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How Many Facebook Likes Do You Need?

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How many Facebook likes do you need?

This is not an easy question to answer, as the amount of likes you need for your Facebook page to be successful is different for everyone, depending on the competition, the type of page, and the type of likes you get.
For example, a band page where the artist wants to look like they are already really popular to fans and record companies might want to have thousands of likes, or even tens of thousands of likes, to appear like they have a large following.

The benefit of having the likes depends a bit on what sort of likes they are, and where they came from.

Buying random Facebook likes is a good way to boost the numbers for a low price, and there are a few different ways to do this.

There are some dealers who sell fake likes for a really cheap price, and these will not give you any traffic to your posts, and there will be no interaction or engagement of any kind, as nobody is going to be watching their home page news feed at all.

The other thing about fake likes is that Facebook has changed the way they register them, and if it’s a profile with no photo, no friends, or that hasn’t updated their profile with any posts, then they may just make those likes disappear.

Some of those fake likes do stick, and are good for boosting numbers, but then quite a lot of the time, the profiles just aren’t real looking enough for the likes to stick, and they just fall off straight away.

Basically you have to be careful, and find a reliable dealer by testing them out, or you can take a look at the rating on a Fiverr gig to see if they have had satisfied customers.

The problem with that is that a lot of people will give a positive rating on a Fiverr gig, regardless of whether it worked or not, because they can’t see a week into the future when they leave the review.

You can contact me to talk about getting you likes, followers, or pretty much anything else. My email is in the sidebar, and I can get you most of the things you need for your site at a good price.

The Best Way Of Buying Facebook Likes

I personally use social swapping sites where people earn points by liking pages, following people on Twitter, watching You Tube videos etc, and those points are good for the same thing in return.

It’s a bit like Twiends, although that site doesn’t do the likes anymore, only Twitter, and they have moved into Instagram followers as well.

There are various ones around, and you can buy points on these sites, but you will get a better price by hiring someone to click the buttons for you to earn the points, rather than just buying the points, or spending hours clicking the buttons yourself.

It is rather tedious work, although if you look hard enough, you can find people in India who will work for five US dollars an hour or so. Not many, but they are out there.

Instead of going to all the trouble of trying to find someone to outsource the work to, you might also decide to go through someone who has already done that work of hiring cheap button clicking labor, and who sells the likes for a small profit on top of that.

If you look carefully, you should be able to see what I mean, and how to find that information.

As I said before, getting these cheap likes can help with SEO for your Facebook page, which means you rank well on Google, and in a Facebook search.

It can make a big difference to potential customers how many likes you have, which is the social proof benefit, and when you get likes in this way, they are mostly from real accounts, and people will see your posts in their news feeds, and sometimes click on the links, or comment on it.

To get back to the main question of how many Facebook likes you need, more is probably better, and you should probably have at least 1,000, no matter what sort of business you’re running, as people feel more confident that they’re dealing with an established, popular company when they see that, and if you have less than 100, they probably just think that you’re kidding around, that’s the truth.

As I said before, I specialise in getting people likes for their page, Twitter followers, Google Plus followers, and a lot more, so send me a message at

How To Make Money From Facebook

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OK, so you want to make money from Facebook, or you just want to make money generally right?How to make money from Facebook

You probably aren’t looking to make a great deal, or at least not at first, depending on whether you are trying to make money as an owner of an already existing business, or as a beginner at making money online.

I’ll start with the beginner tactics first, and it mostly involves doing small tasks for people, such as getting them likes.

I myself am always looking for a good price on likes, but there is only one place I get them at the moment that I consider to be reliable, and all of the other ways to get them are most probably fake, or too expensive.

I get the likes from a large social swapping site with tens of thousands of members, and I get a lot of orders, so I’m constantly in need of reliable people who have a lot of points on that site.

I have one person who I’m outsourcing to at the moment, and I pay him five US dollars for a bit over 300 likes, which works out to be about 3,000 points on the site.

You can get that many points yourself quite easily, by watching You Tube videos, liking Facebook pages, following people on Twitter, viewing websites, following people on Pinterest, Instagram, Soundcloud, there’s a huge list of things that you can do to earn the points, and you just need to have accounts on those sites, preferably real ones.

