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The Ranking Power Of Facebook And Social Media Sites

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Ranking Power Of FacebookSince the latest algorithm updates on Google, (Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird), social media has become a lot more important as a ranking factor for websites.

Many back links that used to work no longer work, and may even work in reverse. For example, here is a list of back link methods that are no longer effective, depending on the authority and relevance of the sites you get the links from:

  • article directories (low quality auto approve sites that publish syndicated or duplicate content)
  • directory sites (low quality directories that only exist as a place to make back links from)
  • social bookmarking sites (only a small handful of these are still beneficial)
  • blog comments (relevant comments on high quality moderated blogs may work)
  • forum signatures
  • RSS feed submissions
  • profile links
  • .edu and .gov links (depends on how you get them)
  • links from resource pages or blogrolls
  • paid blog networks like Buy Blog Reviews or Build My Rank

What This All Means For The Future Of SEO

The Future Of SEOWhat Google seems to be trying to tell website owners and SEO companies with each update they make to their algorithms is that they don’t like people who build back links just for the sake of SEO.

They don’t like having to sort through billions of pages of rubbish to try to find the real sites, although given that the internet has been built that way for over ten years, they can’t completely change the way that back links determine rankings, or the low quality pages that were made just for back links would rise to the top of the search.

So, the future of SEO is definitely not in the quantity of back links, but in the quality, and those quality links are going to be all that really matters.

The idea is that they’re trying to find the sites that people have linked to naturally, of their own accord, because they thought it was something legitimately worth linking to.

What links are other people most likely to make when they want to share or link to your site? Social media shares and blog posts, and those are the main back links that really work these days.

Guest posts or natural links to your site from other people’s sites, and social media shares and engagement, plus high quality on-page SEO. That’s the future of SEO.

The latest tweaks to the Google algorithms have been about trying to work out the meanings of people’s search queries, and trying to answer a question with the right answer, not just to find a page with the same words on it.

It’s important to update your site regularly with high quality content, lots of words, lots of photos, a good bounce rate, lots of social media shares and a natural looking link profile that doesn’t look like it was made by yourself, or an SEO company.

The Other Side Of Social Media SEO

Facebook The Future Of SEOLinks from social media sites like Facebook are no follow, (Google Plus is an exception), which means they don’t pass on any page rank, and even though it’s better than ever before to get social media shares, it’s also easier than ever before to try to rank your social media pages on Google, rather than the other way around.

What that means is that it’s actually easier to rank a You Tube video, a Facebook page or a Google Plus page, especially a local Google Plus business page than it is to rank a website.

If you make a Facebook page and a website on a new domain at the same time and build the same amount of back links to each, there is no question that the Facebook page will outrank the website, so long as you do a few things to show that the page is popular.

For example, you need a lot of likes, which you can get through a targeted Facebook Ads campaign, and you need lots of tabs and photos, and to post regularly on the page.

It’s good if you can get people commenting, liking and sharing your posts, it all gets counted by Google. If you do a search on any large celebrity, public figure or company, you will almost always get their Facebook page on the first page of that search.

Google has realized that people want to see the social media pages of whoever they’re interested in, because that’s how they can get in contact with and see the updates of anyone in the world.

This makes it surprisingly easy in this harsh and confusing SEO climate to rank for almost any phrase you want. It doesn’t just work for celebrity names and companies, if you can convince Google your page is important and popular, it works for almost any phrase.

That’s why I recommend all my clients do keyword research and find a phrase with thousands of exact match searches a month for the title of their page. Most of them don’t have large search volumes for their company or site name, so that’s the wrong title to give your Facebook page in that case.

You can make more than one page, in fact it’s probably a good idea if you do make more than one, because then you can link them together, which is also important, getting internal links within Facebook.

The way to do this is by liking one page with the other, while using Facebook as the page. This creates a permanent link from one page to the other on the front page.

Creating Custom Tabs

Custom Tabs For Facebook PagesIt’s a good idea to make your Facebook page as complicated as possible, or to have as many different tabs on it as possible, with lots of quality content, in fact you can put your entire site on your Facebook page, and sell directly from a custom tab, or many.

The best app to use for this is Static HTML: iFrame Tabs, which allows you to put anything you want on a tab in HTML form, and the different options let you easily add You Tube videos, subscription forms, Pay Pal buttons, photos, or literally anything you want.

You can write blog posts, put affiliate links in, even have your actual website in the iFrame so people can visit your site without leaving Facebook.

You can use this app for up to ten different tabs, and if you need anything else, there apps like Contact Form for a simple contact form, Twitter, You Tube, and I was using this great app called Just Redirect, but it seems not to be working at the moment.

