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The Most Efficient Way To Get Instagram Followers Fast

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Instagram Followers

Guest post by Jessica Sommers

The use of social media is among the efficient ways on how you can increase your online presence.

Although Twitter and Facebook prove to be among the best most efficient social media platforms that can be used, there are indeed other reasons for you to engage your current and possible clients into photo sharing.

Instagram is indeed among these efficient photo sharing media platforms you can trust. Among the main reasons why you must engage into photo sharing is that you can actually get as much as 25% more engagement on such social media platform as opposed to its more popular counterparts.

When it comes to using Instagram, there is a need for you to establish a massive audience who will be able to follow your business or brand. Indeed, there are plenty of strategies you can use in order to boost your Instagram followers.

These strategies will include using the proper hashtags as well as filters, publishing images or content on the right time and day, and understanding the browsing habits of possible customers.

Remember though that is you adhere with such strategies, it will not automatically mean that you can grow you Instagram followers in an instant. These techniques will certain require patience. Also, it will not necessarily mean translate to a huge increase in the number of your followers.

The Best Way To Get Instagram Followers Fast

Indeed, most experts say that there is a far better, most efficient way of increasing the number of your followers in Instagram. That is, to buy followers. Is it really possible? Yes, of course.

But the main concern is that is it worth investing for? Believe it or not, you must be aware that the total number of your current followers will greatly influence the decision of a certain Instagram user regarding whether he or she will follow your account. It is a fact that you are most likely to be followed in this social media platform if you are a celebrity or popular. And in the world of media, be reminded that you become popular if you have lots of followers.

Having plenty of followers in your Instagram account will in fact benefit you a lot, most especially if you own a business. This will help increase awareness of your brand.

Another way of increasing your income if you increase your followers is that you can make use of your account for shout-outs where you can promote the services, products, as well as Instagram accounts of other people for a certain fee.

About the author: Jessica Sommers is a freelance writer who is very much interested on topics regarding internet marketing strategies and the use of social media platforms. She visits sites like  She loves to learn and share knowledge regarding internet and social media marketing through writing.

How To Make An Instagram Photo Collage

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Instagram Collage

Guest post by Christopher Meloni

Instagram is fairly new social media platform for online social networking and offers services like photo and video sharing.

This service enables its users to take photos and videos through IPhone or IPad and after applying digital filters to them they are being posted on various social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Tumblr.

Users can create their accounts, take some quick photos on their mobile phones and use it by applying different effects available to them and post it for others to view.

So, some of the amazing features that are included with Instagram are as follows:

  • 100% free custom designed filters as well as borders like Earlybird, Amaro, XPro-II, Rise, Toaster, Lo-fi, Hudson, Inkwell, Hefe, Sutro, Brannan and many more.
  • Unlimited photo and video uploads.
  • Instant sharing of pics with social networking sites.
  • Full front and back camera support in IPhone 4.
  • Interaction with friends though likes and comments.
  • If Instagram is used for advertisement purposes, this can help you in buying followers on Instagram as well as on social networking sites.

Creating an Instagram Collage:
Instagram collages can be made manually or with the help of any application or a website. Some of the available options for creating collage using Instagram are as follows:

Instacover is a website which allows you to easily and quickly assemble a collage of Instagram photos for highlighting your facebook page.

    • First of all you need to sign up using your Facebook account.
    • After that, you need to authorize the app to access you basic information as well as post on your behalf.
    • You can choose your photos as well as insert another user’s ID, specify a category and select from photos that you like. Along with that you can also choose the colour of your choice, layout, spacing, texts as well as many more things.
    • After this, the images are not directly made profile cover; instead it is saved to your album on Facebook. You can retrieve it from your albums whenever you want to use it.
  • Posterfuse

Posterfuse is a website which provides various options for users to bring their Instagram photos to life. Users can either turn their Instagram photos into a facebook collage or into a poster. As soon as one enters to the website, they will be asked for their Instagram log-in information for accessing the photos. As you are logged in, you can the photos for creating collage of your choice. This is how you can create an Instagram collage.

This is also one of the popular Smartphone applications which allows users to create before-and after sequences by combining great photos or even it creates a stunning photographic series thus resulting in the best tool for buying followers on Instagram. It provides you with 32 different layouts that are easy and convenient to use.<

This is a Smartphone application which allows users to import photos from the facebook albums, photo library or photos from the web in order to create a collage. There are lots of fun backgrounds as well as stickers that one can choose from.

  • First of all one need to save all Instagram photos to the Smartphone or IPad.
  • create the collage with the photos using the application.
  • Save this collage on the Smartphone or IPad.
  • Upload the photo on facebook and set it as your cover photo.

This is how one can make boost their profile by creating an Instagram collage through any of the above specified tools.
Author’s Bio:

Christopher Meloni is a professional author and blogger is sharing his views on Instagram marketing. He has good experience of advertising through Instagram as well as knowledge of different techniques of how to buy followers on Instagram, and so he is sharing some important guidelines with other users.