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Maintaining The Authority Of Your Site

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Site AuthorityIf you have a blog or a site, there is a certain amount of maintenance that you have to do on it in order to keep it fresh in the eyes of Google, and that’s why you need to continue to publish content.

It’s not just a matter of publishing new pages on your blog, you should really go back to those blog posts that you wrote a few years ago and update them as well, so that they stand a better chance of ranking on Google today.

Google doesn’t like to see pages or a site that has been sitting around doing nothing, because it looks like the site has been abandoned, and they can’t expect that the information will still be relevant if nobody is running the site.

I’m mainly writing this blog post to keep the site up to date, and to put a fresh new post on the list of indexed pages, but I’m also writing it to link out to some authority sites.

The reason why I want to link out to authority sites is because I know that will help the authority of my site, and I’ve been publishing a lot of guest posts which link to low authority sites.

I need to balance the amount of quality outbound links with the amount of lower quality outbound links by every now and then writing a blog post of my own, and I will now start the process of linking out to the relevant sites to this post.

Sources That Provide Authority

Here are some sources that provide a lot of authority to your site, just by linking out to them because they are recognised as the place people go to find reliable information.

First, I will link out to this CNN story which is about a study that proves that Facebook helps your self esteem.

I’m going to link out to BBC News just to have some link to that site, and here’s a New York Times article about the pope and the Dalai Lama getting on Twitter, called can social media sell soap?

Just the fact that I am linking out to these big, high authority, trusted news sites gives this post authority, even though the only reason why I’m writing the post is just to give the site more authority.

I will also link out to a Wikipedia page on the HITS algorithm, which is a fairly old Google thing to do with authority.

That’s probably enough about that now, but I will just continue to add one more link that is slightly more relevant to the title, so I can make sure that I’m showing Google that my page is relevant.

This one is a Pingler page on building and maintaining authority back links. I’ve probably done enough now, I’ll just add the photo and tags and title and description and category and that will be that.

I’m hoping this post explained something about maintaining the authority of a site. I wasn’t aiming to write it for any other reason, but if you’re interested in that sort of thing, get in contact with me and ask me for some advice about your site.

What Works In SEO These Days?

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I’m writing this article in early 2013, and that’s quite important to understand in terms of how up to date this information is in terms of what works for SEO and Google rankings.What Works In SEO Today?

Google has been changing the way their algorithms work since they first started, and the trend has been that they’ve tried to move away from rewarding spam tactics or black hat SEO.

When the site first started, it had a very simple algorithm. Every site had a certain amount of page rank, and when it linked to another site, a bit of that page rank got passed on.

So, the pages that had the largest amount of link weight leading to them got the highest page rank, and that was seen as an important ranking factor.

As soon as everyone found out about this algorithm, they created literally billions of sites that were designed for no other purpose than to manipulate this algorithm, for better rankings.

What Happened To SEO?

To cut a long story short, most of the things which used to work don’t work anymore, or don’t work as effectively.

Things such as multiple social bookmarking links, blog comments, forum signatures, directory submissions, spun articles on auto-approve sites, low quality paid blog reviews, profile links, etc.

Some of these things still work a little bit, but only if they look like they were made in a natural way.

What Google is really looking for is the links that look like they were created by other people, for example social media shares.

If a site is extremely valuable and popular, or entertaining and important, then one of the first natural signs you will see is a regular amount of shares of that site by different people to their Facebook friends, Twitter followers, Google Plus followers, etc.

Another thing they might do is link to the site from blog posts and articles, but most people don’t write on the lower quality sites, so there are only some blogs and article writing sites which manage to keep any authority in the eyes of Google.

That’s pretty much it, you will want a few links from the description of You Tube videos, links from a Facebook page or two, from multiple Twitter accounts, maybe a Linked In share, or a few Stumble Upon likes.

You might want multiple articles leading back to the page you’re trying to rank, and links leading to those pages as well, to form a link pyramid.

Social media links are no follow, which means they do not pass on page rank, but they are far from useless, in fact they are completely essential in creating the natural looking link profile that Google is looking for.

Therefore, what works in SEO today is writing, having people write about you, and sharing a lot on social media, and encouraging social sharing.

Some companies spend all their time trying to create viral content such as funny You Tube videos, as if it works, it can beat ranking at the top of a huge Google search.

Nothing works better than having a page spread through word of mouth, but even if you don’t go viral, social media is still an essential part of SEO these days.

For some help with any and all of these things, send me a message, my email is in the sidebar. I’m pretty sure I can help you with SEO if you’re trying to rank a site, and I can especially help with the social media side of it.

Are Social Media Shares Important For SEO?

