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How To Make More Money Per Visitor To Your Site

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Make More Per Site Visitor


Make More Money Per Page Visit
I started off trying to make money online by writing on a site called Associated Content, which is now Yahoo Voices, or Yahoo Contributor Network.

At that stage, they were still paying anyone around the world a small amount per thousand views as a share of Adsense revenues.

It worked out to be a fifth of a cent or 0.2 cents per person that read your article, or visited long enough for the ads to load.

So I was starting to get excited when I saw that I had one cent a day coming in after a week or so of writing.

The reason was, I was a complete beginner, and I was building a residual income in a steady way, even if it was a ridiculously small amount.

The tax laws changed, the site no longer paid Australians to write. Anyway, I eventually made this site and other sites of my own, which make a lot more per visitor than what I was making when I first started.

There are other ways to increase your conversion rate, your return buyer rate, the profit you make per click etc, and I will explain how that works in this post.


As I explained, when I first started out, I was getting paid a percentage of Adsense revenues, or the full amount on other sites like Blogger and HubPages.

In my view, you have to be very talented at choosing a niche that has a high payment per click on ads and that finds customers who will click through the ads to the site they were searching for to make a decent amount.

For example, you might make a page that was about a certain type of software that’s hard to find for free, then not give it to them but have text ads showing on the page that sell it.

You could also have affiliate links to the same software if you can find them, increasing the ways that you can make money. You can control the affiliate links a lot easier than what type of ad shows up on your page.

I see people making fun sites with ads in the sidebar that have nothing at all to do with the subject matter. It is very unlikely that these will ever make money, unless they go viral, which is mostly luck.

The way to make more per visitor is to rank on Google for buyer keyword phrases, and then sell the exact product they were searching for on your page.

Hold onto your visitors if possible by signing them up to an email list or get them to like you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter, so you can sell to them again and again.


You can have your own product, a product you buy cheap and sell for more through Pay Pal buttons, or an affiliate product.

You can buy physical products from China in bulk for a hundred times less than what they sell for in western countries through sites like Ali Baba.

I personally chose to not deal with anything that requires me to go to the post office, because that in itself takes up an hour of my time, and time is money.

I deal in electronic products only, such as web design, SEO, advertising campaign management, content creation, coaching, social signals, etc. I make the most money from my own services, sold on this site.

If I am going to sell a physical product, I sell it through an affiliate link, and I have a few sites, articles and Facebook pages which are bringing in a decent amount in affiliate sales.

I now make more from Amazon than I make from Google Adsense, although I didn’t manage to make anything at all as an affiliate marketer until I learned how to compete with the experts who are doing the same thing.

Targeted Traffic

To bring in truly targeted traffic, you need to be somewhere at the top of a search on Google for a buyer keyword phrase through either SEO or paid advertising.

There are other ways to get targeted traffic such as appearing in someone’s news feed randomly, like Sponsored Stories on Facebook. If they click, they should be interested, and you pay for the clicks.

What you really want in my opinion is to be getting found for free in Google searches naturally, on an ongoing basis, without having to spend too much to maintain those rankings.

Social Media

The approach I have found works the best is making social media pages and ranking them on Google through good on-page SEO like the right title, tons of social signals, and relevant, high quality back links.

The authority of sites like Facebook ensures that they have a better chance than any other type of site to rank, and it takes less effort to keep them there, so long as you know how.

If you buy a new domain and try to rank it for a phrase from scratch, it will take longer, more back links, more content, etc than a You Tube video.

Each social media site like Google Plus has it’s own tricks that you need to learn, and I can teach you how to do it, or I can do it for you.

I have five years of experience in SEO, social media marketing, pay per click advertising etc, and I know the best ways to get you a return on investment for your money.

Get in contact with me via the contact form in the sidebar, or by sending me a message at, and send me all the details about what you have done so far with your business, and I’ll come up with a plan for you.

Fast Ways To Make Money Online Using Social Media

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Fast Ways To Make Money OnlineEverybody wants to make money online, or definitely anyone reading this post. After five years of teaching myself to be an internet marketer, starting with no money to spend on advertising, I’ve finally gotten myself to the position where I’m just about at the level of making a full time income online.

That may sound like the opposite of what you want to hear, that it actually takes a lot of work and a lot of time to get to the point where you can work one or two hours a day for a full time income, but think about how good that is once you get there.

You can take your lap top with you while you travel around the world, answering your emails from a deck chair while sipping a cocktail, looking at the sunset in the South Pacific, or that’s the idea, I’ve only been to Bali once. My friend says real good things about the Philippines, or one particular city there.

