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Social Marketing Services

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Professional Social Promotion can offer you the best value social marketing services you will find anywhere online.

We offer a number of services such as scheduled tweeting to our thousands of followers. In this one, you pay a dollar a day, and get four daily scheduled tweeting spots on our main account caseyman28, which is growing at a rate of about two hundred followers a day.

You can change the messages at any time by contacting me, and most of the money goes back into getting more followers, so the more subscribers there are, the better value it becomes.

You can pay over a dollar a day, (or work for hours) on Twiends to get a fraction of that amount of followers, and it will not benefit you much, if you’re not making tons of new pages that you want to tweet.

One of the other social marketing services we offer that has the most value is Facebook page likes. This is a very simple service, you pay ten bucks, and get over two hundred likes.

Facebook page likes are good because they increase the ranking on Google of your page, and you can send a message to all the people who like your page, and they see the posts to the wall of your page in their news feed.

What are the best social marketing services?







Social Marketing Services

I could go on about the social marketing services we offer here like You Tube views, clicks on social share buttons on your site like Google plus one, article writing, etc, but I talk about all of that on the home page, and also in my newsletter, where I teach you how to do it all yourself, so sign up to that to get my free e-book, and learn everything I know, as I continue to learn it.

If you want to buy any of these social marketing services, or anything that you could think of, SEO work, help building a site, making a You Tube video, making a Facebook page etc, at a very affordable price, send me a message at

Social marketing is the best promotion method of your site.

What is Social Marketing?

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What exactly is social marketing, how do you do it, and does it work? The quick answer is, social marketing is selling a product or service through social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, I will explain how you do it here, and it does work.

First, I’ll talk a little about Facebook, and what I like to do on Facebook to get traffic. My most successful social marketing techniques on Facebook are making pages, and perhaps using Facebook Ads.

I don’t like how expensive Facebook Ads usually is, and I haven’t found a product to sell that makes it worth the two dollars a click they expect you to pay to start with.

You can get it down lower than that if you have a good click through rate, but it’s not always easy to tell how to do that.

I’ve talked about how you make a successful Facebook page in a lot of other posts, but it comes down to SEO, and Facebook page likes.

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SEO and Social Marketing

You need to learn the basics of search engine optimization if you want to be on the first page of Google, and then you get a lot of likes, which further helps your ranking, and gives you a new opportunity for social marketing.

When people like your page, you can send a message to all of them at once, or as individuals, and whenever you post something on the wall of your page, it shows up in the news feeds of all of those people.

Now you can get 5,000 friends on Facebook, and try to make sure that they share your interests, but when they click the like button, they have shown that they have a real interest in your page in particular, which makes it easier to do social marketing effectively.

Some pages have millions of likes, and you can buy them for as little as five cents each, or even less. Click here if you want to get Facebook page likes.

So what is social marketing? It’s a little bit of everything, like I get most of my traffic from Twitter, and if you want to see how I do that, check out Social Media Marketing Tips.

What the hell is social marketing?

Societal Marketing

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Societal marketing should not be confused with social marketing, as they are two completely different things.

Societal marketing is a concept where a company focuses on the wants and needs of the consumer, giving them everything they desire, and this in turn promotes a good image, and reputation for the brand.

For example, a company may show that they have good environmental policies, by reducing their carbon footprint, going green, and ending practices which cause pollution. They may give away money to a charity, for example Mc Donald’s has the Ronald Mc Donald House.

This approach of societal marketing can work even with a small brand, if they simply give their customers what they want for free, encouraging a word of mouth campaign to spread, particularly online.

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Social Marketing Versus Societal Marketing

Social marketing on the other hand, is quite different from societal marketing, and for the most part, it means the promotion of your product or service on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Having a strong presence on the social networks does not however mean that you can’t do societal marketing at the same time, for example, you could have a special promotion where people can like your Facebook page, and you will give a dollar away to a charity.

This sort of thing can be very productive, as once a person likes your page, they will see your posts in their news feed on Facebook, and if you post interesting content, they may buy something, or switch to your brand.

If you would like to get Facebook page likes at a tiny fraction of that price, (around five cents each), you can buy them here, from Professional Social Promotion.

Societal marketing and social marketing can work together quite well, although it is usually only when a company is making a huge profit that they start trying to give back to their customers in a big way.

The benefits of societal marketing and social marketing.

Social Media Marketing Tips

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This post will give you some valuable tips on social media marketing, starting with totally free methods.

Social Media Marketing on Facebook

While Facebook is the biggest of the social media sites, you cannot get a lot of traffic from Facebook quickly, easily and for free.

Why do I say that? It takes a long time to make friends on Facebook, even if you have multiple accounts, and nobody uses Facebook as a search engine, (or very few), so to get free traffic there you either need to spam people, pages or groups, or have your Facebook page found in a Google search.

It is probably easier to compete for a Google search with your actual site, unless you get a ton of likes, and other back links within Facebook and from other quality sites.

You can buy Facebook page likes on the home page, but that’s not free. The best free way to get lots of free traffic is Twitter in my opinion.

Social Media Marketing on Twitter

I get most of my traffic from Twitter, in fact if you’re reading this now, that’s probably where you came from, unless I managed to get on the first page of Google for social media marketing.

Take a look at a previous post to see what Twitter tools I use to get tens of thousands of followers, and send out tweets to them automatically.

You can buy Twitter followers, although it still takes a lot of work managing your Twitter followers because if you don’t follow back, many will eventually unfollow you.

Check out the home page to get Professional Social Promotion to set up scheduled tweets to our huge list of followers, and let us handle the hard work.

Social Media Marketing on StumbleUpon

There’s one more free social media marketing tip I can offer, and that is learn to use StumbleUpon. I have gotten hundreds of thousands of views from there, and it’s worth taking five minutes a day setting that up.

It’s a little complicated, so here is a link to an article on how to use the StumbleUpon toolbar.

I hope that these social media marketing tips were helpful, you can of course use Facebook Ads, but we can get you traffic cheaper. If you’re looking to buy something, try the social promotion services here at Professional Social Promotion first.

Learn the best social media marketing techniques from this post.