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Tips on Hiring a Good Freelance Technical Writer

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Technical Writer

Guest post by Jessica Sommers

Complex information—how do you simplify it? More to the point, how do you simplify complex information so that millions of people can digest it and appreciate it? You’ll need millions of people to digest and appreciate the complex information about your product or services because you need them to buy it.

And people don’t buy what they cannot understand. This is where a freelance technical writer comes in—to simplify the complex. But a good technical writer needs to have more than that capability. You need to consider a broad range of skills and characteristics in order to hire the best freelance writer.

Here are five tips to help you do so:

1. Find samples and use them as reference.

If you ever come across a brochure, a website, or any marketable material that contains technical information, and you find that writing engaging and easy, find the writer who did it. You can ask the business about getting information on the writer.

2. Take a closer look at the writer’s portfolio.

Never hire a writer without reading the portfolio. You will want to look for clarity as well as style. The latter may matter a great deal because your brand may present a very specific voice. Try to pass on the portfolio to other people in your company to gauge how the writing impacts different readers, or consumers.

3. Match the technical skill of your writer to your needs.

Not all technical writing is the same; some will require a higher degree of technical knowledge than others. For instance, a technical writer for pharmaceutical industries might not need the high level of engineering comprehension of a technical writer for a weapons defense industry.

4. Consider versatility.

Some technical writers do more than produce product manuals, programming or development guides. You might find a technical writer who is also a digital content specialist. If you can hire a writer with multiple credentials and expertise, it would work to your advantage.

5. Meet with the technical writer and pay close attention to the solutions or recommendations he offers.

Great writing, technical and otherwise, means innovative thinking. Your technical writer should not simply listen and do what is required of the brief. A good technical writer will also be able to provide fresh and smart ideas that make your documentation even better.

Other things you may want to consider when hiring your technical writer are effective communication skills, experience in your industry, and satisfied clients you can verify.

The right technical writer can do more than simplify complex information. With the ideal mix of skills and characteristics, your technical documentation may even have that distinct flair created by a good Dubai copywriter. So not only will your complex information seem easy and digestible, but they’ll also even be captivating enough to market your products or services.

About the Author:

Jessica Sommers is a freelance writer. She is interested in topics about internet marketing strategies. She loves to learn as well as share her knowledge regarding SEO and internet marketing. She shares this resource for more digital content specialist tips.

Is Submitting Articles To Article Directories Still Worth It?

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Submitting to article directories

Guest post by Timothy Torrents

If you have been searching for information on how to make money online than you have undoubtedly stumbled on several articles where the author recommends submitting articles to article directories for back links and traffic.

However, due to recent search engine algorithm changes, and other factors, submitting articles to directories for back links and traffic is no longer a viable technique.

Outdated Information Continues to Circulate on The Internet

Several years ago submitting articles to article directories such as Ezine Articles and HubPages was indeed a great way to build strong back links and attract additional traffic.

However, if you submit articles to most article directories today the back link that you will create will be low quality and click-through rate will be practically non-existent.

So why do people continue to advertise this technique? Because articles and other products that recommend this technique are simply outdated.

But, people keep buying these products, and trying this technique, only to find out that it does not work, or not as well as it used to.

It is important that you remember that not all the information that you read online is relevant today. Some website admins do their best to update their products and articles when the information is no longer relevant but most website admins forget.

Editing hundreds of old articles can be incredibly time consuming. But if you own a website that is dedicated to helping people earn money online, I highly recommend that you at least try to keep the information as up-to-date as possible. Don’t keep spreading outdated techniques.

Are Article Directories Totally Useless?

No. Submitting articles to article directories can be quite beneficial to your online campaign. In order to understand how you can benefit from article directories you should first know how article directories are designed to work.

Article directories are designed to provide people with free articles on a wide variety of topics. Once you submit the article to the directory it becomes public property and people can copy it and share it as they please.

Most people, thanks to the outdated information floating around, believe that the articles found in the directory belong to the website and cannot be copied.

The truth is that a lot of people use article directories to find articles that they can publish on their website. Everyone needs website content. It is not entirely necessary to publish original content on your website.

The act of copying the content of an article from one website and publishing it elsewhere is called content syndication.

If you learn how to advertise your articles for content syndication your content could spread like wild-fire. That is how you can benefit from submitting articles to article directories.

Content Syndication Tips

Forget about building back links and increasing your traffic with article directories. Focus on submitting articles that people will want to publish on their websites.

In order to do this you will need to custom write articles specifically for people who have websites in certain niches. Conduct some research to find out what niches are popular and then write some articles for each niche.

If you publish a lot of well-written and informative articles for a certain niche people in that niche will want to syndicate your articles and future articles.

When someone syndicated your content the link that you included in your article will be published which will create a back link and more traffic.

I know, I stated that article directories are not useful for building back links and traffic. That is still true. You won’t be receiving traffic from article directories.

You will be receiving traffic from your content syndication partners who found your articles THROUGH article directories.

Closing Thoughts

I highly recommend establishing yourself as an authority in one niche. The niche should also be related to the niche of your website.

Don’t forget to build a list of article syndication partners that are in similar niches. Remember, it is perfectly acceptable to publish your article on your website before you submit to an article directory.

I hope this article helped clear up some confusion on how to use article directories. They can still be of some benefit to rankings, but it is better to seek links from relevant sites in your niche with good authority.

About The Author

Timothy Torrents is a Canadian internet marketer and freelance writer who can be found in coffee shops in Taiwan. He has written articles on topics ranging from fashion advice to internet marketing tutorials. For more information check out his website.

