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Facebook Marketing: A Widely Accepted Internet Marketing Strategy

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Facebook StrategiesGuest post by Andy Thompson

What was it about this photoblog’s Facebook Marketing Strategy that has made its founder, Brandon Stanton such a glittering celebrity?

Well, it’s a simple – design your Facebook Marketing Strategy in such a way that its contents endear to the people reading the page.

Each portrait comes with a story and some of which are valuable life lessons to learn, but what really binds all their words is the relevancy and similarity that they have with our lives.

So here’s the key. Your content must be relatable, must know how to touch hearts and must read minds through your Facebook Marketing. Here are golden Facebook Marketing Strategies.

1. Reach out to your targeted audience: This is the golden rule of any kind of content marketing and advertising – recognize your target audience and direct your content towards them. Every product appeases to its distinct audience. A tech freak will love a page on Android or iOS, while a foodie will perhaps like all the posts of Zomato or Masterchef. You can create ads to promote your page and sell it to the people who will show a keen interest on it.

2. Conduct an audit of your Facebook page: Keep reviewing and evolving your Facebook Marketing Strategy. Is your Facebook page appealing enough for a person to look at it? Are your posts interesting enough to grab attention? Are you working as per your users’ interests? Review your Facebook accounts, ads, campaigns, and much more to generate a high click-through rate for your account.

3. Share as much as possible: Promote your content and grow as a community both online and offline by virtually performing the following tasks to widen your product’s umbrella. Furthermore, you may send out an email overhaul using tools like MailChimp to various users, who can promote dialog and conversations. You may link your Facebook account to your blog page and website or place icons on related websites. When you’re offline, try to use the common marketing strategies of business cards or on your walls, or in pamphlets.

5. Schedule your content and post only during peak hours: One of the best features of Facebook is the Insights tool. It’s a perfect complement to a good Facebook Marketing Strategy. With the Insights tool, you get an outlook on the number of people visiting your page, liked your page and logged into your page in the past month. Facebook also has a built-in feature that allows you to schedule your posts that appear on your page whenever you want it. Additionally, getting an insight into the hours when your page receives the maximum traffic helps you place your posts accordingly.

6. Use Facebook ads and plugins: Facebook ads aren’t really expensive and they add gravitas to your Facebook marketing strategy. They can lift your pages by generating more likes, comments and shares, by promoting your events, or by building an audience for your App. Facebook plugins, on the other hand, increase awareness about your page through Like Buttons or Like Boxes on separate websites.

Invest in Facebook as this is a worth investing relationship. Zuckerberg’s child is the most used social networking platform in the world and the best way to connect to it is through Facebook marketing. Since Facebook marketing is a widely acceptable internet marketing strategy, you might want to try it on your business. Good Luck!

About The Author

Andy Thompson has been a freelance writer for a long while. Her passion in writing is her main drive in crafting articles that are engaging, informative, and meaningful. Her partnership with TroopSocial has given her a whole new opportunity to take writing to a whole new level.

Best Marketing Strategies For Facebook

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Facebook marketing strategy

Guest post by Seo Land

Using Facebook to effectively grow an ecommerce business can be a struggle for many new sites. Often businesses create a Facebook page for their business but fail to see any results from it.

Effective social media marketing can be achieved via Facebook but there is more work involved than just simply creating a page.

Firstly, there is little point in setting up a Facebook page if your customers are not on the site. If they are using it then setting up a page can be a starting point for creating posts that your customers will want to share.

  •  Ensure that you are creating Facebook content that engages your customer’s interest. Provide information about your brand and your products. Ensure that you speak to your customers via Facebook in their own language.
  • Make your posts outside of normal business hours. The majority of Facebook activity takes place in your customer’s leisure hours. If you post during business hours they may have to scroll down their friend page in order to see your update, as a result it may become lost. By making the post during the evening it will appear fresh and part of the current feed.
  • Offering coupons, giveaways or promote contests. This will encourage the sharing on of your content to your customers friends and in turn increase awareness of your brand
  • Facebook offers the option for your post to be featured as a promoted post. This means that it will appear at the top of your users news feeds, drawing greater attention an increasing its chances of being shared onwards. Using this method on this social media platform, users don’t actually realise that they are clicking on a paid add.
  • Use Facebook polls to obtain customer views about your products. Not only can this generate useful information about how your products are viewed, but in addition when a poll is voted on, it will show up in a user’s friends feed, further broadcasting your brand and increasing awareness.
  • If you are having a sale or a time limited promotion then make use of Facebook to increase awareness of this.
  • Take account of your product market. If you are selling luxury goods then you are unlikely to achieve many sales directly through Facebook or any other social media marketing tool. However it is an excellent vehicle for promoting brand awareness, sop focus your posts on achieving this objective.
  • Share posts made by other pages on your own page. By doing so, a reciprocal arrangement can be set up whereby everyone can benefit from the increased publicity generated by the increased reach of posts.
  • Make effective use of videos and images. Just as the product images on your site should be the best that you have available, make sure that the images you use on your Facebook page are clear and professional. The same goes for video content – ensure that it is of high quality and provides the viewer with something that the will want to share with their friends, for example new information or effective use of humour.
  •  Make it clear what reaction you want to a post. If you want users to click ‘like’ then tell them this and give them an incentive to do so, for example a discount or another benefit of some kind.

