that’s why it’s social.

I hang out on the Warrior Forum to get information about SEO and stuff, although people don’t regularly chat about social media there. Maybe I need to find another good social media marketing forum.


I probably left out some sites from this top ten list, but what I shouldn’t leave out is Google, even though it’s not a social site. Social Media Marketing On Google

The reason is that Google indexes almost all of these social pages, and with a bit of work and a good knowledge of SEO, you can rank your social pages on Google for keyword phrases as well as get traffic to them from the social sites.

I’ve been learning SEO for for years, and I’m not an expert, and a lot of the people offering SEO services are not experts either.

It costs big money to hire someone good to rank for a big phrase with lots of competition, but you can do simple things like write high quality articles and blog posts and guest posts to help the ranking of your social pages.

I also offer an article writing service for ten dollars each, and that gets you my best work, published on one of my article writing accounts, or given to you to publish on your site.

So that was some free social media marketing tips, with some affordable social media marketing services thrown in there.

If you want to talk to me about helping you do the thousands of hours of work that it takes to do all of this, then send me a message, my email is in the sidebar.

Social Media Consultant

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My name is Rowan Casey from Australia, and I am a social media consultant, or another word for it is a social media marketing manager.Social Media Consultant

What I do is take a look at the specific needs of the business or website that a client sends me, and give them advice on what they need to do to make a return on investment, or drive real, targeted traffic to their site and turn those people into customers, or return visitors.

My history is in writing, and by that I mean I started out as a blogger a few years ago. I read other people’s articles, learned what they were doing to improve their search rankings and get traffic, and what I learned over those few years led me to build this site.

What I found was that for the average person, social media promotion provides the largest amount of targeted traffic for the money or time that you put into it.

Article marketing is not dead, but you can get more traffic to your articles if you tweet them to 50,000 people than if you just hope they end up on a Google search with 100 exact match searches a month worldwide.

My Qualifications As A Social Media Marketing Consultant

I know what I’m talking about, I’ve been working on traffic building and making money online through various methods all day long, every day, for the last few years, and I know about all the changes in the algorithms of Google, and especially, how to drive traffic through social media.

Some internet marketers tell me that I should have been building my email list over the last few years, which I haven’t barely done at all.

That’s one way to go about it, but I view my list of social connections as almost as good, and I have tens of thousands of them, almost 100,000 followers on different sites, which is something I probably couldn’t have done with an email list as quickly, and with such a small amount of money to put in.

I think I had fifty email subscribers when I gave up on that idea, and didn’t make a cent from them, but I’m not saying you shouldn’t do that as well.

What I am saying is that no matter what you’re doing, you should be on You Tube, with dozens of high quality videos with different keyword phrase titles that are driving traffic back to your site.

You should pick up all of the likes and followers on all the major social swapping sites, just to be sure that all the good people on those sites are following you.

That’s pretty much what I do, (or one of many things I do), get real random likes and followers for people. Visit the home page, or send me a message via the contact page for more details about my services.

You should have a Facebook page, or multiple Facebook pages that are aiming to rank on not just a Facebook search, but also a Google search, and I can help you with making that happen.

You should know how Linked In works, and Stumble Upon, and Yahoo Answers, Google Plus, Google Local, Fiverr, or alternatively, you should know how I work, because I do know all of these things.

Why You Should Hire Me As Your Social Media Manager

I work for somewhere in the region of ten US dollars an hour. That’s not because my services aren’t worth more, it’s just that I’m competing against people in India, as that’s the nature of the internet.

I know how the internet works, and how to get things done cheaply that really work. I know all the best Fiverr gigs, and other micro job sites, and people who can make you content, voiceovers, website design, music, etc.

Basically, my main benefit as a social media consultant is that if you come to my site through a search like buy Facebook page likes, or buy You Tube video views, (assuming that I’m ranking for those phrases on Google), then I won’t just sell them to you, I’ll try to explain how it works.

For example, I would tell people that the main benefit of buying random Facebook page likes from a social swapping site is that it can help you with social proof, and SEO, if the title of your page is a keyword phrase that people will type in on Facebook, or Google, assuming that search doesn’t have huge competition.

I would let you know that to get targeted likes, the only way is through a managed Facebook Ads campaign, which I can do as well if you have the money.

For the You Tube views, I would tell you that you cannot simply buy You Tube views and have it work, except perhaps through Google Adwords.

You have to buy the things which are going to get you engaged views from people who are really interested, (not robots), and that’s why I charge more than other people for things like social sharing of your video.

For these reasons, I am a social media consultant with integrity, who offers quality advice and services which actually work, based on my own experiences in internet marketing, over the past few years.

To find out more, send me a message, my email is in the sidebar. Include a link to your site, and perhaps your Facebook page, your Twitter account, your You Tube channel, and I’ll do my best to suggest the best possible social media marketing strategy.