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Mobile Apps: A Business’s Versatile Marketing Tool

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Mobile AppsContrary to the belief of some business owners that mobile apps are the domain of larger and more established companies, apps can benefit even small and medium enterprises.

In fact, the use of mobile apps has risen steadily as more and more companies understand that there is more to digital marketing than having a mobile-friendly website.

But how exactly can your business benefit from mobile apps? Here are a few reasons to consider their use.

Increased visibility
Mobile devices have become an indispensable part of the lives of modern consumers. Apart from browsing the Web, consumers spend, on average, two hours a day using apps. Having an app built for your business allows you to take advantage of that trend and helps increase the visibility of your brand.

A platform for sales and promotions
Mobile apps can be utilized as a platform to promote special sales and promotions that you are currently running. Through the use of push notifications, you can facilitate interactions with your audience and remind them of your company’s offerings. Mobile apps can also be used as a substitute for your old loyalty card system.

Boost customer engagement
Some mobile apps are used by businesses as a communication platform. By offering another communication platform to your customers, you can increase engagement. You can build an app that allows your customers to forgo the usual hassles of booking an appointment with your establishment, thus providing them with greater convenience.

An edge over the competition
Only a handful of businesses utilize mobile apps to promote their products and services. Being an early adopter enables you to stand out and get ahead of your competition in your industry.

An intimate connection
Today’s consumers are constantly being bombarded by advertisements both online and offline. As such, it is no wonder that most have become weary of these. In turn, this has led to the diminished efficacy of ads.

Utilizing mobile apps to build a genuine and meaningful connection with your customers can allow you to overcome these stumbling blocks while cultivating loyalty.

Want an app for your business? There are two ways to proceed. First, you can build your own app using app builders. Some of these are easy to use and intuitive and allow your staff to build an app even without knowing how to code.

Another way to proceed is to hire one of the best digital agencies to build an app for your business. The advantage of this option is that you can bank on the experience and expertise of professionals who know exactly how to build an app that matches your company’s needs and budget.

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Top Benefits of Digital Marketing – A Reliable Online Marketing Company Cites Five

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Digital Marketing ConsultantGuest post by Jessica Sommers

It’s been said countless times that if you’re not marketing your business online, you’re not doing business at all. This is because people spend a lot of time in the digital realm and it’s their chosen place to gather information on pretty much everything. If they’re looking for services, they don’t turn to the yellow pages anymore; they turn to their web-connecting mobile devices for a much quicker and more efficient search.

Therefore, if you have a business, investing in digital marketing, online marketing specialists claim, is not just for your competitive advantage — it’s a complete necessity. According to a digital marketing consultant, when you engage in digital marketing, you do not just reach your target market — you actually connect with them and secure advantages for your business.

So, what are the best benefits of digital marketing? The online marketing company cites five.

• You can attract new and more customers. As previously mentioned, digital marketing will allow you to reach new markets and really connect with them. An online lead generation service, which is part of a sound digital marketing program, is especially effective in gathering more people to learn more about the business and engage.
• It increases sales and income. Convincing marketing tactics never fail to prompt people to act toward the advantage of a business. Videos, images, and other types of content easily establish the relevance of products and services, and if they are all presented with a powerful CTA, people engage and transact.
• Digital marketing boosts customer loyalty and retention. Among the many components of a carefully designed digital marketing campaign are strategies that take care of customers and make them feel truly valued, such as rewards programs and exclusive perks. These efforts always resonate well with customers and prevent them from straying toward the competition.
• It can reduce operating costs. Online marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing tactics because they are longer lasting. For example, marketing videos uploaded on social media sharing sites can be viewed for years, unlike TV commercials which are more expensive to produce and only enjoy limited airtime. Ditto with other types of content intended for marketing; they’re more economical, can be shared exponentially online, and they have longevity.
• It can further promote and enhance your brand. There’s no limit to the creativity you can apply to your online marketing campaign so people will have a good impression of your business.

There you have it — the benefits and reasons why your business should market digitally. It’s what you need to do if you want success in today’s fiercely competitive business arena.

About the author: Jessica Sommers is a freelance writer. She is interested in topics about internet marketing strategies. She loves to learn as well as share her knowledge regarding SEO and internet marketing. She visits sites like to boost her knowledge on this industry.