I generally just watch the You Tube videos myself, click on the websites, and follow people on Twitter, but I don’t have the time to do that for hours, so I also buy points and use a lot of them when the guy I’m outsourcing to is busy, which is a lot of the time.

If you want to apply for a job selling me likes from your account, first thing to do is earn the points, and get at least 10,000, and take a screenshot of that, and send it to me, my email is in the sidebar.

Then, you could create a Fiverr gig, such as I will get you 300 real likes for $5, or also, I will get you 250 Google Plus followers for $5, etc, and I can order that one, so long as you can show me that it is coming from the social swapping site, as I don’t trust anything else, it’s all fake, and most of the likes disappear.

I will buy the Fiverr gig, and so long as you do a good job the first few times, I might suggest that I pay you via Pay Pal in larger amounts, for larger orders, which also means you don’t have to pay the 20% to Fiverr, although that can get you other gigs.

Just earn the points, get in contact, and that’s a job paying between five to ten US dollars an hour, and so long as you do it well, for a good price, that’s ongoing work, and I might want you to do other things as well, depending on your skill level, and the rates at which you work.

That’s the main reason I wrote this article, you can also earn a similar amount for doing tasks on Microworkers, and other micro job sites, where you post or like or share, or whatever, but they don’t give you that much work a day, and this is probably the best deal out there, short of spending thousands of hours making a site like mine.

Other Ways To Make Money From Facebook

This is getting to the reason why people buy likes and shares on Facebook, it’s where everyone is online most of the time.

Google likes Facebook pages that have lots of likes, and ranks them highly for the keyword phrase in the title, or at least for low competition searches.

If you manage to rank highly in a popular Facebook search, you can get a lot of traffic that way as well, and it all depends on what you’re selling, maybe an affiliate product, or your own product, but it has to have a high profit margin, and a good conversion rate in order to bother spending all that money.

Most people don’t make a profit from Facebook Ads, but then they may get seen by people who don’t click on the ads, and that could raise brand awareness of their car company or beer company or whatever, it takes a fair bit of skill and a high profit margin to make a profit through Facebook Ads.

I generally approach Facebook from the SEO side, or how large my list of friends and fans is. People say they found me in a search on “internet marketing” or “social media marketing” on Facebook, and that’s because I have a number of pages that are nice and active, with lots of likes.

If you want to talk to me about managing a Facebook campaign for you, or getting you likes, you can also get in contact with me via my email, it’s in the sidebar, or take a look at the buy Facebook page likes payment page.

How To Use Facebook For Affiliate Marketing

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This post will explain how to use Facebook for affiliate marketing. I can’t stress enough that you don’t want to spam the hell out of your friends and groups with affiliate links directly, or you will probably get your account suspended.Facebook For Affiliate Marketing

This is the real way to approach affiliate marketing on Facebook, and I’ve already seen a few sales of some cheap Amazon products.

I haven’t really got the money to spend a lot on advertising, but I am running a Facebook Ads campaign at the moment for one of my pages.

The first thing you need to do is find an affiliate product with a reasonable commission.

By that I mean, hundreds of dollars in the average re-bill sale or initial sale, or at least over fifty dollars for your share when you make a sale.

I’ve tried selling products that have a lower commission, like an Amazon gift card, but the only way you can get people to buy that is if they find you in a Facebook search, or possibly a Google search.

In order to get big money, you will have to use Facebook Ads to drive traffic to a page, that will then send them to the affiliate link via an app called Just Redirect.

Affiliate Marketing On Facebook

So this is how I approach affiliate marketing on a Facebook page. I get the link, do a little keyword research, and give the page a title that has some chance of competing in both a Facebook and Google search.

Then I take photo screenshots of the product, and add them to the page for the cover and profile picture.

I add Just Redirect to the page, and add the affiliate link in that, and then I also change the photo on that tab, so it looks good.

I put a bit of stuff on the page, like some info, some links, some text, and then I get a few random likes for it, and before you know it, in five minutes, it’s at the top of the Facebook search for the title you picked.

You may not be able to compete in a Facebook search for one word keywords, but almost anything else can be fairly easy to rank for, you just need a bunch of likes, and that’s about it.