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Are social media shares important?
People have been talking in recent months, (or recent years) about the massive changes in the state of SEO.

Google is systematically trying to punish sites who use spam techniques such as syndicated article directory submission, spam blog comments, mass directory submissions, mass social bookmarking submissions etc, and reward sites who have a link profile of high quality pages.

The only back links which count anymore are those which appear natural to Google, and look as they would if a person was building links to their site themselves through the normal channels, and also getting people linking to the site because it was worth sharing.

The sort of links which offer real value are original articles written on sites with some sort of moderation of what gets published, such as eHow, Yahoo Voices, Ezine, etc, guest posts, and social media.

The key to this is that it is not a formula that you can put your finger on. The whole idea is that Google seem to be changing the formula, so as to get people to focus on quality, and not so much on quantity.

It’s only by creating links as though Google was looking over your shoulder that you can expect that it will help your rankings.

My personal strategy is just to keep writing blog posts on my site, and write the occasional guest post or article, but for the most part just share it in a natural but aggressive way on multiple social media accounts.

Is this strategy working for me, and do I even really care anymore about Google rankings for small searches with a few hundred exact match searches worldwide per month?

My Personal Results From Social Media

My site is doing well, and I only use social media and the odd article
or social bookmarking back link to make links to most of my new blog posts.

I spent a lot of time when I first set up the site making back links to the home page and important pages, but I found that the only thing I could really be certain of was that I ranked better the more I wrote on the site.

A link from a site like Facebook, Twitter or You Tube is no follow, but that is part of the natural link profile that Google is looking for to determine that it is a good site.

Page rank has nothing to do with it anymore, and it’s not really about anything else but giving Google the signals that you did things in a white hat way, and that people responded by sharing your site with their friends and writing about it, because it was good.

Google themselves say that they are paying more attention to social media
signals, and even punishing sites who use social bookmarking, blog
commenting, forum signatures, directory links, profile links, spam
syndicated articles etc in an unnatural looking way.

A site that actually is good and popular will have lots of shares on social
media, especially by high authority social media profiles.

The key is not to stop link building, but to do the things that they would
expect you to have to do, and to imitate the things they would expect others
to do, if other people were linking to you because they liked your site.

Social sharing is not just an important part of SEO, it’s actually the way I get most of my traffic on a daily basis.

It took me almost a year to build up a steady hundred views a day from Google, but I can get double or triple that on any particular day in a few hours by tweeting a lot.

To be honest, the searches I am trying to rank for do not produce enough traffic for me to spend too much time on ranking for them, so I don’t spend a lot of my time making back links, even though I probably should.

The way people used to make back links is not working anymore, and I haven’t got the patience to stay up to date with all the new changes.

I spend my time mostly adding to my list of social connections, with my most successful traffic source being my Twitter followers, and writing on my site, when I’m not filling orders.

For those who still have the mindset of making a dozen back links every day from directories, social bookmarking sites, blog comments, etc, I don’t think you are really spending your time as effectively as you could be, not anymore.

If you do require some help or advice in doing any of these sorts of things, send me a message, my email is in the sidebar. There are Pay Pal buttons on the site, or I can invoice you.

Google Plus And SEO

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While it is a fairly new site, it’s fairly obvious to everyone in the internet marketing industry that there is going to be a huge connection between Google Plus and SEO.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to get why. Google is the biggest search engine, and they own Google Plus, the fastest growing social networking site.

Google have been saying for years that social signals play a big role in search results, and that is only going to continue to become a larger factor in rankings in the future.

My thoughts on Google Plus when it first came out, was that it would have a guaranteed number of users: people who make websites, but I now see that it’s also people that just use Google to search who will want to have an account.

Google just recently announced a social search feature that will be launched soon to Google Plus users in the US called Search Plus Your World.

Personally, I won’t be using this at all to do searches, in fact I usually only do Google searches when not logged into my Google account, but for those people who add people to their circles on Google Plus because they want to see search results from them, well you get the idea.


Google Plus And SEO




SEO And Google Plus

How do you use Google Plus to get a good SEO result? I did a search on social media marketing services, to see where my site was in those results.

The first thing of mine that I saw was my personal Google Plus profile: .

The reason it came up in the search was that I had mentioned that phrase on my info page, or in recent posts that I had done.

The other reason obviously being that I had a couple of thousand followers on Google Plus.

I can get you Google Plus connections to your personal profile, or your page quite easily. I sell two hundred for ten dollars, and it might take me a week or two to get them.

As I said, the connection between Google Plus and SEO, and all social signals and SEO is obvious, which I can definitely help you with, and I provide traditional SEO services as well, but it’s all the one thing. Send me a message at to discuss your site.