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Best Social Marketing Gigs on Fiverr

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In my opinion, these are the best social marketing gigs on Fiverr, and I don’t just say that because they are my Fiverr gigs, a lot of my customers have left positive responses saying the same thing, as you will see.

I have a huge amount of social connections on Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, and other social sites, and I deliver what I say I will, or even more. You can order the same sorts of things on the home page of Professional Social Promotion, and other things that aren’t included in my Fiverr gigs, such as article writing and Facebook page likes, and I offer better value for money here, because I don’t have to pay Fiverr a commission.

Nevertheless, if you want a quick share that is pretty much guaranteed to get you traffic to your site at an affordable price, here are what I believe are the best social marketing gigs on Fiverr.

The best social marketing gigs on Fiverr.







My Social Marketing Gigs On Fiverr

I will share your site with my Twitter, Facebook and StumbleUpon followers for $5

This one is definitely my most popular gig, and for good reason, as I just share your site with all of my social connections including over 50,000 Twitter followers on seven accounts, my 3,000 Facebook friends, and my 300 StumbleUpon followers, who give me about 20 positive votes on each share.

It depends on whether your site has a widespread appeal to ordinary people as to how many views this gig will bring you, but I would say on average it would generate at least 100 hits, possibly 1,000 or more.

My most popular StumbleUpon share was a three foot centipede fighting a snake, and that got about 20,000 views (so far), and it’s still getting more. The most popular categories there are humor, bizarre, recipes, photography, music and art, although anything can get a lot of views if it’s really good.

I will schedule tweets to my thousands of Twitter followers for $5

At this stage, this one is not even rated yet, although I think it’s even better value than the other one. In this gig, I will set up scheduled tweets every day at a certain time on my main account (caseyman28), which has over 17,000 followers and is growing every day, for two weeks.

To give you an idea of how well this will work, if I tweet this page once after I finish writing it to that account, I expect it will get about fifteen views, even though people have not yet woken up in the United States.

You can expect to get as much traffic as the other gig, in fact probably more, as Twitter is my main source of visitors to this site. If you prefer, you can talk to me about getting better value by setting it up through this site, and it is negotiable how long it goes for, as it still takes me the same amount of time to set up.

I will give you Google Plus Ones on twenty different pages of your site for $5

I don’t like doing this one so much because it takes me time to visit twenty different pages and click the social buttons like Google plus one and give it a vote up on StumbleUpon, but it still only takes me ten minutes, so that’s still $24 an hour, if I get lots of gigs on Fiverr for this one.

I would prefer that you just direct me to your site, and so long as you have the social buttons installed on the page, I will just click them, and navigate my way through the site until I have done twenty pages.

I won’t click the Facebook like or tweet buttons, but I will click Google Plus One, Digg and StumbleUpon, so long as they are easy to access and that you have already submitted the page once yourself. If I have to submit the page to Digg and StumbleUpon, that will take me too long, and I won’t be able to do as much.

You can see the rest of my social marketing gigs on Fiverr by taking a look at my Fiverr profile page. I believe they are better, more effective gigs than 90% of the other ones in that category, and I aim to please, so I can get a positive rating. If you would like to talk to me about social marketing for your site, send me a message at

These are the best of the social marketing and promotion gigs on Fiverr.


Social Marketing Plan

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If you want your site to be successful, you need an effective social marketing plan, no matter what it is, and what it’s about.

There is a different type of social marketing plan needed for a site that has a widespread appeal, and one that needs very targeted viewers, but you cannot ignore the power of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter for getting traffic.

We can start by looking at a simple Adsense blog, that has no great monetization for any of the pages on it, and is just talking on a general topic, such as internet marketing.

How would you construct an effective social media marketing plan for a general blog? Simple, you get about ten thousand Twitter followers from Twiends, or You Like Hits, and tweet every new post you do, and your older posts, all through the day.

I have already talked about the best social media tools to use to set up scheduled tweeting, and manage your followers in another post, so have a look at that page for more information.

Hopefully your posts will have a widespread appeal, and people will click on them, but if they need a more targeted audience, try making a Facebook page, that is specifically about the subject, and get a ton of Facebook page likes on it, and then when you update your wall, the people that like the page will see it in their news feed.

You can also make a You Tube video, or an endless amount of them, which is probably better, because it is better for SEO to publish regularly, so long as you maintain the level of quality.

Every business needs a social marketing plan.








A More Targeted Social Marketing Plan

The most important thing with finding really targeted viewers is SEO, and if you don’t know anything about that, you probably should sign up to the newsletter, because my e-book can explain that complicated subject in more detail, but I will quickly give you an idea of what you might need to do to get your Facebook page or You Tube video on the first page of Google.

