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How To Get More Likes From A Facebook Ads Campaign

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Get more likes from Facebook AdsI think of myself as a fairly competent social media marketing expert, but until recently, I hadn’t spent that much time using Facebook Ads.

The reason why I hadn’t used it was that it seemed to be too expensive for the results it produced, and I found it more worth my while to spend my time getting random Twitter followers at fifty times less per one from a site like Twiends.

That basically is what I did, and it worked well for me, but I’m starting to think that I might be missing out by not using Facebook Ads, and even though it’s a fairly hefty expense to pay ten dollars a day, I’m starting an ongoing campaign to see where it takes me.

The problem I always had in the past is that I could see the money going, but I couldn’t see it coming back in. There was no immediate return from getting clicks and likes, but after talking to a few other social media experts on the Warrior Forum, I’ve realized that you need to build a relationship with a large group of targeted fans for it to work, and it does take time, and money.

I can definitely see the value of having a large social list of followers from how well my Twitter followers work for me, (by the way, that’s one of the services I offer on this site, getting people Twitter followers, if you need help with that, check out the home page for a list of services in the sidebar).

The Page I’m Running The Facebook Ads Campaign On

The page I’ve made specifically to test out my Facebook Ads like campaign is called internet marketing strategies, because that’s a big keyword phrase with a large exact match search volume, and I’m hoping it ranks on Google as well.

I haven’t made that many back links and cross links to it yet, but to make a comparison, my other pages, (which I’ve built up with random likes from social swapping sites), are mostly ranking on the first page of Google for their respective titles, for example affordable social media marketing services.

That page is doing so well that it was on the fifth page of a Google search on social media marketing services last time I checked, and that’s a big achievement in terms of ranking power, because there are hundreds of thousands or even millions of sites competing for that search.

I do have a link to that page from the home page of this site, and from my many blogs and articles all over the place, so I have put in a fair amount of effort into ranking my Facebook pages on Google, as that is my strategy. Search engine optimization for Facebook pages, and that’s why Facebook Ads is something a little different for me, even if I have used it before.

So I have a hope that if I do the right things, it will compete on Google for the phrase, and I also have a hope that at some point buying the likes will pay off in the extra traffic that posts to the page bring to my site.

From what that guy told me on the Warrior Forum, I can expect to see it pay off in a few months, so long as I do the right things and engage my fans in the right way.

Hopefully I got the targeting features right, and small business owners or people who have that written down on their profiles are the people I want to target, but even if they’re not the exact right people, they do have a business, and are interested in internet marketing, and I can use that.

I’m an internet marketing expert with five years experience, and I can help you with anything you’re doing online, so get in touch with me to talk about your site, and how to improve it, or get more customers, my email is in the sidebar.


How To Get Thousands Of Facebook Likes

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How to get thousands of Facebook likesThis post will teach you how to get thousands of Facebook likes, quickly and in a way that will be beneficial to your social health.

It’s quite easy to do, and there are many benefits to having a lot of people like your page on Facebook.

Some of the benefits of buying Facebook likes are an increased brand awareness, social proof and credibility, a higher page rank and SERP result on Google for your page, and your site which it links to, and you can interact with the people who like your page in many different ways.

Every post you make to your wall shows up in the news feeds of those people who like your Facebook page, you can send a message to all of them, or contact people as individuals.

So those are the benefits of having thousands of likes for your Facebook page, and it’s really not that hard at all to get them, you can buy them right here on Professional Social Promotion.

Simply go to the home page, click on the payment page link in the sidebar for Facebook likes, pay the amount through Pay Pal, and send me the URL of your page, and there you have it, it will be done in a few days.

Get Thousands of Facebook Page Likes

All you have to do to get likes right now, (or within a couple of days), is go to the payment page on this site, pay ten dollars or thirty five or a hundred, through the PayPal button at the bottom of the page, and then send me a message at with the URL of the page you want likes on.

For ten dollars, I can get you between 250 to 400 likes on your page from real people, which you will get from having your Facebook page promoted to thousands of people.

For thirty five dollars, I can get you 1,000 likes on your page, and for one hundred dollars, I can get you three thousand Facebook likes, and that’s a good deal, considering that they are real, active users for the most part.

I get the likes through a social swapping site, and so it is really the only way that you can get real people to like your page, and the only other alternatives are using Facebook Ads, or buying fake likes that come from computer generated accounts.

This service can work many times in a row, and you can talk to me about a discount for a large amount of thousands of Facebook page likes if you want to buy in bulk. Also send me a message for advice on other ways to advertise your site cheaply, or boost it’s rankings.


Facebook Branding

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Facebook branding

Guest post by Jeff Foster

Facebook is currently the world’s largest social network with over 900 million users and counting. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, Facebook is now valued at USD 100 billion.

If you are looking for a social networking site that will give your brand the best leverage, Facebook is hands down the best option for you.

It is safe to assume that almost all your current and potential customers have a Facebook account. You need to be found where your customers are. A lot of people rely on online information about products they like.

If you don’t have a prominent online presence, your brand will easily be swallowed by other brands that are aggressive in web marketing.

The great thing about Facebook is that the Timeline provides businesses more opportunities to market its brands in a more engaging way. Here are some ways that Facebook Timeline affects branding.

Brand Story

Facebook Timeline basically tells your story. Through Timeline, you can tell your brand’s story from the time it was founded up until the latest improvements and developments you have implemented.

This is very crucial to winning your customers. Your clients need to know that they are purchasing or patronizing a reliable brand. It is important that you tell your story uniquely.