Strategies on Using the Power of Season-Themed Marketing

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Every season includes very special occasions and all businesses should look upon these occasions as a goldmine for their marketing campaigns. Season-themed marketing is very powerful as it capitalizes on the dominant positive emotions people have about certain occasions. And once you appeal to your market’s “feelings,” it definitely won’t be difficult swaying them to act to the advantage of your business.

Content Marketing TrainingAccording to specialists in SEO, season-themed content, ads and other marketing materials are very effective in generating traffic and creating conversions; however, it’s important to learn the best ways of incorporating them into a marketing campaign. For a bit of social media and content marketing training to correctly utilize season-themed content and ads, here are four smart tips.

• Social media training, experts say, involves placing your ads in social media and making sure that you use images that align with the season or occasion completely. An example would be this coming Easter; while you may not be selling anything Easter-related, using popular Easter icons like decorated Easter eggs in a basket, the Easter Bunny, and pastel colours will get your target market “in the mood for consumption.” Displaying the same excitement will make your message more relatable, especially if you present it on social media.
• Create season-themed events online. These are easy to make and carry out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Make sure that they’re not only for fun but also for your audiences’ gain. For example, during Christmas, hold a virtual game like “Where’s Waldo,” but instead of Waldo, have your audience look for Santa or the Grinch. Create a valuable enough prize for the first five commenters that provide the correct answers. This will generate a lot of traffic for a particular time period, as well as increase engagement and maintain interest in your business so conversions can be made in the future.
• Create time-bound offers and make the day of the holiday the deadline. This will create urgency among your followers, especially if you’re selling a product or service. Most people always have this mind-set that they must not miss out on something “limited.” This will work to your business’s advantage if you wish to boost traffic and conversions.
• The last one is to use season-themed icons to represent savings opportunities and other advantages. Be creative with this because you can apply this in literally all types of marketing content; use them for contests, the images for your giveaway, and promo or discount codes.

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Jessica Sommers is a freelance writer. She is interested in topics about internet marketing strategies. She loves to learn & share her knowledge regarding SEO and internet marketing through blogging. She visits sites like to boost her knowledge on this industry.

Crucial Qualities to Look for in CRM – E-Commerce Specialists Round Up 4

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EcommerceE-commerce throughout the globe has developed in leaps and bounds, especially with the increase of mobile Internet-connecting devices. A lot of companies have even made the shift or restructured their operations to concentrate fully on a rapidly growing online market believing that there are fewer complications but increased profits in doing so.

Additionally, with the latest technological programs available nowadays, managing all aspects of their business system can be made maximally efficient even if there are fewer employees doing the work.

And speaking of technological programs designed to assist enterprises in the world of e-commerce, business owners say that one of the most valuable is a complete retail management software or CRM. Businesses rely on this technological offering to elevate day-to-day operations to a superior level of productivity and profitability.

It’s important to note, however, that not all CRMs are created the same. There are those that offer very basic benefits, while there are others that yield a greater return as technological investments for businesses. If your eyes are set on faster and bigger success, naturally, you’ll opt for the latter; but how do you distinguish the high performing ones (that will be most helpful to your business) from “basic-oriented” programs? When it comes to the best performing CRM software, e-commerce specialists say, it must have the following elements:

• Impressive scalability and adaptability – This means the program is able to grow and change as your business expands and achieves new successes, as well as complies with new industry rules and regulations.
• Dynamic suite of features and functionalities – It must be able to cover:
• Business intelligence
• Inventory control
• Merchandising
• Payment solutions
• Point of sale
• Store operations, et cetera
• Back office capabilities – Included are customizable user interface and workflow, better inventory management and purchase ordering features, secure integration with payment solutions, and a logical interface for the program’s Retail Business Intelligence module or manual.
• Role-based security – This ensures that access to specific functionalities is limited to the appropriate levels.

With these capabilities, your business can achieve simplified operations that consistently produce great output, generate solid income, and do away with duplicate efforts that waste time and create unnecessary costs or expenses. High performing CRM is all about making retail business management as effective as possible to secure competency in the industry and steady progress for longevity. Therefore, if you wish to invest in this program, be sure that it possesses the aforementioned qualities.

About the author

Jessica Sommers is a freelance writer. She is interested in topics about internet marketing strategies. She loves to learn as well as share her knowledge regarding SEO and internet marketing. She visits sites like to boost her knowledge on this industry.