As for building back links, I find that a good place to start is with articles on HubPages, Yahoo Contributor Network, Squidoo, and possibly Ezine, then I do social media shares on all the large sites, and social bookmarking on only the large social bookmarking sites like Digg, Linked In, Stumble Upon, Delicious, and maybe Pinterest and Friend Feed.

Then it’s a good idea to find guest posting opportunities on quality, relevant, authority sites with a high page rank and domain authority.

By combining a targeted Facebook Ads campaign to get real fans and customers with SEO, on a page on a site that has huge authority already, you find that doing one thing helps the other, like the fans help the SEO, and ranking on Google gets you free fans.

Over time, your fan base builds, like an email list, and if you do the SEO and keyword research right, you will rank for the phrase with less effort than ranking a site.

All in all, this means that it’s one of the most cost effective ways to run an online marketing campaign, and for a simple idea like selling a single product, you probably don’t even need to have a website at all.

Or if you do, it’s probably best to focus the SEO on the Facebook page, and use the website as a place to make a good quality back link from and not to.

Get In Contact To Talk About These Services

For more information on the subjects talked about in this post, or if you want to get anything done on social media generally, get in contact with me via the contact form.

I offer a range of different internet marketing services, basically I can do anything you want if the price is right.

Everything You Need To Know About SEO

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What You Need To Know About SEOThis article is all about SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, the art of getting your articles or sites to the top of the first page of a Google search, or any other search engine for that matter.

I cannot explain everything about SEO in this page, but I will give you the basic knowledge that I use everyday when I write articles.

URL and Title

The title is probably the most important thing in SEO, because Google looks for an exact match to a given search, or as close as possible, and the first place it looks is the title.

It is a good idea to do keyword research, if only just to Google your title before you start writing, to see what the competition is like.

You also have to be aware of the way people type in their searches. Your title must be something that lots of people would type into Google, in those exact words.

The URL also has a pretty big influence on the search results, and it is better if your main keywords are as close as possible to the start of the URL, that is why it is good to buy a relevant domain name, if you want to make a niche site about a particular topic.

Keyword Content

Most experts agree that the ideal amount of your main tagged keywords is somewhere around 3% of the text on the page.

That means 3% for each one, if possible. If you write a two hundred word article, that would mean you would mention the keywords six times each, although a little less would be alright too.

Complimentary keywords are almost as important. These are keywords that Google recognizes are relevant to the subject matter, like if it was an article about SEO, then keywords, title choice, back links and traffic are all complimentary keywords.

Back Links

I make back links to my posts and web pages from other relevant articles and sites, and from social bookmarking and social networking sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Digg, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Linked In, Delicious, etc.

My favorite tool for doing this is a free downloadable browser add-on called Add This. You can Google it. It just plugs into your Firefox browser, and has hundreds of buttons which lead to sites with good page ranks where you can make back links to your site.

Back links with do follow links give your site link weight, which are points that Google use to calculate your Google rating, among many other algorithms.

If you want to know which sites have do follow links, and which ones are no follow, I suggest getting another free Firefox plugin from SEO Book. Just google SEO Book toolbar, and you’ll find it, or there’s another one called SEO Quake that I like using.

Link weight is divided by the amount of links coming from a page, but you may not want to be too greedy with your links either.

Google have an algorithm for everything, and one of them is the hilltop algorithm which looks at the quality and authority of the other outbound links coming from a back link.


Google likes to see a good amount of traffic on a site over time, but it doesn’t rate this algorithm too highly, or otherwise new sites would have a lot of trouble beating the competition in a Google search.

Google likes older over newer, except for the really new, and Google favors local content over foreign sites, and they actually have so many algorithms written into the search engine that even the top engineers at Google don’t really know how it works completely.

Basically, you just have to make quality, relevant content, make it seem popular, and important, and then you should get your articles to the first page of a Google search. That’s SEO for you.

Ways To Boost The SEO Of Your Site

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Boost The SEO Of Your Site

Guest post by Rianne Hunter

Since the advent of the Internet, a growing number of entrepreneurs have come out of the woodwork to claim their piece of the virtual pie.

However, most fail, because they do not take the steps necessary to achieve sufficient search engine optimization.

By following a few simple steps, anyone with the drive can achieve success in getting more attention on the web, through being found on the first page of Google.

1. Hire a Local Celebrity

So, this idea is a little out of the box, and probably not what you were expecting. Large companies have the capacity and capital to hire celebrities to endorse their products and services.

Unfortunately, new start-ups likely don’t have that capability. However, a great way to gain SEO success is to contact a local celebrity such as a news anchor to endorse you.

