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Internet marketing guest postsFinding the best, relevant sites to submit your guest posts to can be a hard task to accomplish. I try to make it easy for anyone wanting to submit a guest post to my site, but there are some rules to follow.

I’ve listed them already on the guest posts page that leads off the home page of this site, but I will list them again here, as the title of that page is social media marketing guest posts, and this is a different keyword phrase that I’m competing for on Google, hopefully.

I am of course trying to get on the first page of a Google search on internet marketing guest posts, because I’m looking for people who want to submit a guest post specifically related to internet marketing, leaning towards the area of social media marketing.

I do not want to link out to a site that sells dog food for example, because it is too off the topic, and that would damage my rankings.

The post has to be original, over or at least close to 400 words, not to be published again anywhere else, and it has to be written in perfect or very good English, so it reads well.

I will not publish anything too commercial, nor anything that looks too much like something written by someone you outsourced to for two dollars that looks like it was made only for a back link.

These blog posts do appear on the first page of Google, so try to do some keyword research on the title, and pick something with exact match monthly worldwide search volume, that will get some traffic, and that will lead to click throughs if you put the link to your site into the post in the right way.

You may want to make back links to the post once it’s published, or if it’s published, and I ask that you let me know your linking strategy, because I don’t want any spam links pointed at my site, and this will also hurt you in the link chain, so ask me for advice, and I’ll help you build a solid link pyramid for good SEO.

My site is better than a site like Ezine, or Hub Pages, because it’s specifically relevant to the topic of your site, so long as your site is legitimately related to internet marketing in some way.

How To Submit A Guest Post On Internet Marketing

It’s really quite simple, my email is in the sidebar, it’s

Make sure that you have spent a good amount of time on the post, being sure that it meets the guidelines, and is what I am looking to publish.

My preferred format is plain HTML in an email, no file attachments, just the HTML that you would get from writing it out in your WordPress post maker, and then pressing text, so that you see the basic code.

This makes it easy for me to look at it, copy and paste it into my WordPress post edit page, and then if it meets the requirements, I’ll publish it, and maybe also share it with my social connections.

I’m hoping this could be not just a one time thing, but perhaps an ongoing thing, if you can produce quality, relevant, original content for my site, in exchange for a high quality back link to help the SEO of your site.

Internet marketing guest posts are always accepted here, but don’t bother submitting if you think you would be rejected at any of the other major publishing sites, or if you can’t put a sentence together. I’m tough, but fair in my submission requirements.

Submit A Guest Post On Internet Marketing

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Internet marketing guest post submission guidelinesI’m always looking for high quality internet marketing related guest posts to publish here on Professional Social Promotion.

This site is mostly about social media marketing, but it’s also about all aspects of internet marketing as well, like SEO, traffic generation, list building, advertising, and all of that stuff that you need to know to run a successful website.

A guest post on this site makes a great back link to your site, so long as it’s over 400 words, written in good English, linking out to a related site, from a relevant post that people will want to read.

I don’t want to publish advertisements, so it has to be about a topic, perhaps answering a common question that people might have, such as “how to create high quality back links post panda”.

Regardless of whether that title has any real exact match volume, or whether there is a lot of competition for that phrase, it’s something that people are searching fairly hard for, and they might continue reading the pages on the Google results onto the second or third page, if they’re serious about finding the answer to their question.

How To Write An SEO Friendly Guest Post

To write something that will help the ranking of your site, (and mine as well), you should do some keyword research to find a title that has some exact match search volume, related to the topic of the page you want to link to.

There’s not much point in asking me to publish a post that links to a travel site, as it’s not relevant, and I won’t publish it anyway.

All you have to do is answer the question effectively, and maybe include the keyword phrase or variations of it a few times throughout the text, making sure not to stuff too many keywords in.

Basically, it has to read well, and be entertaining for my readers, giving them quality information that isn’t just the same old thing, but perhaps what you have learned from your experience as an internet marketer.

I can put a photo in for you, or you might have a You Tube video that you want to embed as well, and you can send those links or files and the text of the guest post to

I might ask you to edit it, or ask that you allow me to edit it, but if it’s reasonably good, and will benefit my site by publishing it, then I will publish it, as I need to constantly update the site with fresh content related to marketing and social media.

You might want to get in touch with me first, to talk about what you’re going to write about, if you haven’t written the post yet.

Guest posts are not to be published anywhere else, or have been published previously, and I also want you to let me know what sort of back links you’re going to make to the page, as I don’t want a lot of spam links pointing at any page of my site, and many SEO techniques are outdated since the latest algorithm changes.

For more information on the guest post submission guidelines, take a look at the main guest post page, as that explains it all, and take a look at the services I offer while you’re there, or just send me a message if you have any questions.

How To Make A Successful Website From Scratch

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Make A Successful Website From ScratchI’ve written many articles on this subject, but due to the nature of the internet and Google, I have to continue writing many different times what I know about how to make a successful website, using different keywords.

What I can tell you is what I’ve done, and I am ranking on Google for a few things, getting some traffic, and making a sale or two every day, which isn’t bad.

One mistake I made with this site, was not thinking about the keywords I was going to use for the title of the home page, before I bought the domain name.

It’s a good idea to get an exact match domain name, (or close match), for a keyword phrase that has at least 1,000 exact match searches a month on the Google Adwords keyword tool.

