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Sites Like FiverrI have recently noticed that there are a lot of sites like Fiverr springing up, or Fiverr clones, and I think that they are a great way to get more work, and to buy good value services.

I heard that Fiverr is now making over twenty thousand dollars a day from the one dollar they get from each gig sold.

If you haven’t heard of Fiverr, it’s a site where anyone can offer to do anything for $5. They take one dollar out of the five when the gig is sold, but some of the sites like Fiverr actually offer a better deal, meaning that the buyer and the seller both get more value.

The other good thing about these sites as a seller is that you can post your gig on a new site while it’s still being heavily promoted, and when a buyer comes along, you will be the first relevant gig they see. Click here to see my Fiverr gigs.

Best Sites Like Fiverr


AnyPricerr is like the name suggests, a site where you can list any gig at any price, and they also give you 90% of the sale of a gig, rather than the 80% offered by Fiverr.

The potential of this site is huge, as you can list a gig for a hundred dollars or even more, and then use pay per click ads or other methods of paid promotion to get orders.

Remember that you can list any gig at all, even if it’s a product that you send them in the mail.

The domain name is catchy, and I think it will surely take off as the site like Fiverr which lets you list gigs at any price.

I have two on the site, one is I will share your site with all my social connections for $10, and the other is I will get 1,000 Twitter followers for you for $10.

These are pretty much the same social media marketing gigs I do on this site, just another way to try to make more sales of my services.


FiveSquids is the British version of Fiverr, as it’s what people will do for five pounds, which is worth about seven or eight US dollars.

My gig there is I will share your site with my social connections for five pounds. The difference between this one and the AnyPricerr gig, (or the social sharing gig on this site), is that I won’t keep tweeting it for quite as long.

This gig got an order the day I joined FiveSquids so it’s obviously a pretty good site like Fiverr, particularly if you’re in the UK.

My Cheap Jobs

I really like My Cheap Jobs, they let you list gigs from five to twenty dollars, and I got two gigs from there already. The payout is the same as Fiverr, but it lets you list gigs for ten, fifteen and twenty dollars.


This one looks like a really good site. I don’t know all that much about it, except they say there are no fees, and you can list any gig up to ten dollars.

Sounds pretty good to me, in terms of the sites like Fiverr that I have seen. That’s about all I can fit in this page, there are so many Fiverr clones springing up, I’m sure you will hear about the best and most popular ones soon enough.


Fourerr is a great site as well, almost the same as Fiverr in every way, but four dollars instead of five dollars, which is a pretty good price reduction of 20% off.

For the seller, you have to give 20% of the earnings from a gig to the site, same as Fiverr, and there aren’t as many people ordering, but I think the site will be pretty popular just because of the name.

Music Business Marketplace

This site is specifically for people to make gigs relevant to musicians, things such as social sharing, social signals, likes, followers, etc.

There are some quite interesting offers for musicians such as the submission of your song to hundreds or even thousands of college radio stations, you can get your vocal track auto-tuned, get press releases sent to music magazines, all for five or ten dollars!

If you offer services that musicians would appreciate or if you are a musician yourself, this is the place to go.