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Effective Promotions – Are People Aware of Your Event?

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Guest post by Jessica Sommers

Least effective promotionsWhen it comes to your huge event, you have to make sure that the event organizers that you engaged have allocated a good portion of the budget for promotions. Are people hearing, reading, or seeing the most important bits of information about the event? When it comes to event management, experts know that promotion is the key to making the affair successful and profitable.

With the technology we have today, promoting your event may seem like such an easy thing to accomplish, but you need to figure out how to work all these tools, especially the social media ones, in order to utilize them for optimum results. The following are some tips for effectively promoting your event.

• Tell your event planner what your preferences are. At the same time, you need to listen to their expert suggestions. At the end of the day, it’s mainly about budget and fitting in as many options in the amount.
• Identify your audience. When you know this bit, everything falls into place. You’ll know which radio stations, TV shows, print media, etc. to advertise in. The social channels will also allow you to target your ad onto your intended audience.
• Deliver a simple message. Simple messages are effective in that they are clear and short. People are busy and don’t want to spend time figuring out what you’re trying to say. You need to keep this consistent across all the tools that you are using to promote your event. Having a catchphrase helps. Online, make sure that you always include a link that will bring clickers to one landing page that will further sell the event to them.
• Be sure to have at least one print ad out there. You can’t assume that social media will take care of all the promotion that you need to get done. To cover all bases, do not discount the traditional channels. A print ad is a very good bet for reaching those who missed your online ads.
• Make your appeal for attendance or participation personal. Insert a sense of uniqueness to your ad so that your audience will feel that that they are being directly addressed. You need to give them a good reason for coming to your event. Make your ad focus on the ways your event will benefit them and not on the features they can expect.
No matter how well your event was thought out and put together, if it wasn’t promoted well, all those efforts will be for naught, so promote hard and promote well to ensure its success.

About the author:

Jessica Sommers is a freelance writer. She is interested in topics about internet marketing strategies. She loves to learn as well as share her knowledge regarding SEO and internet marketing. She visits sites like to boost her knowledge on this industry.

Get Maximum Results Out Of Your Creative Advertising Agency

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Advertising for beginners

Advertising for beginners

Guest post by Jessica Sommers

Working with a creative advertising agency is not just a matter of footing the bill for a campaign and simply waiting for stellar results. Having this mindset is a quick shortcut to frustration.

Rather than viewing this relationship merely as a client-service provider one, you can get more out of an advertising agency by viewing this as a collaboration.

If your business organisation is still at the initial stage of working with an advertising agency, here are a few tips that will allow you to reap the maximum amount of benefits from your advertising partner.

Trust the Experts

You entrust your doctor with your health and you entrust your books to the accountant. In the same manner, you should view your advertising agency as a specialist in the field who works with your best interests in mind. One common mistake that many businesses initially make is to have a firm idea in mind which may not necessarily work. Your advertising agency and its personnel have the knowledge, skills and experience and it is worthwhile to trust their judgment, especially on technical matters.

Have a Clear Objective

Despite their expertise, advertising agencies are neither miracle workers nor seers. They cannot produce your expected results if your objectives are vague. In short, specify which problem you have at hand that you want them to work on.

Agree on a Strategy

One quick way to get yourself frustrated is to let your agency begin with a campaign without first agreeing on which strategies to implement. As a rule of thumb, your agency should brief you on which specific strategies can be best used to achieve the goal you have set. At this stage, you should bring your inputs to the table and highlight which strategies you agree to use. Should the agency commence with the campaign and use tactics that have not been previously agreed upon, you have the right to ask them to start over again. However, if you agreed to something, you’ll only be causing disruption to the campaign.

Equip Your Agency

Your advertising agency can provide better results if they know your product or service by heart. Let their personnel meet with your research and development team. Show them your prototypes. Advertising ideas that truly stand out come from ad men who sincerely understand what it is they are trying to promote.

Be Constructive

Another major pitfall clients make is to order too many revisions, delaying the whole campaign further. The key to avoiding this is to have a clear goal which will anchor the whole campaign. Should you have any criticisms, make it constructive and do not make it deviate completely from the established goal.

Author Bio:

Jessica Sommers is a freelance writer. She is very much interested on topics about internet marketing strategies. She loves to learn and share knowledge regarding internet marketing on sites like: She actually shares what she learned through writing/blogging.

How To Run A Successful PPC Campaign

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How To Run A Successful PPC Advertising Campaign

Guest post by Jessica Sommers

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising gives your brand visibility and allows you to determine which sources drive more traffic to your website.

The clicks generated by your ads could also lead to increased revenue when those visits convert to sales.

With Google recently announcing the availability of its Enhanced Campaigns, which is designed to make mobile advertising smarter and better, your business will be able to optimise ads for any kind of device.