I’m getting a bit off track, because you wanted to get some fast ways of making money online, so without further ado, I will try to give you advice which will get you to the point I’m at now within one week, rather than five years, and it is very possible to make that.

By the way, I make fifty US dollars a day at the moment, on top of a pension from the government, and I own my own home. I’m worth a quarter of a million, and Australia is good to me.

My online income has more than doubled every year, rising in a fast curve from one dollar a day, to two dollars a day to five dollars a day to fifteen dollars a day, to about forty or fifty US dollars a day on average today.

Next year I expect it will be a hundred a day, then two hundred and fifty the year after that, and I have every reason to expect that will happen, based on a long history of stats that point to exactly that.

Are There Any Ways To Make Big Money Quickly Online?

I’ve always been at a little bit of a disadvantage in making money online because I didn’t start with any more than my basic disability pension, and generally speaking, if you want to make big money quickly, you have to spend big money, and make a profit.

Sometimes, (such as with list building), you have to spend thousands and thousands of dollars without seeing a return on the money until a year or two later, and the amount of work you have to do to just write the emails and find the offers and affiliate links means that you have to do it on a massive scale, or the amount of money you make isn’t worth the time it takes.

I don’t do things that way, I don’t even have a list, it doesn’t appeal to me. Many internet marketing gurus would say I’m wrong for doing that, but it doesn’t really suit what I do, and what I do is provide internet marketing services.

I find that there is such a huge demand for SEO services, social media marketing services, video production, Twitter followers, tweeting, content production, that I don’t have to do much to make sales, just put myself out there, and people come to me.

It took me a long time to put myself out there without spending much money, I have a blog, or a number of blogs, and I write blog posts every day, as well as articles and guest posts on other people’s sites.

I have a fairly big presence on Fiverr, The Warrior Forum, Digital Point Forums, Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, You Tube, Google Plus, Yahoo Answers, etc, and the more I do on those sites, the more emails I get from potential customers.

What Would I Do To Make Money Quickly?

Here I am writing a post hundreds of words long, one of many that I will need to write in the future in order to give my site authority and traffic, and I’m trying to give advice on what I would do to make money quickly.

Here it is, what you’ve been waiting for: advertise your services as an article writer, provided you are good at writing, or anything else that requires effort like web design.

Somebody has to do the work of writing the content that makes the internet up, and generally speaking, the huge companies of the world don’t have the time to write all those billions of articles themselves.

SEO today requires tons of long, original, high quality articles, and Google is getting better at recognising spun, or badly written articles with poor English.

The number one largest job online is writing, and then doing SEO, and that’s even bigger than weight loss, because every single site on the world wide web needs content and back links to rank.

You can try being an affiliate marketer, you can try making your own product, but believe me if you want to make money quickly online, you find what people want in massive numbers, and you give it to them, or allow them to find it easily.

Alternatively if you don’t want to write, then you need to find someone who can, and then be a reseller for their services. I still haven’t found someone who writes well enough for a cheap enough price for me to outsource to them, but I’m still looking, if you’re happy to write in good English for a good price, then I’m one of millions of people who would potentially hire you.

Basically, I sell anything to do with internet marketing by finding quality services, and selling them for a small commission on my site, by making a Pay Pal button, and sticking the code on there in HTML.


There is not really any magic bullet method for making money online, you will either need to put in hard work, or spend money in exactly the right way, so that it makes you a profit within a limited amount of time.

If there was a sure fire way to spend a dollar and make ten, everybody would be doing it, and then it wouldn’t work anymore, because the competition would be too high, so the cost of the ad would go up.

That is pretty much what did happen, people used to be able to get one cent clicks on Google Adwords, then everyone saw that success, and tried to do the same, but found it was now a dollar per click, or close to it.

It is possible to make money quickly online through many different methods if you know what you’re doing, but it’s more realistic to think of it as a long term strategy to make you more money than a regular job after ten years of work, and perhaps a massive fortune after fifteen or twenty years. Still nothing wrong with that.

The Fastest Way To Start Making Money Online

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What is the fastest way to start making money online? After five years of experience, I have to tell you that there is no real easy solution, but I can give you a few tips.
Start making money online
When I first started out, I tried various different things which didn’t really work, but they also gave me a lot of knowledge, so I’ll start there.

I seem to remember that the first thing I started exploring as soon as I got the internet on was doing surveys.

I had heard from some bogus ad that you could make fifty dollars an hour filling out surveys, but I soon learned that you could only make about six dollars an hour, and that was only if you could find the right site, that wasn’t trying to scam you completely.

What you find with a lot of these sites is that they will offer you points or something, and then you need to work for months to get enough points to get a cash out.

