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How To Make Money From Your Facebook Page

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This page will explain how to make money from your Facebook page, no matter what sort of page it is.How To Make Money From Your Facebook Page

If you have a page already with thousands of likes about your hobby, and you want to make money from it, or you have a business page advertising a product, and you want likes and traffic to it, I will explain how to do here.

Let me start by explaining how to monetize any Facebook page with your own ads. You can ad an app to your page called Just Redirect, which is easily found and installed by doing a Facebook search.

From this custom tab, you can redirect people to any URL. Try signing up to Amazon, Clickbank, Commission Junction, or a pay per action network.

You can search for an affiliate product which is related to the topic of your page, or just one with a good commission.

Edit the tab name and photo, and you can make it look and say whatever you want. Some CPA companies pay you for a view on a page, but you mostly get paid a percentage of any sales made.

If you want to put Google Adsense on the content of a page tab, you can do that as well, by getting another app called Static HTML: iFrame Tabs.

This app allows you to directly add any HTML elements you want to a page tab, so you could embed a You Tube video, put in a Pay Pal button code, or get your Google Adsense code to put together on your custom tab.

A more complicated way to do it would be to use the Developers section to put any web page in an iFrame on a tab.

You can have your whole site or a mini site on a tab, and people can navigate through it without ever leaving Facebook, although it might be easier just to get them to click on a link leading to the site.

Make Money From Your Facebook Page

I can do all of these things for you, if you have no experience in coding and HTML, for as little as fifty dollars, and design the right solution for monetizing your Facebook page.

I can also help you get your Facebook page ranked highly in a Facebook and Google search, I can get you likes, shares, comments, or whatever you want, for a very affordable price.

That’s how to make money from your Facebook page, if you have any questions, get in contact. My email is in the sidebar.

Does A Band Need A Lot Of Likes On Their Facebook Page?

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There are many reasons why it may be beneficial for a band or artist to have a lot of likes on their Facebook page, but perhaps not for the reasons that you think.Does a band need a lot of likes on their Facebook page?

Record companies and concert promoters often look at the amount of likes and followers a band has on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to to gauge how much of a following they have, and even fans will look at those numbers and be influenced as well.

People are more likely to trust any sort of product or company more if it has the credibility of looking successful, but it doesn’t end there.

Sometimes a band will use their Facebook page as their primary band website, and if someone is searching for the band on Google, the page may not come up if it has no likes, even if there is barely any competition.

For example, the band may be called Wild Man Jesus, and when people search for it without the page being optimized for the search engines, they get random results of different combinations of those words.

They may not be able to find the band at all, even on a Facebook search if the page does not look important in the eyes of the the Facebook engine.

That’s why it’s a good idea to get some cheap numbers on your social media pages, whether it’s You Tube views, Twitter followers, Facebook page likes, or whatever.

How To Get Likes On Your Facebook Page

I am a social media specialist, and I can get you likes, followers, views, subscribers, shares, or almost anything you want to do with social media or search engine optimization for a very affordable price.

I can get you 250 likes on your band or company Facebook page for ten dollars, or 1,000 for thirty five, 2,000 for sixty, and perhaps up to 5,000 likes for a hundred and twenty.

The likes are from real accounts, but they are just random people, liking your page to get points for likes of their own.

They may have no interest in your band, or they may become a fan once they see something you post to your wall.

The point is, these random likes can lead to targeted likes when other people find your page because they were searching for you by name.

Having a large following on social media could even make the difference between being signed to a major label or not, so it’s well worth spending a few bucks on it.

You can place an order for Facebook page likes by going to the payment page where there is a ten dollar Pay Pal button, or you can pay any amount direct to my Pay Pal account,

Then send me a message at the same email address with the URL of your Facebook page, and I’ll start getting the likes within 24 hours.

Facebook Marketing Strategy

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Every internet marketer or online business owner has a different Facebook marketing strategy, and different methods work for different people, but I’ll tell you how I approach finding traffic on the site.Facebook Marketing Strategy

I look at it from an SEO perspective more than anything else. I make a page with a title that is competing for a low competition search with a reasonably high search volume.

