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How To Check The Domain Authority Of A Site

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I was just talking to an SEO guy today from the UK, and he was telling me about how page rank is totally unimportant these days, (which I already knew), and that the way to tell if a site is worthy in the eyes of Google is it’s domain authority rank.
How To Check Domain Authority
I hadn’t really heard that much about what domain authority was, and who made it up, but I learned today how to check the domain authority of a website, and what that means, and all of that.

Basically, it’s a metric that was invented by SEOmoz, and I’m not sure how reliable that is, but they seem to be a fairly well recognised and respected high authority site that’s been around for ages, and if they say that’s the domain authority, then it must be, although bear in mind I’m getting this information from a second hand source.

The SEO guy showed me these two free online tools on one being the domain authority tool, and the other being the page authority tool.

In case you’re interested, this site had a domain authority rank of 27, and a page authority rank of 38 for the home page.

The difference is that the former is the authority of the whole domain, which is the same on any page of the site, and the latter is for the authority of that particular page of the site.

The reason why the domain authority is important is because when a new page is made on a high authority site, it has no links pointing to it, it’s not mentioned anywhere, the only thing it has to make it stand out is the domain on which it was published, and the internal links pointing to it from within the site.

How To Gain Authority For Your Site

How do you build up your domain authority and page authority on your site? Well, the answer is not one thing, but many and varied things.

You want to write a lot on your site, and if you publish guest posts, you will need to be very careful to publish quality stuff, and also be careful that they don’t build back links to the posts from spam sites.

The algorithms of Google have changed dramatically in the last year or so, (currently 2013 at the time of this post), and you can no longer rely on blog comments, social bookmarking, directory submission, and 90% of what SEO experts used to recommend that you do.

Seriously, 90% of the things which used to work now don’t, and can actually damage the rankings and authority of your site.

That’s like the whole SEO industry has been turned upside down, and you have to be afraid of getting links, in case they’re the bad sort.

For the first time ever, you can do negative SEO on a competitor, (not that I’m recommending you do that), by pointing spam links at their site.

On a high authority site, it won’t hurt them much, but if the site is new, or hasn’t yet built authority, it can be a serious blow to get the wrong sort of links.

I see it when I’m building what I think are high quality links. First the site goes up a few places in the search, then it drops down two pages, and I have to struggle to build it back up again.

That is all a part of what they call the “Google dance” for new sites, or being in the “sandbox” but it’s quite annoying really.

Many SEO experts these days are finding that they are no longer experts at all because as I said, the things they used to do to rank sites now cause the opposite effect, and make them rank badly.

I find the best thing to do is just keep writing high quality, original, relevant content with lots of photos, videos, subheadings, keyword research, and all of that on your site, and other sites, varying the link text, making it all look as natural as possible.

I’m mainly a social media marketing expert, but I am running two SEO campaigns at the moment. If you need help with SEO, or pretty much anything else, send me a message to talk about it, my email is in the sidebar.

Making Mistakes With SEO – How To Recover From A Google Slap

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There are many mistakes that website owners make when trying to “do SEO” on their sites. It’s not so much a thing that you do, it’s everything you do, as Google will be looking at what you had for breakfast that morning.
Doing SEO
Many people get swept up in the idea that there is a quick fix, and that you can just pay someone who knows what they’re doing to do the right things, and then you’ll be ranking first on the first page, but it’s not quite that simple.

Google has changed their algorithms quite substantially in the last few years, and punished “link farms” and “content farms” to the point that there is barely a single way to get a good link that makes any difference in your rankings these days.

The lower quality links such as social bookmarking sites are practically useless, or the time it takes to do is not worth the benefit you get from doing it.

In my experience, the only thing that works is getting links from authority sites, or relevant sites that have some authority.

For example, if you have a site that is about social media marketing, or internet marketing generally, you might want to submit a guest post on a site like mine, so long as you can write in good English and can follow the guidelines, (check out the home page).

What To Do If Google Punishes You

There are so many different overlapping algorithms on Google, you are being punished and rewarded in different measures all the time, it’s just a matter of how much, and whether it’s positive or negative.

My view is that the only way you can survive is to keep writing, or blogging. Blogging has become an important way for Google to tell which sites are fresh, and which are stale and old.

A site with a blog on it that is updated regularly will do better than a site that doesn’t have a blog, given that all other factors are pretty much the same.

I have personally given up on trying to rank the home page of this site for social media marketing services, and it only ranks for affordable social media marketing services because it used to be called that.

It’s not easy to rank for a high competition phrase, but while you’re making blog posts, you’re ranking for a whole bunch of smaller searches with less competition, and the traffic just finds it’s way to the same pages you were trying to drive traffic to in the first place.

For me, the home page is where I’m trying to send people, but what I’m also trying to do is get them to send me a message, and start a conversation.

