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How Much Should You Invest In Facebook Marketing?

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Marketing On FacebookGuest post by Yo Noguchi

As the online world continues to develop, business must adapt to frequent changes. Facebook has been an important part of marketing for many businesses, but how much time should a business be investing to Facebook now?

The past few years of changes in the social media market have led analysts to say that Facebook may not be a worthwhile advertising tool anymore, and that many people are becoming disinterested with this form of socializing, as many only use Facebook to whine about what’s wrong in their lives.

But this doesn’t mean you should give up on building a group of Facebook fans or a community around which you can create awareness.

After all, Facebook did reach the 1 billion users mark this past month and still other reports show that a Facebook boasts 77% of B2C companies acquiring new customers successfully through this platform. The key is to find balance in the amount of time you spend on Facebook, based on what you know about your target market.

Does Facebook still work for marketing businesses? Let’s say you have a good number of fans on your Facebook page. Did you know that only about 16% of them actually see your posts?

Analysts believe it is because too many businesses post spammy or uninteresting updates, which may cause fans to simply tune a brand out. Before looking at ways to improve the visibility of your posts, let’s look at what people use Facebook for.

How Users Are Putting Facebook To Work

Facebook is not a marketplace yet. Instead, it is a controlled way for people to connect with existing friends.

Most users completely ignore the ads, and use Facebook to interact with people they already know, not to look for new contacts. The point is that Facebook is a relational tool, not so much an advertising platform. So you should plan on spending time building connections and rapport, not just blasting posts with your latest product offerings.

Generally, news breaks first on Twitter because it is accessible and simple. Instead of only connecting with established friends, users can tweet with famous people, organizations and businesses that they would otherwise be unable to have a personal connection with.

Facebook lacks the same speed and accessibility that businesses need to reach customers if the goal is fast exposure.

The Investment Decision

To decide how much time, if any, to invest in Facebook, study your target customer. Do they use Facebook? How often? Do they use another social network more often? Has your business seen any benefits from being on Facebook? Look at your marketing strategy to see if your time and resources could be spent more effectively somewhere else.

The key lies in determining whether you should use Facebook as a relationship builder or just have a simple presence where people can find you if they search for you.

There really is very little in between- either you build aggressively or let it sit. If you try to build a Facebook community halfway, it will be a huge waste of time.

If you do decide that your business can benefit from Facebook, the following are some keys to making it your efforts more efficient.

1. Post updates that are completely unexpected or different- take people by surprise with humor or another specific brand voice that will stick with and interest people.

2. Not all posts need to be related to your business. Facebook is about building relationships, remember? Figure out with information your customers love to see or read about and share it!

3. Share free resources, freely, such as Detroit Institute museum did. If customers see you as a generous business, they will develop positive feelings toward you.

4. Make certain discounts, coupons, free resources only available on Facebook to encourage users to keep an eye on you.

5. Pictures, videos and articles are highly popular on Facebook. This is one “leg up” that Facebook has over Twitter. Make sure every update includes an image or video, if possible.

6. Do not post every day. Update consistently but not as frequently as you would on Twitter. As a small business, you may only need to post once or twice a week.

7. Post when people are on Facebook. According to the Huffington Post, the best times to post are weekends by far, followed by evenings and early mornings.

8. Use the Promote button for your most important posts to push them to the top of the news feed. This does cost money with the exact rate depending on your geographic location and how many users you wish to reach, but can be worth it for advertising posts.


If your target audience is engaged on Facebook and your particular business is about building relationships before and after the sale, then Facebook could very well be one of the best investments of time you could make.


You might find that you are missing out on customers if people are searching for your product on Facebook, or if they are searching on Google and your site isn’t at the top of the search, but your Facebook page might have been.

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Yo Noguchi is a writer and marketer for a better way to send and receive emails and communicate with people.

Top Ten Tips On How To Get More Facebook Fans

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Guest post by Daniel Martin

Get Facebook FansA star is nothing without fans! And this works not only for stars, but also for businesses, persons, profiles and so on. Fans are people that gather around a common link and love the same things.

This is more noticeable in the case of the Facebook fans that show their appreciation by liking a page that provides great interests. On the other hand, the businesses that have a Facebook page active fight in order to get more fans.

Everyone gets a kick from seeing that their work is appreciated by millions of people. It shows that their labor was worth the pain and the cause that they are representing is loved by lots of people.