You can use the Google Adwords keyword tool to figure out the exact match search volume of a phrase, and then check the page rank and back links to the first page results on Google.

To do that, I use SEO Quake, which is a simple Google Chrome add-on that shows the page rank of sites, and I either use or SEO Powersuite to find the back links leading to the top results.

Then, you can try to get the same sorts of back links, perhaps even from the same sites, but Facebook pages are a little different to rank than a regular site.

You want to get an exact match username for the title of the page if you can. For example, I got, and that page is beating this site on Google for the same keyword phrase, without barely even trying.

The search may not have a very large exact match monthly worldwide search volume on Google, but then people also type that phrase into a Facebook search, and a Bing or Yahoo search, and I also have a You Tube video that is ranking fairly highly, if someone types the phrase in to the search box on that site.

Altogether, I don’t get most of my traffic directly from Google to this site, but SEO is an important part of how I get traffic from social media.

Facebook SEO

My Facebook marketing strategy is to compete in the search engine on Facebook and Google by getting the right title and username for the page, adding some custom tabs and keyword content, photos, videos, etc.

Then, I get a few hundred random Facebook page likes, (I sell them cheap), or a few thousand over time. People are more likely to like a page if other people like it, and they really do help the page to rank better on a Facebook and Google search.

I actually link from the home page of this site to my Facebook page, because it seemed better to do it that way, as links from Facebook are no follow, whereas a link from my home page is a do follow relevant PR 3 link, which makes a big difference in the ranking of that page on Google.

Now some people care about having really targeted fans, and that is important, if you want them to be looking out for your latest wall posts in their news feed, but you have to start out by getting some random likes in order to get the targeted ones.

The only other way apart from SEO to get targeted likes is through Facebook Ads, or getting people to like your page through your website.

I can help you set up a Facebook Ads campaign as well if you want to do that, or I can make you a custom tab for your page with Pay Pal buttons, video, opt-in forms, contact forms, or whatever you like.

Get in contact with me at to talk more about the right Facebook marketing strategy for your business, and how I can help you set that up.


Buying Facebook Likes

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Buying Facebook Page Likes

Buying Facebook likes is very easy to do, and there are a number of different ways you can get them.

What a lot of people don’t understand is that they are not all that effective by themselves.

As I explain in the video, random likes mostly help you if you’re trying to compete for a keyword with a reasonable search volume on either a Google search, or a Facebook search.

The best way to go about this sort of Facebook page SEO is the same way as a regular website.

Do some keyword research on the Google Adwords keyword tool. Find a keyword phrase to do with your product with at least a hundred exact match searches a month, preferably a thousand.

Then, give that title to your page, (starting from scratch), and try to get the exact match username for that title.

For example, my Facebook page Affordable Social Media Marketing Services is doing great in a Google search on that title, because I got the exact match username and I got a reasonable amount of likes on it.

Does Buying Facebook Likes Work?

According to my Counterize stats, Facebook is one of the main referrers of traffic to this site, but I mostly focus on Twitter, because that’s even better for me.

Anyway, the other reason why having a lot of random likes helps you is that people will look at a page that has fifty likes and think: “are you for real?”.

Nobody wants to like a page that has under a thousand likes, not if they expect it to have something good to offer, because you’re only allowed to like a maximum of five thousand pages per user, and a page that nobody likes is not worth liking in the minds of most people.

Therefore you need to buy some Facebook likes, and I can give you about 250 for ten dollars, 1,000 for thirty, or 2,000 likes for fifty dollars.

Send me a message at to talk about a larger order of Facebook likes, or to send me the URL of your page. My Pay Pal email address is if you want to pay that way, or there’s a ten dollar button on the payment page.

Buying Facebook likes may seem a little underhanded, if you want to call it that, but the truth is, almost everyone who is successful on Facebook, (and not famous), does it.