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Content Marketing StrategyThis post answers the question of whether content production is a good strategy in internet marketing.

First of all, the internet is a content machine, every question you could ever have can be answered by doing a Google search.

My first idea for the title of this article was: is making content a good idea? Then I typed that phrase into the Google keyword planner, and realized it had no exact match monthly worldwide search volume on Google.

I then changed the title to content marketing ideas, and added the other one at the end, because that phrase has 170 exact match searches a month.

If I manage to rank for that title, the amount of traffic I get to this site can be broken down like this:

How To Calculate Traffic From A Search

Content marketing goalsIf I manage to rank first on the first page, I will get about half of those people clicking on my page, which makes it eighty five visitors a month.

Out of those people, perhaps five percent will buy something from me, if I manage to sell my services well, which makes about four customers a month, if everything goes exactly as planned.

What I do is just about anything to do with internet marketing, including content production, Facebook page design, You Tube videos, articles, guest posts, SEO, ad management, social sharing, likes and followers and so on.

What I try to do is sign people up to a monthly package which includes web design or social media page design, ad campaign management and SEO, which has as a component content production of all kinds.

The Benefits Of Making Content

Content Production StrategiesAs I just explained, making quality content helps you rank on Google, not just for the target site, but for all the pages you make as back links to that one.

For example, I may try to improve the rankings of this particular page, to help it reach that first spot position.

What I will probably do is write a HubPages article, a Squidoo article, a Yahoo Contributor Network article, and perhaps an Ezine article.

I would share this page on all of my social media accounts, including social bookmarking sites like Linked In, Digg, and Stumble Upon.

If I wanted to go further with it, I might seek out guest posting opportunities, and even make sister sites on different hosts, and regularly update them with content as well.

That is in fact what I have done with this site, and I have three other sister sites including, and

To go to all of that trouble to rank for one phrase isn’t really worth it at all, unless that keyword had tens of thousands of searches a month, or unless the profit margin of a sale was thousands of dollars.

Ranking For Long-Tail Keyword Phrases

By blogging regularly, or making many different pages of all kinds, like You Tube videos, Facebook pages, Google Plus pages, articles, guest posts, etc, you can rank for many different phrases, while helping your target site to rank higher.

You get click-throughs from other sites to yours, and if you’re blogging on your own site, you have the freedom to say more of what you want to say to sell your product or services.

It takes a long time for a content production or SEO strategy to become effective, for example, it took me five years to get to the point I’m at now, where I’m getting daily emails from clients asking about my services.

I’ve learned a lot in that time, and each year I’ve been doing this, my online income has doubled, and next year, I expect it to reach around a hundred dollars a day, and perhaps double the year after that.

If you need help with any of the things I’ve been talking about, if you need help with social media, web design, SEO, social signals, or if you just want some coaching so you can learn how to do it all yourself, get in touch with me at



How Do You Make Money From Amazon?

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How to make money as an Amazon sellerAmazon is the largest online retail site in the world. Some of the products are only sold to customers in certain countries, but in the future, it’s bound to be a worldwide site, or have regional sites all over the world.

There are basically two ways to make money from the site, you can be an affiliate, or a seller. I’ve been an Amazon affiliate for many years now, but only made a tiny amount.

The results were so disappointing, I moved in other directions, so I can’t say I totally gave it a proper chance, but recently I’ve started making affiliate sites again, and had some results.

The most I ever made from Amazon so far was sixty dollars in a month, and that’s not too bad, it shows that making good money is possible.

However, the amount of people who make large amounts of money as an Amazon affiliate is quite small compared to those on the other side of the sale, the sellers.

Making Money As An Amazon Seller

My friend is getting into this business, he buys cheap products from China, puts his own brand on them and sends them to Amazon through their fulfilment by Amazon program.

The key thing is how he chooses which products to sell, and what price to put on them. He looks for best selling products with low competition, with the aim of making a sales page that will easily rank in a popular Amazon search, and sell a better product than the competitor, or offer it for a better price.

The Amazon search engine is fairly easy to manipulate, it’s based on keywords, sales, reviews, and back links, and unlike Google, they don’t punish you for low quality links.

Of course, if you want your sales page to rank on Google for a phrase, you want to be careful to build quality links, or build a site or social media page that leads to the Amazon sales page.

