Buy Twitter Followers For One Cent Each!

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You can buy Twitter followers right here on Professional Social Promotion for only one cent each! The followers come from Twiends, You Like Hits, and sites like that.

You simply go to the payment page, which is Get Twitter Followers Cheap, pay the ten dollars through the Buy Now PayPal button, and send me a message at rowan@professionalsocialpromotion with your Twitter log-in details.

If you are following too many people, I may need to un-follow some of the people you are following using Tweepi, so there is about the same number of people following you as you are following.

To get one thousand Twitter followers takes hours (and days), like this, and you would have to pay around four times as much to pay for that amount of seeds on Twiends, so it’s probably the best value you will get on any social media marketing site.

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Is It Good To Buy Twitter Followers?

I recently saw a post by someone who suggested that it was not a good idea to buy Twitter followers, as they were just business people looking to promote their own sites, and were just following in exchange for a follow back.

In response I say that 99.99% of people on Twitter are not all that interested in following your tweets, unless you are a celebrity.

If you have a niche with a fairly widespread appeal to the general population, then some of the random bought followers will click on your message.

I get over two hundred unique views a day to this site from my tens of thousands of followers, and I have made more than a handful of sales so far, and it’s still early days.

Buying followers simply lets you get the volume you need so that you find the people who are looking at their dashboard, and are interested enough to buy.

It might be one in a hundred, or one in a thousand of the Twitter followers you buy that become a customer, but there’s a good chance they may become a repeat customer, as you can keep sending out tweets to them.

So buy Twitter followers for one cent each here on Professional Social Promotion, by visiting the payment page: Get Twitter Followers Cheap.

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