But all of the benefits that PPC ads can deliver will fall short if your PPC campaign management is not built on a solid base. The success of your PPC campaigns will be determined by what you have considered in the initial planning for strategy.

Yes, even those small, seemingly insignificant ads on search engines need a strategy in order to produce desirable or lucrative results. Below are some critical elements your business needs to address when it comes to your PPC campaigns:

Determine Your PPC Goals

What do you need your PPC ads to do for your business? Are they meant to increase awareness about your products or services and push for branding? Are the ads more fundamental to generating revenue?

In defining the goals for your PPC ads, you will be in a better position to come up with a targeted campaign that features the appropriate concept, uses the right keywords, and, if necessary, includes the perfect multimedia content.

Be Clear About Your Call to Action

In some cases, people need a definitive point of action to perform. If you need those clicks to lead to a sale, if you need those PPC ads to generate views of a how-to video, if you need your visitors to sign up for an email newsletter, then let your PPC advertising agency know about such specific actions.

This will help the PPC management company you have hired to write and design your ads in a way to clearly express what you want your site visitors to do.

It takes a long time to learn how to make a profit from running an advertising campaign yourself, so asking for help may make all the difference.

Know Your Selling Points

Your business is more than likely to have multiple competitors. It is critical that your PPC ads communicate the reasons why one consumer should choose you over others. Is it the fact that your prices are more reasonable?

Is it the fact that you have been in business for a long time? Is it because you have an outstanding customer service programme? Use selling points that truly connect with your consumers.

A prime example of this would be Alec Brownstein’s incredibly creative PPC ad (which he called The Google Job Experiment) where he used the names of New York’s top ad execs as keywords.

When those executives “googled” their names, they got Brownstein’s ad on the top search engine’s results page with a heading calling out the exec’s name and a copy that went:

“Goooogling yourself is a lot of fun. Hiring me is fun, too.”

The former freelance copywriter got two job offers and eventually accepted a position in one agency.

Set a Budget

A budget helps the pay per click management company you have hired to use the key approaches that will result in efficient and effective campaigns. So set a budget that is either fixed or flexible up to a certain point.

You can choose to spend all the money at once and get a larger amount of traffic in a shorter amount of time, or have it come in gradually, but the goal is to get the best return on investment possible, and so you need to know how to get a good cost per click through proper targeting, split testing and a good click through rate.

About The Author

Jessica Sommers is a freelance writer who is interested on internet marketing. She works for – a website that offers different packages for online businesses to help them on their advertising campaign for boosting their website traffic.

Content Marketing Strategy

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content marketing

Guest post by Alex Smith

Traditional advertising and promotion is a thing of the past and is not relevant for today’s hyper kinetic and competitive environment.

In fact, it cannot produce the desired results or in other words these old methods of marketing have become obsolete.

Today’s new techniques are more powerful, result-oriented and effective. Today, marketing starts from content creation, as it the thing that can attract readers searching for original and informative data.

Unquestionably, content marketing has become the most vital part of an advertising and promotional campaign. Effective content can compel readers to purchase a particular product.

Describing the genuine value of product or service to the readers in the simplest form is the most effective thing in content creation.

Today, content creation and social sharing is the most economical method to exponentially develop your business as well as building your brand. However, it does not suffice to develop any type of business related content.

Your content should be engaging whether it is in blogs, videos, research reports, articles, case studies, etc. It should follow certain writing standards and fulfill customer’s expectations.

To make your content powerful and directional, you need to develop it after establishing a baseline data and theme. It will help you write under strict boundaries and give relevant examples.

Only relevant content can successfully drive traffic to the website. Along with this, your content needs to be smartly crafted around the product, service, that your target audience is using.

Basic research about consumer behavior is also necessary before devising relevant content for readers.

The Best Way To Develop A Content Marketing Strategy

Today, article writing is the best method to establish company’s image and attract targeted customers. However, if you are unable to create quality content then you must hire a professional internet marketing firm.

It can easily handle the task of content creation and marketing in a unique manner. These companies can handle all factors of content marketing for maximum return of investment.

These companies have content development experts, web analysts & SEO professionals that can inscribe high-quality content that help to boost your website’s visibility and enhance reader’s experience.

It certainly increases search engine rankings and traffic to the website. They create informative and intuitive content that encourage people to connect to your website.

In addition to driving quality traffic to your business website, content marketing (content creation and distribution) also gives you the ability to establish your identity in your industry.

This builds strong customer loyalty, business base, and customer confidence, which can translate to repeat business as well as referrals. So, if you want indulge into content marketing then you should consider creation and sharing of content for the purpose of promoting a product or service seriously.

It can not only generate short-terms results, but also help in establishing long-term relationships with customers.

About Author

Alex Smith is a ghost writer, contributing in search engine optimization, internet marketing, social media optimization, online reputation management etc. He helps clients getting high rank and generates only targeted traffic from genuine sources.