How Much Can You Make?

My friend’s dad is doing it as well, and he’s further along because he had more money to invest in buying the products in bulk and sending them in to Amazon.

He chose a pocket knife, with many different utensils, and sold it for around twenty dollars, with a profit margin of about ten.

Because it did well in an Amazon search on pocket knives, he started making a hundred dollars a day from one product in less than six months.

It’s easy to see the potential of being a seller, if you have the money to set it up in the first place.

It takes skill, and those results may not happen for everyone, but the thing about Amazon is that if you’re somewhere on the first, second, or third pages of a popular search, people will browse through and buy your product over time, without you having to do anything.

That means that as a long term investment, it can’t be beaten, it’s almost a sure thing, as long as you do your homework on what to sell, and how to sell it.

How To Get Started

In order to get the first round of customers, and some positive reviews, you have to spend some money on advertising, social media marking, making You Tube videos, perhaps a website and SEO.

I can help you do all of those things, as that’s what I specialize in. Usually what I do for my clients is make them a Facebook page, run a managed Facebook Ads campaign, and build quality back links to it from articles and guest posts.

I can make basic You Tube videos, websites, make content, or whatever you need to get those buyers, and once you get the first reviews, people are more likely to buy, and you do better in the search.

There are billions of dollars a year worth of sales going through the Amazon site, and obviously, most of the money is being made by the sellers.

If you’re interested in working with me on this, or anything else to do with internet marketing, send me an email at

Marketing Lessons From Global Leaders

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SiteZulu Website Builder

Guest post by Brianna Flierl

If you want to have the best chance of succeeding with a new business, you could do a lot worse than to follow the lead of the global leaders and focus on online marketing to ensure that your business is highly visible from day one.

Whilst some of the biggest companies may spend millions on their corporate sites, you can produce a professional-looking site using SiteZulu business website builder or one of the other free web development and design tools that can be found online.

More important than the amount of money you spend is the effort that you make to get your message across clearly. These free online tools will allow you to achieve this aim without spending a penny, which could be very handy in the early days when money is tight.

Design considerations

  • It can be hard to create a new site from scratch but with an online website builder, you will be presented with a number of basic themes that you can use as a starting point when developing your first site. To avoid the most common mistakes that newbies are prone to make, read the following tips.
  • Loading times are of vital importance. Whilst it is true that relatively few people use dial-up internet connections these days, there are numerous other factors apart from connection speed that can affect the time it takes for a visitor’s browser to receive a response from the server on which your site is hosted. For this reason, it is a good idea to avoid using extremely large images as backgrounds for your pages or to advertise the products you are selling as they could exacerbate any loading time issues that visitors are already experiencing.
  • Clear navigation is essential. If you want to make sure that visitors to your site are able to find the information they require as quickly as possible, you need to provide them with an easy way to navigate your site. Creative menu designs can be very effective but well labelled menus that are neither too complicated to be practical nor too simple to be of much use are the best choice if you want to make life as easy as possible for your visitors.
  • Text should be easy to read and to the point. It can be tempting to try unusual colour schemes such as red text on a black background but unless you want to give potential customers a headache and send them scurrying away to your competitors, this is probably a bad idea. If you keep in mind that you are trying to create an effective marketing tool and not aiming to win a prize for the most outlandish website design, you should be able to avoid dropping any clangers as far as readability is concerned. In order for your marketing messages to be effective, they absolutely have to be easy to read.
  • Use animated images sparingly, if at all. Unless the nature of your business demands animations on your website, it is probably best to avoid them. In common with larger pictures, they can have a detrimental effect on loading times and, furthermore, they can be very distracting when they are placed next to important textual content.


When you start a new site, it is best to avoid ideas that are too avant-garde and stick to tried and tested layouts instead. The web design principles that work best in 2014 are much the same as those that have always worked well so do not spend too much time trying to reinvent the wheel when you are putting together your very first website.

Author Bio:
Brianna Flierl is a freelance writer for SiteZulu business website builder, a specialist when it comes to the web design and development. A company aiming to help clients make a simple yet professional-looking site more easily.

Essential Marketing Skills For 2014

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Marketing Skills 2014Employers need emotional intelligence, strong leadership, and excellent writing abilities across multiple platforms if they want to be frontrunners in a highly competitive marketplace.