I only just managed to get enough points on My Opinions to get a hundred dollar cash out, and to be honest, it wasn’t really worth it for me, but some people might be interested in that sort of thing.

The next thing I tried was being an eBay auction listing agent. It turned out that that was a bit of a scam as well, there was a hidden monthly fee, and after trying out being an eBay seller, there was too much competition, too many fees, and it was just too much work to keep going with that.

How I Spent My First Couple Of Years Trying To Make Money Online

I ended up doing article writing on sites like Associated Content, (back before it was Yahoo Contributor Network), and Bukisa, (back when it was a decent site), and Factoidz, (before it became Knoji, and went downhill).

As you might notice from that sentence, it’s not a stable income, and many of the sites that pay you to write will change, and the rankings of the articles will change, and the money you bring in from Adsense will rise and fall, it’s not a stable income.

If you write articles for a lump sum payment, that’s a better way to make a living, and some writers get payed ten, or even twenty dollars an article or more.

It depends on the skill level, and if you can find a company that is willing to pay for a skilled writer.

Some of the places where you might find writing jobs are the Warrior Forum, Digital Point forum, Linked In groups, (search for freelance writers), and there are various sites like iWriter, Freelancer, Odesk, Constant Content, Elancer, etc.

Generally speaking, the fastest way to start making money online with no experience is to be a provider of services that are always in high demand. If you can’t write in good English, then you may be in trouble, as the only other thing you can do is click buttons.

Almost every type of internet marketing or money making technique requires being able to write in good English, so my suggestion is if you can’t do that, then the first thing to do is teach yourself how to write in good English.

There are various sites where you can get free English language lessons, google it.

Making Money Online Long Term

In the past, I’ve made some money writing for other people, and I’ve made some money doing Fiverr gigs, but the most money I’ve made has been right here on this site.

The reason is, I offer my services doing anything at all, and that includes getting people likes and followers, running SEO campaigns, video production, making custom Facebook pages, web design, social sharing, a little bit of everything.

I recently started running my fourth SEO campaign for three hundred a month and that’s going well, someone asked me to design five Facebook pages for a company, and that was worth fifty dollars each to them.

I’m fairly busy, but if you do require my help doing any of these things I’ve been talking about, you can send me a message and ask me to do whatever you want. If the price is right, and I have the time, I will do it for you.

Basically what it comes down to when it comes to making money online is you gotta find a way to give the people what they want, in large numbers, that’s how it’s done.

Simple Way To Make Some Extra Money Online

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Simple Way To Make Money OnlineThis is a real simple way to make money online, you won’t make much, about five US dollars an hour, paid direct to your Pay Pal account, but all you have to do is click a button, and you can do it while watching TV, or listening to music.

I need someone to join a social swapping site that I use and click the various buttons to earn points, and then get likes and followers for me through your account.

I’ve been doing that myself today, I make about ten US dollars an hour doing that, because I own the site that sells the likes and followers, and I’ve put thousands of hours of work into ranking that on Google for phrases like “buy Facebook page likes“.

I get about one order a day on average, and sometimes it’s big, sometimes small, and big means I need to get about 3,000 likes at a time, which is the same as about 3,000 points on the unnamed social swapping site.

That’s worth a hundred dollars to me, and so to be fair, I could offer about fifty dollars out of that to someone who could sell me the likes, through the points they earn on this site.

I don’t want to hire someone who uses a bot, as I’ve found that people who use bots are unreliable, and get their accounts cancelled, as the site is working hard to fight against that.

I also don’t want to buy likes from someone who gets them from any other method, as I’ve pretty much determined that any other method produces fake likes, which are only good for boosting numbers.

It’s pretty simple really, just join the site, earn about 10,000 points, and send me a screenshot of your dashboard, showing me that you’ve done the work, and understand the process, and are ready to sell me likes and followers from your points.

Make Extra Money Online

I’m looking for someone to work for me long term, as you can only add a page once to the site, and I may get repeat orders, and need to get likes for the same page again.

Only looking for someone who will continue on with the job for a long period of time, and who is happy to get paid five US dollars an hour. You might be in India, or some country where the exchange rate is good.

It pays better than a lot of PTC sites, and it couldn’t be more easy, just watch You Tube videos, follow people on Twitter, like their Facebook pages, like their Facebook posts, follow people on Instagram, Pinterest, You Tube, Reverb Nation, etc, etc.

If you’re interested, just earn some points, (email me to find out the name of the site, I’ve taken it off my posts), and send me an email with a screenshot of the points on your dashboard, indicating that you’re happy to take the job on a permanent basis. My email is in the sidebar,