About The Author

Seoland is an internet marketing expert that sells social media marketing services along with many other things on their site.



Facebook Ads For Crowdfunding

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Crowdfunding campaign

Guest post by thewaybu

Crowdfunding is now a major buzzword in the online marketing world for small businesses, inventors, and anyone trying to launch something new in the world but just need a little more funding.

There are a lot of different ways for people to promote their crowdfunding campaigns that make it easy for people to jump onboard this huge trend.

However, many of these methods are complicated, confusing, and downright ineffective for the average marketer, such as targeted Facebook ads.

Although they are an obvious source of new funders, they are often the most complicated promotions to create and manage. In order to get the most out of an ad campaign people should try and use efficient and effective techniques that will draw an audience to them and allow their project to gain the attention that it deserves.

The best way to do this is to use targeted Facebook ads in order to reach a specific group of customers and appeal to them. In order to do this marketers should use Kickstart My Ads for assistance.

The service is easy to work with and makes advertising and appealing to the most lucrative demographics into a simple task that anyone can master. Crowdfunders who are not experienced marketers can especially benefit from their service to be successful with their campaign on Kickstarter or Indiegogo.

The Number One Best Way To Get Interest

Facebook Ads for crowdfundingTargeted Facebook ads are, without a doubt, the single best way to draw an audience and secure funding. All the big campaigns have Facebook promotions covered.

These types of promotions can be made to specifically target groups of people who are interested in the exact subject matter you’re promoting.

This ensures that the right people see the campaign and are able to support it! By using Kickstartmyads crowdfunders are able to have their own targeted Facebook ads that can be used to promote their project and draw attention to what they are doing. It makes it easy to connect with potential investors and let them know about things that they might be interested in.

While it is possible to run a targeted Facebook ad campaign without any assistance, in practice it can be incredibly difficult to do. With Kickstart My Ads even the least experienced marketer will be able to meet their goals and be successful with professionally targeted promotions.

This is due to the fact that the service is staffed by trained professionals who love to see their clients projects become fully funded. They take it upon themselves to review every client’s Indiegogo or Kickstarter campaign and provide feedback on how to broaden its exposure.

How Does It Work?

They run all of the advertising elements so that the client can focus other aspects that matter most. They target your audience and create amazing ads for your approval, then they launch and manage the promotions across Facebook.

Since they are willing to take on all of the advertising responsibilities, clients can turn their attention towards further promoting their campaign to their inner network. They can stay focused on making a great experience that funders and backers will really appreciate.

This frees up time while keeping the Facebook ad campaigns effective and efficient. It’s especially great for smaller teams of people who might not have the time and resources to create and manage an entire Facebook ad campaign.

People who want professionally targeted Facebook promotions at a reasonable price for their crowdfunding campaign need to check out Kickstart My Ads. They aren’t about getting Facebook Likes or fans, they are all about driving real supporters to you campaign from Facebook.

The service is a great resource for the crowdfunding community and anyone who wants to have a successful crowdfunding campaign. It makes use of targeted Facebook ads and allows people to get their product into the correct audiences. Don’t miss out on their support!

About The Author

Thewaybu is an online marketer working for Kickstart My Ads, a site that manages Facebook Ads campaigns for businesses.

How To Make A Custom Tab On Facebook

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Custom Facebook tab design Facebook is the second most visited site in the world, and people spend more time there than on any other site.

For many people, a Facebook page is the most important way a business or individual presents themselves to the public when trying to engage them on social media.

Studies show that the majority of people who visit a Facebook page from an ad click or share never return after their first visit, not unless it’s a really special page.

They may like it, but then they will only occasionally notice the updates to the page’s wall in their news feed, and only if that page has the right type of engagement with fans to rank highly in the feed based on the Edgerank algorithms.

Therefore, you need to present something engaging on the first page they see, so you can convert the traffic into customers, email opt-ins, or downloaders.

You can put absolutely anything on a Facebook page, on custom tabs, from Pay Pal buttons, to opt-in forms, video, photos, even an entire mini-site, or your actual site in the iFrame.

There are sites like Pagemodo which allow you to make one free page with an ad on it, but to remove the ad or make more pages with more features, you have to pay a monthly fee, so it’s better to design your own custom Facebook tab using HTML, (or hire me to do it).

I wouldn’t call myself an expert in HTML source code, but I’ve been learning how to do make basic HTML elements like links, photos, videos, button codes and squeeze pages for the last five years or so.

How To Make A Facebook Welcome Page Using HTML

Designing A Facebook TabTo start with, you will need to know a bit about HTML, and have an HTML editor to do it on. I like Aptana, it’s a very basic free editing software where you can write out the code, and then save it as an HTML file, or copy and paste it into an app.