It doesn’t have to be long or dramatic. In fact, the more succinct it is, the better you can communicate how your brand came to be.

You need to use milestone photos as you go along and other relevant posts to make your brand story more interesting. You need to stay true to your brand history and provide accurate information to your customers.

Brand Retention

The profile page of Facebook Timeline gives businesses free billboard ads through its cover photo. A brand’s logo or identity is best retained when seen prominently.

Thus, you need to take advantage of the cover photo that Timeline provides. The cover photo is apart from the usual profile picture. You need to provide different photos for each so that it won’t be redundant when customers go to your profile page.

If there is one thing you want your customers to remember about your brand at that particular time, you need to put it up in your cover photo. Use your brand logo in your profile picture because that is what they will see as a thumbnail when you interact with them.

Think of your cover photo as a prime advertisement spot. If you manage a clothing line, teasers of your new season collection will be a great cover photo. If you run a food business, put your specialty dish. If you run a school, then put the best photo that shows that your students are having fun learning.

Brand Highlights

Facebook Timelines has life events where you can add milestones such as engagement, weddings, having your first pet, and many more. You can use this for big events for your brand.

If your recently opened a new branch then that’s worth placing as a life event or a brand highlight. If you have been recently featured in a widely circulated magazine then mark it as a live event, too. Another great feature of the Timeline is the way you can promote a photo, album, or video you posted.

The default format of the Timeline is two columns. Aside from that you also have a choice to make the photo or video you posted as a highlight. When you point your mouse to the star at the upper right corner of the photo, you will see the option to “highlight.”

When you click on it, your post will be a spread that stretches across the two columns. Anything that you think is worthwhile to broadcast can be highlighted that way in your Timeline.

Facebook will most likely be in the social networking scene for a long time. With its current number users, you would think that Facebook can now slack off. You will be surprise to see Facebook advertisements in Yahoo, YouTube, and other sites. The social networking giant still encourages people to create Facebook accounts.

They are not giving any allowance for other budding similar sites to even come close to its current status. Capitalizing in the features of Facebook Timeline is worth your time and energy. Being active in social media shows that your brand is up-to-date and relevant.

Regardless if your business is about home care for the elderly, you can still use the Timeline to promote your services. Your brand doesn’t have to cater to the young crowd for you to be engaged in Facebook. At this day and age when people can get everything in a snap, they also do the same in the web with just one click.

They need the information about your product and services without having to leave their home or office. Your brand needs to be accessible 24/7. Remember that we now live in an online world and the best place to maximize brand awareness is through online platforms like Facebook Timeline.

Author Bio:

Jeff Foster is the internet marketing manager of WebBizIdeas. His main focus is building and marketing quality content. Over the past 8 years he worked with clients to develop marketing strategies.

How To Get Fake Likes On Facebook

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How To Get Fake Likes On Facebook

Fake likes are quite easy to get, just go to anyone selling them for a good price, or a price that is too good to be true.

Most people who sell likes at a bargain basement price sell fake likes, which are computer generated accounts, which now have to be updated with special software that posts for them automatically so they look real, or otherwise Facebook just makes those likes disappear.

There is a difference between real targeted likes, random likes, and fake likes, and it makes all the difference in the world depending on what you want the likes for.

I sell likes on my site, and by default, I sell random likes, which are real people, liking your Facebook page with their real account, through a social swapping site.

If there are people who simply create accounts to earn points on that site, (and there are some), Facebook simply makes those likes disappear, and you do lose about 10% of the likes, straight away.

What is left is real random likes, from active accounts, who are most probably looking at their Facebook dashboards while talking to their friends, and who will actually see what you post on the wall of your page.

Compare that to a computer generated account, someone who is not a person at all, and you will see why random likes are better than fake likes.

I can get you fake likes if you want, I just buy them from a reliable dealer I know, and you couldn’t tell the difference, they stick, and look like real people.

What you will find though is that a lot of the software for getting likes is outdated, because Facebook updated their algorithms to try to stop fake likes from being put on pages, so it has to be advanced enough to fool them, by having a proper photo, having friends, posting daily, and there is good software that can do that.

The difference between the cost of buying fake likes and buying real random ones is not enough that you would bother getting the fake ones, unless you simply wanted to show large numbers for social proof, or if you were selling likes.

Why You Should Buy Likes Through Me

I consider myself to be a reputable dealer, and if you are interested in buying likes, I can show a screenshot of my dashboard to show what I did to get them, and get you real likes if you prefer, which most people do. If you want likes as a reseller, I can get you a good price, and take a small commission.

I’m not going to mention the name of the social swapping site that I get the likes off, because you could just go there and cut out my small commission, but I only make a very small profit margin from buying the largest amount of points, and also clicking the button to follow people on Twitter, like their Facebook posts, subscribe to their You Tube channels, etc.

Basically, if you want fake likes, I can get you fake likes, at a better price than the prices stated on the Facebook page likes payment page, but I mostly sell real likes, which are better, because they’re real.

I personally prefer Twitter followers, and Twiends is a great site for getting them off. Again, I log in and click the button, maybe buy some points, and handle the process of unfollowing those not following back, and all of that.

I’m a social media marketing manager, and internet marketing expert, and I can pretty much get anything anyone wants at a pretty good price, whether you want fake likes, real likes, followers, views, subscribers, Pinterest, Instagram, I’m running a successful SEO campaign, I make quality You Tube videos, basically anything and everything.

My email is in the sidebar if you want to get some advice on the best way to spend your money through my services.