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Does Social Bookmarking Work Anymore For SEO?

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As far as I can tell, social bookmarking for SEO purposes has very little if any beneficial effect on your ranking.

While there are still elements of the old algorithms in Google, which pass page rank on from one site to another, page rank isn’t what gets you on the first page.

Google wants to show quality, relevant sites to their users, and unless you can get an authority link, from the home page of a government site, Wikipedia, or an authority site in your niche, it won’t have all that much benefit.

Does making back links from social bookmarking sites still have any SEO benefit? Maybe not.








Do Back Links Work Anymore For SEO?

Back links are still important, I’m not saying don’t make any, like Ehow is a good site to write an article on, as it’s one of the only “content farms” not penalized too badly by Google in the Panda update, but it’s more important that these links seem natural.

It does seem natural that you would make back links to your site on your computer, and if it was truly worthwhile, that other people of all kinds would make back links to your site from varying link text, no follow as well as do follow, but gradually, over time.

I used to notice the change in my rankngs almost instantly when I built dozens of social bookmarking links, but it’s just not like that anymore.

Links from forums, blog comments, (especially irrelevant ones), are just not worth doing anymore, unless you have exeptionally good software that finds quality places to link from, and submits to them gradually, on an ongoing basis.

There is no magic bullet software anymore, not that I’ve come across anyway, and that’s what Google was aiming to combat with the latest change in algorithms.

Your best chance to get on the first page of Google is to publish quality content on your site regularly, choose more specific titles, and slow down your back linking efforts, or switch your focus to looking for authority links.

Perhaps you could get in touch with webmasters in your niche, or hire individuals to write quality articles and blog posts.

Anyway, social bookmarking doesn’t really work anymore for SEO, you have to be smarter than that to fool Google these days.

Since the Panda algorithm update, social bookmarking links don't work as well for SEO.

Should you Trust an SEO Expert?

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SEO Expert

Should you trust an SEO expert when they say they can get you on the first page of a Google search guaranteed?

That’s a pretty easy question to answer, no you shouldn’t trust anyone who says that getting on the first page of a Google search can be guaranteed, because Google updates their search algorithms on an almost daily basis to combat these back link merchants, and the spam they produce.

SEO should be handled by learning how to do it yourself, if you’re serious about it. You cannot just click a button, and magically show Google all the signs they are looking for.

Google wants quality, and relevance, and perhaps the authority of a site that has other quality, relevant, trusted sites linking to it.

There is no way I would ever put my site in the hands of an SEO company, because there is no guarantee it would do any good at all.







Should you Trust an SEO Expert?

In a previous post, I talked about the dangers of grey-hat SEO, which includes everything slightly shifty, including buying links of any kind.

There is a whole industry built around the notion that you can fool Google by buying tons of back links, or high page rank back links, when Google itself says that if they catch you buying links, you may be de-indexed.

The best way to do SEO on your site is to gradually write quality, relevant articles about it on other sites, and regularly put quality SEO content on your own site.

Google will simply banish your site into the nether regions of the thousandth page of the SERPs, or de-index your site altogether if you use some of the spam blasting software that used to work in the old days, particularly if your site is new.

So should you trust an SEO expert? Yes, to some degree, if they advise you about on-page optimization, and how to manually submit your site to places like article directories, press release sites, and social bookmarking sites. I can advise you on these things in the free internet marketing training you get when you sign up to the newsletter.

I am an SEO expert that you can trust, and if I wasn't, then how the hell are you reading this?

The Dangers of Grey-Hat SEO

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Grey-hat SEO

What are the dangers of grey-hat SEO like software blasting, and buying thousands of links? It’s simple, your site can go from the first page, or the second page, to so far from the first page you couldn’t find it with a magnifying glass.

Many people think that an SEO company should be able to do a better job than what you could do yourself, but if you have a new site, and you choose the wrong service, you could be penalized really badly for what a lot of these people still do.

The recent algorithm changes in Google have not just reduced the importance of back links made with software, such as submitting to hundreds of content farms, and building profile links with software, they have turned them into a dangerous, damaging thing to do.

I see companies still advertising the same old blasting techniques which used to work, but which now could destroy your site for good, and it really annoys me.

I had a test site called Cheap Stylus, it wasn’t really going anywhere, cause I got the keyword research wrong, but I wanted to test out whether some of these cheap grey-hat SEO services actually worked.

I ordered two gigs on Fiverr, one for 1200 back links, and the other for a link pyramid of over a thousand, made from forum profiles, and guess what, my site was on the first page, and now it’s completely gone. I have to type it into Google as the actual domain name to see it.

The dangers of grey-hat SEO are really quite bad, you can lose all hope of ever competing for the seach you are aiming for, when Google penalizes you.








The Dangers of Grey-Hat

What have I learned from this? Don’t trust anyone who says that quantity is better than quality. If you think that Google wouldn’t approve of what you’re doing if they were watching it, don’t do it. Don’t worry so much about making back links, write a few articles yourself, and then make back links to those from social bookmarking sites.

Do it gradually, over time, so it appears natural to Google, and the most important thing is to update your site regularly with quality content, like this.

Do some keyword research, find a niche that doesn’t have too much competition, and a reasonably good search volume, buy an exact match domain name, get quality hosting, and gradually make quality, relevant back links, and update your site with quality relevant content.

To do anything else is incredibly risky, and it could bring down upon you the mighty wrath of Google. Those are the dangers of grey-hat SEO as I see it.

The problem with grey-hat SEO, is it's incredibly dangerous, and can get your site punished badly by Google. Quality is the key.


Professional SEO Techniques

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Professional SEO Techniques is an excerpt from my free e-book which you can get by signing up to the list on your right.

There are two parts to SEO, on-page, and off-page SEO. To begin with, you will want
a website that has a short, relevant domain name to the subject you are going to be
writing about.

Before you buy this domain name, you should do some keyword research, to find an
exact-match domain name for the title of your home page that gets a lot of traffic, and
that doesn’t have too much competition.

Some people use Market Samurai, and while I would recommend them if you’re
prepared to take the time to learn how to use it, you can also just check the search
volume for a keyword phrase on the Google keyword tool, and do a Google search on
a title you want in quotation marks, and without, to see the amount of exact match
results, and what the first page competition is like.

I use a free Firefox add-on from SEO Book to check the page rank, and I have
another piece of free software called SEO Powersuite that lets me check the back
links to those sites.

Anyway, even if you find it hard to compete for a popular title on your home page, if
the domain name is relevant to what you are writing about, you will have a better
chance in getting your specific sub-domains on the first page of Google.
Let’s just look at what I mean:

Bad: URL: Title: Good SEO
Good: URL:

Apart from the domain name, you will want a good host, and I buy my domain names
and hosting from Host Gator, it’s just easier to get them in the one place, and they
have a 24 hour chat support team to talk you through everything.
Once you have your domain name and hosting, you have to learn how to use
Wordpress, or some other website builder. WordPress is best.