Hiring Professional English Speaking Writers From The US

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hiring professional US writersI’m trying to find some professional native English speaking US writers, or at least one writer who will work for a reasonable price writing articles as back links.

I could take a look on the Warrior Forum, or in the Linked In group for freelance writers, but I already did that, and some of those guys were asking for a bit too much for my budget requirements.

I need someone who can write original, high quality, 400 word articles on any subject, for example, my first SEO campaign which is still going, the site is selling skin whitening cream.

It’s a matter of saying the same things over and over again, in a different way, so that the content is completely unique, and then I arrange the articles on different sites in a link pyramid.

I’m looking for a US writer who can make accounts on, or has already joined eHow, The Guardian, The Examiner, and other US only article writing sites, as I can’t join those sites myself, as I’m in Australia.

That would in particular be of high value to me, somebody who had access to sites that I could not publish on, as it’s good for SEO to have back links from all over the place, particularly from high authority sites like eHow.

How Much Will I Pay You To Write?

In terms of payment, I can pay about ten dollars an article for something like that, an original, high quality informative article published on eHow, (or an equivalent site), with a title that had some exact match search volume, and a do follow link to the site I wanted the link to from relevant link text.

I might even go as high as fifteen dollars an article, if the job was done really well, with a good understanding of SEO and an article that encouraged click throughs to the site to buy the product.

In order to rank a site these days, you need high quality, original, well written content, and there’s no point in just having it look well written to Google, it has to read well to the readers, and encourage sales.

I will want these articles to be ranking on Google for phrases with a decent amount of search volume, and basically, if it doesn’t do the job of ranking, making the target site rank, and making daily sales, then I can’t continue to offer money for the writing.

I have to make a return on investment, which is getting harder to do these days with all the algorithm updates on Google. I need someone who understands what Panda and Penguin actually mean, and if you are a professional writer, you should know what I’m talking about.

If you write articles that lead to sites ranking that then brings money back in, then that money can be put back into paying you more money to write more articles, if that makes sense. I’m personally making thirty dollars a day online so far, so it won’t be a huge workload to start with, unless I get another client who wants $300 worth of SEO in a month.

I expect that will happen, as I’m talking to three or four people about their sites every day, so I’m writing this article to find the people I will need to do the things I’m going to do in the future, which will require professional English speaking writers from the US, who work for a reasonable price. Does that make sense?

Send me an email if you’re interested in getting paid to write, but only if you are a US citizen, native English speaking writer who is prepared to work for about ten to fifteen US dollars an hour, if you can write fast.

My email is in the sidebar, send me some samples of your work, and if I like them, I’ll ask you to write something for me. I pay direct to your Pay Pal account.


Article Writing Jobs

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Article writing jobsMany people are looking for article writing jobs these days, as it is the number one legitimate way for the average person to make money online.

Don’t be fooled by people who tell you that you can make a thousand dollars a week from affiliate marketing without any experience.

I’ve been trying to make money online for over three years, and Knoji is in my top two sites out of thousands of sites and programs I’ve tried.

Update (I am now making more from other things, and the site has changed name since I originally wrote this article, but it is still a good place to write).

I’d suggest if you are a really good native English speaking writer, a US citizen who is prepared to work for five to ten dollars an article, that you actually contact me directly and ask me for work.

Since the site changed it’s name from Factoidz to Knoji, things have just gone downhill a little bit, but I still write there, just like I still write on Ezine and Hub Pages and Triond and Info Barrel, Yahoo Voices, etc, etc. Here’s the rest of the old article:

They offer simple article writing jobs like writing product reviews, which pay up to and over ten US dollars an hour, if you can write quickly in good English.

They have a contextual back links program, which means that you can write a blog post or article on another site, and get paid about five dollars for linking back to a Factoidz product review.

You can write a regular article about anything you want, (so long as it’s factual), and get an activity bonus of up to three dollars, plus an ongoing residual income from views.

To give you some idea of how much that can make you, I’ve written about a hundred and fifty articles over 400 words, and I make about a dollar a day in residuals, plus the activity bonus I get for each new article.

In case you’re thinking a dollar a day isn’t much, I was only writing about three normal articles a week over the past year or two.

I have my own site to work on, so I’m not writing there full time, but it is possible to make as much as a regular nine to five job on the site, if you put in the time.

Article Writing Jobs That Pay Well

To give you a comparison of how well Knoji pays compared to other article writing sites, and other article writing jobs, I made about fifty dollars this month on Knoji from writing a half a dozen articles. Most of that money was from residual article earnings.

On Triond, I made one dollar this month, on Bukisa, I made less than a dollar, (after writing 330 articles), and on HubPages, I made nothing, because I lost my Google Adsense account early on in my internet career.

Sites like Freelancer and Elancer usually pay you less than a dollar per hundred words for quality articles, and that doesn’t include any residuals, as the articles are sold for someone else to publish.

On this site, I made practically nothing from ads as well, but I made about three hundred this month from selling social media marketing services like Facebook welcome pages, likes and followers.

I made about forty dollars on Fiverr as well. As you can see, apart from my own site, which I spend most of my time on, Knoji makes me most of the money I make online.

I was on a Warrior Forum thread where someone wanted to know how they could quickly make some extra money online with no experience. I said Factoidz, and nobody had anything else to say that could possibly help a newbie make good money online starting now, no money down.

The article writing jobs on this site aren’t easy, and you have to write well, in good English, and be able to follow instructions to the letter, but I honestly think that it’s one of the only real jobs you can get online right now, so join Knoji.