Effective, interactive marketing requires collaboration and cohesion, but those are no longer the only sought-after stepping-stones that can lead to amazing success stories.

A professional marketer’s bag of tricks should be packed with many talents, such as competence, the desire to develop additional skill, and being capable of deploying those abilities proficiently.

The list of functional qualifications is long. It includes data analysis, research proficiency, understanding consumers, and shopper marketing.

Here are 7 main functional and soft marketing skills that can bring your company into the spotlight in 2014.

1. Influential Storytelling

Marketers looking to improve their skills should pay attention to what today’s consumer wants. Look at recurring trends!

The companies that are on the top are those that deliver high-quality content across multiple platforms. They use a variety of ‘voices’ to get their messages across.

Who can deliver? Experienced writers can create content for both the consumer and B2B (Business-to-Business).

It is imperative that marketers understand the role digital and content marketing plays throughout all the communication solutions that are used today.

The content should be versatile and appealing to numerous audiences. Brands need to tell their story in order to connect with their followers.

Using honest analogies and anecdotes has been quite effective. By connecting on an emotional level, consumers will feel involved. It is also an excellent way to influence their purchasing decisions.

2. Try Something New

The world is constantly evolving, and marketers refusing to adapt to the changes are doomed to fail. Senior leaders have great qualities, but are often stuck in a rut.

Many organisations have noticed this trend, and started concentrating on junior recruits with a flair for innovative ideas, but also a strong commercial insight.

The candidates can demonstrate how their non-traditional ways of thinking can improve a company’s marketing campaigns. They look past all the boundaries others keep focusing on.

3. Data Analytics

There is such a tremendous amount of information on the Internet right now that the idea of having to investigate it all can be overwhelming.

Dealing with Big Data does not have to keep you awake at night. There are many tools currently on the market data-savvy marketers can use to analyse the steady stream of online information that is relevant to their company.

Understanding the impact this information can have on what they are trying to accomplish can be extremely helpful when planning their next marketing strategy. The results will be far more impressive.

It is a great benefit to employ candidates who are not fighting technology, but are rather embracing it. These employees are also eager to work collaboratively all across the board.

4. Understanding Modern Consumers

Although reading a few chapters from a Sigmund Freud manuscript would not hurt, there really is no need to get a psychology degree.

Marketers can benefit greatly from understanding consumer behaviour, and why people buy certain products and not others that are quite similar in nature.

With a bit of knowledge, you will be able to harness the sudden changes in the attitude of shoppers, apply the information to your marketing planning, and maybe even influence, and manipulate a buyer’s actions.

5. Strategic Thinking

One of the biggest hurdles to achieving marketing success is poor data processing practices. If you want to stay relevant, start documenting your advertising strategies.

Stop focusing aimlessly on virtually useless content. It is like a mouse in a labyrinth. The critter squanders a lot of energy and time running aimlessly back and forth in an attempt to reach that rewarding piece of cheese in the centre of the maze.

For businesses, this would also be a waste of money. What can an eager marketer learn from this? Never give up on basic, rational, and strategic thinking.

6. Strong Leadership Qualities

Determined leaders will always be respected in their sectors. They are in control of their businesses, even when facing tough financial times and economic downturns.

Great, natural leaders are emotionally intelligent, innovative, and resilient. They do not falter when a project goes south. Actually, these professionals see it as a challenge, and will not give up until a problem is fixed, and goals are reached.

Natural leaders are smart and bold. They can make decisions quickly, and know when to trust their gut feeling, which is not the case with manufactured leaders.

Although these individuals have been trained to take charge, they often lack confidence when making critical business decisions.

7. Intellectual Curiosity

Progress would not exist if people did not have a healthy dose of curiosity. Just think about it. If the first humans had ignored fire, where would we be today? CMOs like candidates who are ambitious and curious.

It demonstrates innovation and passion. Intellectual curiosity encourages problem solving, now and in the future.

In today’s multi-channel world, businesses and technology evolve at such an incredible speed that it is essential to learn, be able to adapt promotional and marketing tactics fast, and find alternatives with ease. What is new today could be outdated tomorrow.

About The Author

Belinda Darlenne works for Lava Digital, an Australian company that offers web design, social media marketing, and internet marketing services.