I like using Static HTML: iFrame Tabs, which is a good app you can search for on Facebook. It has options to do simple things without any knowledge of coding, but it helps a lot to know basic codes if you want to put links in the text.

You can also use the Developers section of Facebook to put an app on your page that is taken off a real web page, which would mean you would have to upload the HTML file to a folder on your server.

So let’s say you wanted to start your page off with a You Tube video. You get the You Tube video embed code, and you paste it into the HTML editor.

You should probably have a bit of code at the start like <HTML> then <HEAD> which is closed at the end with the corresponding tags.

You can add the header code if you want, but it’s not really necessary for this type of thing, although using the full standard coding is best to make sure it works on all browsers.

You have to make sure that the video, (or whatever you’re putting on the tab), is only 510 pixels wide, or it won’t fit inside the iFrame.

Then you might want to add a Photoshop image. First you have to upload the photo to your server, or a server, and get the URL.

Then, to put it on a page, you use this code: <img src=”photoURL” width=”500″ height=”350″</a>. It becomes a bit more complicated if you want to make that photo a clickable link, or if you want only one section of it to be linked.

This is called image mapping, and it’s not all that easy to do, if you want to find out, you can Google that. In order to move things around, you can use the &nbsp; code to simulate pressing the space bar or return key.

You get the codes for whatever you want on the page, and you move them around so they fit within the dimensions of the iFrame, and look good, and then you put it on your Facebook page using the app I mentioned, or by using the Developers section to take content from a canvas URL.

I can make a custom Facebook tab or welcome page using iFrame if you want, I offer that service here on my site, as well as many other services, (practically anything you want), but it’s not all that hard to do it yourself, if you are willing to take the time to learn how it works.

Different Things To Put On A Custom Tab

Make A Custom Tab On FacebookThere are many different reasons to design a custom tab on your Facebook page, and you can make more than one.

You might want to have a contact form, and you can do that easily by using the app Contact Form, or there are many different apps or HTML generators that can make that happen easily.

If you have just one or a few different products which are easy to explain, you might want to have a Pay Pal button on one tab, with a photo and short description of each product.

This is easy to do with the Static HTML: iFrame Tabs app, or you can generate the codes through your Pay Pal account, and use the code that comes with that app to position them in the right way on the page.

There’s an option to add a subscriber form, or to have a You Tube video, or to have a page on your website show up in the iFrame.

What you might want to do is add a like gate, so that you can offer a promo code to people who like your page.

If you want to get them to share the page as well, you can ask them to send you an email with the code and the URL of their Facebook profile as proof of the share.

Depending on the popularity of the product, and how much people want the coupon, this can be an excellent way to encourage likes, and each share might possibly lead to more likes.

By using Facebook Ads to get targeted clicks, you can get targeted likes for less than a dollar, or even under ten cents, if you increase your targeting to different countries around the world.

Combining SEO, PPC & SMO

SEO, SMO & PPCIf you do SEO on your Facebook page at the same time, and try to get it to rank for a keyword phrase with good exact match search volume on Google, then you are doing everything at the same time.

Pay per click advertising through Facebook Ads, which in turn allows you to build a targeted fan base for good social media optimization, which is in turn one important part of the SEO of your page.

One thing helps the other, and Facebook already has huge authority, so you can easily rank for a phrase, or you have a better chance of ranking for any phrase with the ranking power of Facebook than on your own site.

All of this takes skill, and I’ve been doing this every day for the last five years or more. Get in touch with me through the contact form in the sidebar and tell me as much as you can about what you do.

Tell me about your site, the products you sell, or your goals, how long you’ve been doing internet marketing, and I’ll tell you what I can do for you, and give you an estimate of how much it will cost.

How Much Does It Cost?

How Much Does Social Media Marketing Cost?I generally tell my clients that the optimum amount to spend is $300 a month or more, because part of that is for the management of a Facebook Ads campaign, and part is for doing SEO.

I have to write long articles like this, and submit them to different quality, authority sites with high standards.

The first month is about setting up the page, and that might involve starting from scratch, even if you have an existing page.

The reason for that is that you probably gave your page the title of your company or site name, when that keyword phrase probably has little to no exact match search volume per month.

I can probably rank you for a low competition phrase within six months, and while that’s happening, the ads are running as well, so you might start making a profit as soon as you start, or in the second month.

You can spend less, but spending lower than $200 a month barely makes it worthwhile, unless you’re only focusing on the ad campaign.

I have to get paid a certain amount to manage everything, like twenty a month to run the ads, thirty to set them up to start with.

I can make a basic page for fifty dollars with a cover photo, a profile picture, a custom tab and a photo for the tab button. The keyword research is the first thing, and that costs twenty dollars to do it properly.

Sometimes I will ask to get paid based on the time it takes me, if I’m asked to do a complicated job that takes longer, or if I have to multiple revisions.

Regardless, the results will speak for themselves, I’m one of the best in this business, and as the byline of the site says, I provide affordable social media marketing services.