It depends on how good you are at SEO, how much time and money you have as to whether you will be able to rank for that phrase, and it also depends on the competition, like the page rank of the other results on the first page of Google for that phrase.

There are all sorts of software downloads you can get for free like from SEO Quake, SEO Book, SEO Powersuite, etc, and you can use these to get some sort of idea of what you have to do in order to rank for that phrase.

For example, SEO Powersuite comes with the SEO Spyglass software, and even the free version is pretty good for analyzing the links leading to your competitors.

If you can see that what they did is make a separate website or two specifically to link to themselves, (as is often the case), then that’s what you have to do as well.

How To Make High Quality Back Links

Probably the first thing you have to do is put some really high quality content on your site, and tailor it all to get the home page and the pages directly linking from the home page to rank for specific keyword phrases.

Once you do that, you need to make some high quality back links to those pages to help them rank.

I generally start off by writing a few articles and blog posts, arranged in a link pyramid, which means that I have two or three that link directly to the site, and then a dozen that only link to each other, on the second layer.

The goal is to build pages on other sites that are relevant, have high PR, good authority in the eyes of Google, and that are linking to your site from the right link text.

What you also have to do is make it look natural, which means varying the link text, even to the point of throwing in a few completely irrelevant link texts, such as website, or click here.

Links from social media also help to make your link profile seem more natural, as if somebody likes a site, they will link to it.

The only way I really know how to make a PR 2 or PR 3 page from scratch is to make a hosted WordPress website, such as this one.

If you’re going to make a second WordPress website as a back link, it has to be hosted on a different server, and seen to be a different person, so that it doesn’t just look like you made the website to link to yourself.

This is not all that hard or expensive to do, it only costs less than a dollar a day for hosting and domain name, and if you want to do it a bit cheaper than that, you can build the website on a site builder that has hosting included.

What I mean by that is Blogger, Weebly,, or even, and that way you just have to pay for the domain name.

It is not really worth making one of these sort of sites if you aren’t going to maintain it, and keep building back links to it.

The idea is to have a separate website ranking for a different search, which also links to your website every now and then, (not from every page), and passes on the page rank.

It’s the same idea as writing the articles on sites like Hub Pages, Ezine, Go Articles, Squidoo, Yahoo Voices, eHow, Knoji, Triond, Info Barrel, etc, but it’s easier to make a page that has some real page rank on your own proper website.

The closer a page is to the home page of a site, the more link juice Google gives it, even if the whole site doesn’t have that many back links leading to it.

At this point, I have gotten too tired to continue writing more about this topic of building a professional website from scratch, so I suggest that you look at some of the other posts I’ve written, or get in contact with me directly to talk about your site. My email is in the sidebar.

Internet Marketing Strategy

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This is my internet marketing strategy, and I know it works to some degree, although it may not work in all aspects all the time, particularly trying to compete on Google for this title, but even if it doesn’t, I know I will get traffic from many other places.

I follow a routine every day, (or I try to), a bunch of different things I do, which make up my internet marketing strategy, and I will explain them here.

To start with, I will tell you about my SEO strategy, although it’s all linked together as I will explain.

I write a blog post of about three hundred words or more, related to the subject matter of my site, which is broadly related to internet marketing, but mostly social media marketing.

I make sure that each blog post has a few cross links to important pages on my site. I make back links through social media and social bookmarking sites like Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon, Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, etc, and then I might continue with a bit of blog commenting.

I usually do a Google search on my keyword, or related keywords like this: internet marketing “yourname@yourkeywords”.

This brings up results of pages that are relevant, and also have the Comment Luv plugin, with Keyword Luv, which allows you to put your keywords in the comment, and have a link back to your site from the link text of your keywords, often it’s a do follow link too.

There is software you can get to automate this process, but I find that if you want it to look natural, you have to actually do it in a natural way, otherwise you can get carried away with making too many back links too quickly.

Twitter is a big part of my internet marketing strategy.Facebook has got to be a part of any internet marketing strategy.





Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social media is probably the most important part of my internet marketing strategy, and it probably should be yours too.

If you are really good at doing keyword research, and can find a profitable niche that is not packed with competition, you may be able to compete on Google, although you would also have to be lucky.

Alternatively, if you can just buy thousands of Facebook page likes, Twitter followers, or social sharing by lots of different people to their friends cheaply, then you get not only paid traffic at a few cents a click, but also back links that Google pays attention to.

It’s not just the back links that come from these sites, but when you get shared a lot on Facebook or tweeted a lot, you also get listed in hundreds of different social directories like Social Whale, Favit, Tweet Me Me, and all of these are good back links as well.

So a lot of my internet marketing strategy, and how I spend most of my time involves getting social connections, and sharing links with them. That’s also the main type of service I provide on this site.

I might make a You Tube video once a day, or every other day, and if it’s good, I might get it a few hundred views to try to kick it off. I noticed that a couple of my videos I made a few months back had thousands of views.

I sell views, subscribers, likes, followers, Google plus connections, pretty much anything you want. I can make you a custom Facebook page, help you make a good video, advise you on SEO, pay per click advertising, pretty much any aspect of internet marketing.

Anyway, that’s my internet marketing strategy, the routine I try to stick to every day, and I think that it will work in getting a few thousand people to read this post. Send me a message at to talk about your site, and your internet marketing strategy.