People are doing more searches on Facebook these days, and while there are no keyword tools to work out the search volume of particular phrases, you can imagine that a lot of people would be typing in things like get more likes, or social media marketing, or anything really.

It’s not only a Facebook search where you will get search traffic for a Facebook page, if you treat it like an ordinary website, and make back links to it, update it regularly, and get likes, you can compete on Google as well.

For example, my Facebook page Affordable Social Media Marketing Services is outranking this site for that keyword phrase, even though I’ve spent a lot more time building back links to this site. Probably because I link to it from the home page.

To make the big money, you have to take a risk, and try out a Facebook Ads campaign, or you can also use Google Adwords or other traffic sources to get people to your page.

If the conversion rate is good, and the cost per click is low, then you make a profit, and that’s all you could possibly ask for. Then you do it again, split testing ads and products, until you make a consistent profit.

I’m not going to bother to link to any of my affiliate marketing Facebook pages from here, because they aren’t related to this post, but if you want to see some of the work I’ve done, or you want to hire me to make you a nice custom Facebook page for your affiliate link, or get you likes, handle a Facebook Ads campaign, do SEO, etc, send me a message at

Facebook Page Ranking

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Facebook SEO Techniques

Ranking a Facebook page on Facebook is easier than a lot of people think, as much of the Edgerank algorithms that Facebook use to determine which pages rank highest is the amount of likes.Facebook SEO

Some of the other signals they’re looking for is the amount of engagement with the fans, such as the likes and comments on posts.

They care about the amount of times a post is shared, but I’m fairly certain that 90% of it is the amount of likes, and as such, it’s really easy to rank on Facebook for a keyword phrase that would be practically impossible on Google.

If you’re interested in buying some likes, you can visit the payment page, buy Facebook page likes, where I sell them for around four cents each, or you can get in contact with me at to talk about prices for different things.

The other side of ranking a Facebook page is of course ranking it on Google, and that needs a more complicated strategy.

Ranking A Facebook Page On Google

Many of my Facebook pages are on the first page of a Google search, for keyword phrases such as social media tricks, affordable social media marketing services, writing for profit, etc.

I don’t go after searches with too much competition, because it’s hard to rank anything for a search with more than a few thousand exact match searches a month.

It is however quite easy to rank a Facebook page on Google, by following these simple steps, which I also explain in the video.

Choose a title that has at least a hundred exact match searches a month, preferably over a thousand, if you’re willing to put the time in.

First, check the page rank of the first page results, using something like SEO Quake, or the Firefox plugin from SEO Book.

If the first few results have a page rank lower than two, that’s a fairly good indication that there’s not a huge amount of competition for that search.

The likes are important for getting some high page rank, do follow cross links on Facebook, and you can also link multiple related pages together to achieve the same result.

Then, you need to make high quality back links to your pages from outside Facebook, like from your website, from a blog, from Hub Pages, Ezine, eHow, Triond, Knoji,, Go Articles, and also from social media.

Even a no follow link from Twitter can influence rankings, and there are a bunch of other article writing sites like Bukisa that have no follow links as well.

You don’t want to spam links, but build them steadily over time, and remember to update your page with relevant content, not going over the 3% keyword density for the text on the page.

It’s hard not to do that on Facebook, because every time you post something, it contains the title in the post, but just try to fill up every part of the page with good quality stuff, and make some custom tabs, add photos and videos, etc.

My main Facebook page is outranking my site for the same keywords, at least in some of the related searches, and I get a lot of traffic from Facebook to this site.

People are finding it on Facebook as well, because you’d be surprised at how many people search for things to do with social media marketing by using the Facebook search box.

SEO is not all that easy to explain in a short post, but what I just told you will almost surely rank a Facebook page for a low competition search on Google, although it might take a while.

The obvious benefit of that is that if your Facebook page gives people what they want, and if people like it, they will press the like button, and you will get targeted fans for your page, who you can then contact or post to.

Facebook page ranking is better than ranking a regular website in a lot of ways, because the longer it ranks for a popular search, the more likely it is to rank better over time, due to the ongoing likes, and you can put anything on a custom tab, like Pay Pal button codes.

Again, if you would like me to handle a Facebook campaign for you, send me a message, or visit the home page to check out the social media marketing services available on the site, including Facebook page likes.