I can give you free advice, and suggest a service that would be the most beneficial to your business. My email is in the sidebar, I provide all manner of services, especially to do with social media.


Do You Have To Keep Writing To Make Money Online?

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Writing to make money onlineThis question pretty much answers itself, because what am I doing, I’m writing, and what are you doing, you’re reading it.

The title of this post is not an exact match search phrase, and I’m not even going to try to build back links to this page beyond making a few social bookmarking links and social shares.

The reason why this post may work to get traffic is that I can imagine thousands of people at some point typing in this phrase or a similar phrase due to the fact that it is fairly necessary to write a lot to make money online, unless you pay someone else to do it.

You might think you could make money through a pay per click advertising campaign, signing people up to an email list which then continually sells them Clickbank products, but think of how many words is required in that.

You have to write the ad, then you have to write the sales copy on the squeeze page with the subscription form and then you have to write one email with really good sales copy every day in order to makes sales to the list.

I’m not much of a list person myself, as you can see I don’t have one, and I prefer to make a sale and get a return customer because I did my job well.

What gets me more and more sales every day is that I try to write at least one blog post, guest post or article on some other site every day, and if I’m not doing that, it’s only because I’m too busy with the work I got from doing that.

It’s not hard to maintain a blog with one post a day, but through the use of allowing people to guest post on my blogs, I’m actually maintaining multiple blogs, posting something on them at least once a week so they don’t look too stale and abandoned.

That’s where people go wrong online, whether it’s in SEO, or pay per click, or running a list, you have to know what you’re talking about, and you have to enjoy writing about what you’re talking about in order to be able to maintain a blog or maintain your efforts as an every day thing for years, perhaps the rest of your life.

Where People Go Wrong With Trying To Make Money Online

If you want to be making money from the sale of diamond dog collars, you have to at least have an interest in writing about dogs, or be lucky enough to make a continuous profit from Adwords, or it just won’t work.

That was just an example, I don’t really believe that you can make a continuous profit through the affiliate sales of dog collars through Adsense, in fact you will almost surely lose money.

The reason is, not many people are searching for that, or even if they were, they might be hesitant about buying diamonds online, or that’s my assessment of that idea, is that it probably wouldn’t work, but you can bet someone is trying to make it work right now.

There is probably dozens of people trying to rank for that search, just to catch the one or two a month who will fork out for a ten thousand dollar studded gold bracelet for their poodle.

Anyway, I think I’ve made my point, I can help you with all of those sorts of things, take a look at the social media marketing articles in the top menu, and send me a message to ask me for my help with coaching, or buying the services and products you will need to succeed online. My email is in the sidebar.

Does Linking Out To Low Quality Sites Damage Your Rankings?

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The reason why I’m writing this post is because I have recently been taking too much time off writing posts myself on this blog.
Outbound links to quality sites
I’ve been working on another site or two, and a few other projects, like I was doing two SEO campaigns there for a while, but I got sick of writing all the articles myself.

The reason why I was writing all the articles myself for those SEO campaigns is that it wasn’t bad money, and I couldn’t find anyone else who I could trust to write as well as me for a lower price.

It turns out that the algorithm changes are so good at telling what is a badly written page, SEO companies actually need to hire writers who have English as their first language, and who write with the proper grammar.

Apparently you need to write an original page close to a thousand words now, or four hundred words is now the minimum that anyone will accept as a guest post or article, preferably twice that.

It can’t be badly spun, or hastily written either, because if you go to all that trouble, you’re going to want the page to rank on Google and be read, so that it also works to get click through traffic.

If you want to know how to submit a quality internet marketing related guest post, visit the home page of the site, there’s a link there on the guest posting guidelines of this site.

Getting Back To The Point Of Outbound Links

What I was getting to was that I haven’t been writing here, I’ve been publishing guest posts, and I’m not totally sure that the guest posts I published linked out to high authority, quality, relevant sites, so I’m publishing this one with no outbound links, as well as publishing other posts with quality authority outbound links to improve the overall quality of the site.

What I mean by that is that I will in my next post link out to Wikipedia or CNN, or Yahoo, or some reputable social media site like Mashable.

From now on, I think I will make sure that I put in a couple of reputable links like that into any guest post I publish to make sure that there is a good mix of quality out bound links in the posts.

To tell you the truth, I’m not even sure if it’s better that I don’t link out to a page every now and then, or if it’s better for me to link out to authority pages in every post, and lots of them, but I thought I would give the blog a rest from linking out, and save this page to have no outbound links in it at all.

I’ve pretty much given up on doing SEO for people, but if you’re willing to pay me actual real decent wages for a western country, I might consider doing that for someone.

I’m mostly doing SEO for my own sites at the moment, trying to rank the payment pages so I can sell my likes and followers.

Anyway, get in touch if you want some help with that, specifically coaching, because I get sick of writing thousand word articles for peanuts, but it needs to be done.