They bring with them a large local fan-base that can provide you with numerous hits to your site that will alert the search engines.

2. Keyword Identification

When writing content for your website, you cannot just write whatever comes to mind, especially in the title, which is the first thing Google looks at.

Most of your hits will come from people searching for your product or service on search engines, and they will type in specific words or phrases.

It takes time, but you must research the key words and phrases being used. You can do this on your own using free tools from sites like Google or hire a professional.

It is important that you pick higher traffic keywords that also aren’t too competitive. Keyword analysis is an art that takes time, but you need to do it.

3. Keywords in Titles

Once you have identified your keywords, it is important to place them naturally within your text.

If you are able to do so in context, place them as headers for new paragraphs using html headline formatting. These phrases are important, but be sure not to stuff too many keywords in, you don’t want more than 2-3% keyword density.

4. Teamwork

There are probably sites already offering your product or service. Rather than viewing them as competition, contact them and get them to link to your site.

They already have traffic, and their viewers may look to you for more information. Offering incentives such as a free sample to the website owner is a great way to make this happen.

5. Keep it Fresh

Search engines look for sites that frequently update their material. It is crucial to add fresh material using keywords frequently.

Adding a blog to your page is an easy and efficient way to keep on top of having a steady flow of new content.


Online success is very possible, but the entrepreneur must be prepared to dedicate time and patience toward the project.

With regular updates, lots of research, and networking, you will be on your way toward acquiring the traffic you need.

About The Author

Rianne Hunter is a mother of three from Southern California. She is an aspiring author, part time marketer interested in local search engine optimization and loves spending time being active with her family.

How To Improve Your Link Building Campaign

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Good SEO requires a good link building campaign as one component.

Guest post by Nesslyn Aquino

There have been many changes in the way Google looks at links with the recent updates, so it is important that we all know how to run an effective link building campaign.

Search engines are starting to punish those of us who used to use bad link building methods, such as spamming, and coming back from being punished can be a very long road.

So, to help you make sure you are running your link building campaign correctly, let’s take a look at 5 things you should know.

Keep the Websites Relevant

Your link should never be intentionally posted to a website that has nothing to do with your niche. This can be one of the worst ways to hurt your link building efforts.

Google knows when all you are trying to do is rank higher, and they are trying to avoid that way of thinking. So, when they see a link in an completely irrelevant spot that offers no value to viewers, they are not going to give you much “link juice”.

A lot of times they will even hurt your overall rankings for using this technique to many times. If you keep your link in natural places where readers could benefit from it, then you will be safe and you will see your rank being raised in no time.

Only Use Quality Websites

Bad websites or websites that have no authority should be avoided. These websites are looked at badly by search engines and will take down anyone associated with them.

When I say bad websites, I mean websites that are known for using black hat tactics, have horribly optimized sites, no traffic, and anything else that could be considered a waste of space.

You may run into some websites that will let you post your link all over the place without any requirement, but don’t do it! Stay away from the bait! Most websites that let anyone post their links everywhere are not highly ranked and will just take you down with them.

Use Proper Anchor Texts

It should be obvious, but using misleading anchor texts to get people to come to your site is highly frowned upon. Both Google and your readers will get upset by that tactic.

Your readers will no longer trust your website and could even give you bad reviews, while Google will lower your rankings.

It’s just a very bad tactic all together. The tactic used to be successful around 10-15 years ago, when unsuspecting viewers were not aware of the tactic and when search engines still couldn’t punish for using bad techniques. To use it nowadays though, will only end in your website failing.

Still Need to Focus on the Content

Most link building campaigns are focused around inserting links within content, then posting that content on other blogs and relevant websites. Like usual, quality content should always be the main focus, especially when guest posting on blogs.

You want the content that is surrounding your link to be as good as possible, to ensure that the readers will be more tempted to click it. Also, the higher quality the content, the better search engines will rank it, increasing the effectiveness of the link.

Build Relationships

When you are link building, it is a bad idea to just use people for a link and then never speak to them again. Instead, you should try and build an ongoing relationship with them to further your link building campaigns.

Search engines count different links that are posted to the same website, just as long as they are relevant and on different pages.

So having a relationship with multiple other people within your niche will open up new opportunities for you and also give you a bigger overall network. You never know when you might need some help in the future.

There are plenty of other tactics and strategies that can be used for an effective link building strategy, but these 5 tips should definitely help you get ranked much higher.

Just remember, the most important part of link building is making sure not to get punished by search engines for the links you put down. Keep your links legitimate!

About the Author:

Ness is a guest post contributor on behalf of MakeAWebsite. They highly recommend Web Hosting Hub to individuals and business owners who are looking to have their domain hosted.