Buying Twitter Followers

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I’m talking about buying Twitter followers today, and by that I mean me using social swapping sites to encourage people to follow you by following them, or by buying points on these sites.

Buying Twitter Followers

Twitter has been my number one source of traffic for this site, and I get my thousands of followers from these sites.

I offer the service of working on these sites pressing the button on your account or mine, to increase your social followers on Twitter, and also Facebook, Google Plus, You Tube, etc.

You can find the payment page on the home page of this site, or you can get to another great page that has the same buttons by clicking on this link: Buy Twitter Followers.

That’s a link to my new site which has all the same services for sale on it, but it’s just a bit more professional than this site which I set up years ago now.

Prices For Twitter Followers

If you have a fairly new account, I can add a few hundred followers for ten dollars, and after that it may get a bit more expensive, as it gets harder to do, due to the limits of Twitter, and the limits of the sites like Twiends.

Once you get to following 2,000 people, you have to un-follow some, buy points, or get followers through free daily points on these sites in order to maintain the balance.

Once you have 2,000 following you back, you can follow an extra 10%, so 200 people, before you need to get the balance right again.

I can help you manage your Twitter account, your Facebook account, your You Tube account, or pretty much anything if you make it worth my while.

Why You Should Hire Me

I work reasonably cheap, and have over five years experience in social media marketing, as well as paid advertising and SEO. I can help you with all aspects of internet marketing.

As I said, buying real random Twitter followers can really increase the traffic to your site, so long as your site has widespread appeal, and so long as you get a reasonable amount, which would be at least ten thousand, otherwise it’s not really worth your time.

The thing about getting random followers is they are also following thousands of people, so you have to get a large amount of them, and tweet regularly to them, as much as you can be bothered doing, (the limit being ten times an hour, and you can’t repeat the exact same tweet).

If you get maybe twenty thousand followers for a thousand dollars off me, and tweet things that would interest people generally along with a link, people will click on it, if it really seems worth clicking on.

Send me a message at to talk about buying Twitter followers, or about the best way to get traffic to your website, or how to handle a social media marketing campaign. I’m pretty sure I can help.