But taking into account the latest developments in terms of social media strategies, it has become harder to get more Facebook fans without a few tips and tricks that can encourage and stimulate people into liking one’s page.

Especially in the case of businesses, the number of Facebook fans has to be very high in order to spread the news on a larger scale and appeal to a great variety of people. So, don’t be afraid because you are not alone in this!

Here are 10 tips that will help you enlarge your Facebook fans number in a short period of time, with just a bit of effort.

10 tips for getting more Facebook fans

Buy Guaranteed Facebook Fans

1. Photos. These are very important because Facebook fans can be engaged, entertained and amused by a great photo. If it is possible, connect it to your brand and the fans will start pouring.

2. Quality. Always, in everything you do, make sure you provide quality. This little thing will take you higher than you have ever thought and people will be very interested in becoming your clients since you are the one that delivers quality. So offer valuable content and information that can engage and attract Facebook fans.

3. Contests. Facebook fans are crazy about contests. Even if you only give away a free membership to something, a book or any small thing, word will spread and your brand will start receiving appreciation (fans, likes, shares and comments) in no time.

4. Mobile. More and more Facebook fans have started using their smart phones in order to browse over the Internet. Optimize your page so that it offers great mobile experience and you will notice that the number of fans will start increasing rapidly.

5. Facebook Button. Don’t you forget about this button or by this matter about any social media method that allows you to share your content. Give fans the opportunity to find you and get in touch with your Facebook page. Do not let them do all the work!

6. Interact. Don’t be miss/mister “I don’t care you are my fans, I’m not talking to you.” If you treat people with indifference (don’t answer their questions, respond to comments, give thanks for appreciation), people will treat YOU with indifference.

7. Updates. Keep your peeps updated with the latest news and posts about your business and not only. Mix it up and add some flavor to your page. People go on Facebook to discover more on everything, not everything about something.

8. E-mail. Use your Facebook link in your e-mail signature. This way, every e-mail that you send out can become an opportunity to add more Facebook fans. The key is to take advantage of every opportunity!

9. Videos. Fun videos with you and your team working hard, or “how to do” tutorials and all sorts of other videos presenting new products will get your Facebook fans to become more interested in what you have to say.

10. Buy. This might be the last tip, but it is definitely an important one. Now you can buy packages with Facebook fans without having to pay gigantic amounts of money, offer personal information or get blocked by Facebook. Everything is safe, fast and easy.

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Daniel Martin works for and writes on many topics to do with internet marketing, specifically social media.

How To Make A Professional Facebook Page

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What I’m going to discuss in this blog post is what I believe is the right way to make a Facebook page, so that it looks professional and makes you money.
How to make a professional Facebook page
The first thing to do is get the title right, because if you get that wrong, you’re completely ruling out SEO as an option.

Facebook pages can rank on Google, and in a Facebook search, so if you haven’t given your page a keyword phrase title, make sure you do, even if it means making a new page, and do some keyword research first.

Doing Keyword Research For The Title

If you don’t know how to do keyword research, the easiest way is to check the Google Adwords keyword tool, but be sure to have the exact match box checked, and uncheck the broad match results.

You will want to find a keyword phrase that has at least a thousand exact match searches a month worldwide, and if there’s only one phrase that has that many, and it’s the same as your home page title, choose that, but remember that it may mean that your Facebook page beats your website in the search.

That’s what happened to me, my Facebook page is ranking higher than this site for affordable social media marketing services, but I like that because it proves that it can be done and that a Facebook page has powerful ranking potential.

That particular phrase doesn’t have a high exact match search volume, but social media marketing services has a huge search volume, and also has huge competition, and that page is ranking on the third page of that search too.

Get the title right so that if it ranks in a Facebook search you will get some search volume for that as well, and you can assume that those numbers will be approximately a hundred times less in monthly search volume.

That’s just an estimate based on nothing, as no figures exist on Facebook search volume, but people do search for lots of things on Facebook, and it’s easier to figure out how Edgerank works than the Google algorithms.

Add Some Apps To Your Page

Here’s an article which tells you about the best Facebook apps that I use all the time, but I’ll explain it briefly here as well.

You will want to add at least one app to the page, and what that means is an extra tab that does something interesting.

You can add Just Redirect to redirect people off that page and out of Facebook to any URL you want.