Make heaps of back links to your page, channel, videos, etc from within Facebook or You Tube, and also from articles, relevant Comment Luv enabled blogs, forum signatures, social media sites, in fact everywhere you can possibly make a relevant back link, do it.

The only thing about making back links, is you don’t want to make spam back links too quickly, (like 1,000 a day), from bad neighbourhoods.

The higher quality the better, and Google likes to see a whole range of different links leading to your site. High page rank and low page rank, do follow and no follow.

You should learn as much as you can about on-page optimization as well, such as having a lot of keyword relevant text with the words in your title as about 3% of the text.

SEO doesn’t really have anything to do with social marketing, except that Facebook is PR 10, so if you use the same methods for ranking a Facebook page as you would with any other site, and get a lot of likes on it, you may actually do better on Google than with a proper WordPress website in some cases.

Google loves You Tube videos with lots of views, and they own You Tube, so it’s a good idea to work these sites into your social marketing plan if you can.

In conclusion, for widespread appeal, (viral content), go with Twitter and StumbleUpon for your social marketing plan, and for more targeted visitors, learn SEO, and use Facebook and You Tube, or pay for advertising there.

If you would like help coming up with an effective social marketing plan for your site, or you want to get likes, views, tweets, have articles written, or anything like that, just send me a message to talk about it at

Make a plan for social marketing.





The Best Method of Social Media Marketing

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What is the best method of social media marketing? That’s a tricky question, because some people have more success with one method, while others have more with another.

If you have a site that has a fairly specific audience, you may want to try to get on the first page of Google, and you can do this with a Facebook page, or a You Tube video.

You have to know quite a bit about SEO to make this work, and you have to be consistent in your efforts, whatever method you choose.

In order to get a lot of likes, or views on your social media page, there are so many different methods, it’s hard to tell where to start.

My favorite is Twitter for getting views, then StumbleUpon, although each site requires quite a lot of work to figure out how to use it well, or you need a lot of money.

How to use social media to get traffic.







Social Media Marketing Methods

I have just started using a site called You Like Hits, where you can do a range of different things to get points, which are good for Facebook page likes, Twitter followers, Digg followers, MySpace friends, You Tube views, and website hits.

It works in a similar way to the way Twiends used to work, before Facebook and You Tube stopped letting them offer points for those things.

Twiends is still great for getting Twitter followers fast, but You Like Hits offers so many more possibilities, and the only problem is it’s a little slow, as it’s a new site.

I can’t tell you what the best method of social media marketing is, without seeing your site, but I can tell you that I have gotten the most views to this site from Twitter and StumbleUpon, and hardly anything from Facebook and You Tube.

That could just be because that’s what I’ve been focusing my efforts on, but I know that it works well for my particular niche, which is social promotion and internet marketing services.

I can save you the trouble of doing all of that work yourself, cause I’ve already worked for hours a day for years to get the huge amount of social connections that I have, and whether you want cheap traffic, likes, followers, back links, or whatever, I am offering to do it all for you, at a very reasonable price.

Get in contact with me to talk about the best method of social media marketing for your site at

What is the best way to do social media marketing?


Social Media Marketing For Small Business

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Social media marketing is probably the easiest way for a small business to succeed online, depending on what their product is, and whether it requires targeted, local customers, or a general worldwide audience.

If you have a local pizza shop, you would be better off getting a listing on Google Places, rather than tweeting to random people from around the world, although in some cases, you may be able to make friends with your customers on social sites, by finding them online through advertising, or suggesting they follow you or add you as a friend in your menu.

One way to get them to connect with you online would be to offer a discount, if they see the coupon on their Twitter account, or Facebook news feed.

You can get your customers to like your Facebook page, follow you on Twitter, or even get them to sign up for SMS messages to their phone when there is a two for one pizza offer. Social Media Marketing can be very effective even for a local small business.

Small businesses benefit from social marketing.








Social Marketing For A Worldwide Business

Now worldwide and small business may not seem like they go together, but many people have a site online where they sell one thing or another to a worldwide customer base.

You can sell affiliate products, CPA offers, or your own products and services, whether they are digital or physical in nature.

My free e-book explains how to do all of this yourself in great detail, if you want to learn my social media marketing techniques, although it does take a bit of time to get it happening. Just sign up for free to the newsletter to get it.

The home page of Professional Social Promotion has an affordable range of social marketing services for sale, such as scheduled tweeting to tens of thousands of Twitter followers, or cheap Facebook page likes.

If I can do it, I’m selling it here on the site, and I have quite a lot of experience in social media marketing, so why not get in touch with me at to discuss your small business, and how to make it successful.

Social media marketing is the way to go.