Static HTML: iFrame Tabs lets you put any sort of HTML code on the page, and it also has a like gate so that you can show something different once they like the page.

Contact Form is a good one that lets you add a simple contact form to any page you want. Just search for these things on Facebook, and you’ll find them, they’re free, although that last one, only the first page is free.

You can also use Pagemodo to design a custom tab, or you can ask me to design you a custom tab saying something, although I’m not a professional web design and coding expert, just an amateur who does many things.

Promoting Your Page

OK, so you’ve set up your page so that it looks nice, but there are no likes on it yet, and that doesn’t look good.

Luckily, I can get you Facebook likes, among other things, or you could also pay twenty times as much to do it through Facebook Ads.

I get likes from a large, popular social swapping site with tens of thousands of members, and I can get them for you for a small commission.

It’s the best and safest way to get real random likes, and the likes themselves help you to get more likes, for more than one reason.

For example, people are more likely to become your fan if they see that other people like the page, it looks more professional, especially if you’re claiming to be some sort of rock star.

Speaking of that, did you hear the news that apparently half of all of Justin Bieber’s Twitter followers are fake, or bought?

It’s not unusual for people in show business to buy likes to appear more popular as nobody even believes that you are a real celebrity to start with if you don’t have at least 50,000 Twitter followers, and so they don’t follow you, or like your page.

The other thing is the benefit it has to the search engine ranking of the page. Your page will rank better on Google just by getting more likes, but you also want to combine that with good internal linking within Facebook, back links, and regular updates of quality content.

You can buy engagement figures like photo likes and post likes and comments, but obviously the goal is to get it so you have real engagement, so the thing to do if you have the money is everything I’ve mentioned on this page.

Send me a message to talk about your site, and how a social media marketing campaign run by me might work for you as an individual. My email is in the sidebar.




Guaranteed Facebook Likes

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Buy Guaranteed Facebook LikesIf you came looking for a place to buy guaranteed Facebook likes, you came to the right place, because I offer the most reliable source of real, random Facebook fans apart from the targeted fans you can only get through Facebook Ads.

I am a social media manager, and I do many different things, but what I do in this case is simply act as a middleman. I buy your likes using your money from the largest, most reputable, trusted social swapping site online.

More specifically, I buy bulk amounts of points on the site and spend hours a day clicking the button, following and liking people (using my real accounts) to earn points on the site, which is how I make my living.

So, I just act as a middleman, or a reseller, to the best and most reliable source of likes online, the only way to get real fans in bulk apart from through Facebook itself, and I can provide screenshot proof of that if you want, it’s pretty simple, I just take a 10-20% commission for my time spent doing it, and my knowledge of the best source to use.

I’ve been doing this a long time now, not just the likes and followers, but doing odd jobs for people, getting them what they want, which is anything to do with internet marketing generally.

I claim to be able to do almost anything, but at the same time, if it’s going to make too long to do and you’re not offering enough money for my time, I may politely refuse to do a job.

One thing I can do is get you guaranteed Facebook likes. It’s guaranteed by Pay Pal anyway, if you think I’m going to scam you, they do settle disputes, but that’s a last resort and I can provide screenshot proof of what I did which is what I’m saying I will do here.

What I Do To Get You The Facebook Likes

I basically take your money from here to there, press a button, and the likes appear on your page from the most reputable source online, then I just take a very small commission for doing that for you.

It couldn’t be easier to do, there’s a payment page leading off the home page of this site, buy Facebook likes.

You just pay the amount through the Pay Pal buttons, ($10, $35 or $100), and send me the URL of the page. Simple, guaranteed Facebook likes, and I can also do likes on a post or photo if you have one of those you want likes on as well.

I don’t just do likes as I said, I can get you Twitter followers, Google Plus followers, You Tube views, social sharing, tweets, video production, basic web design and HTML, whatever you want really, or I can find someone who can do it for you if you pay me for my time doing that.

I pretty much do anything anyone asks me to, as long as pays well enough for my time, and that includes outsourcing anything you can think of, because I probably know where to find it straight away, and I can just take a small commission.

Going back to the likes, this is the same idea, I know where to find the best likes, it is the best source for real random likes, it’s better than the sources any other likes dealer uses, but it costs a bit more due to the quality. That’s it, click on the link to visit the payment page, pay the money and send me the URL of your page. Also email me if you have any questions.