Why Businesses Today Must Consider Video Production

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Guest post by Jessica Sommers

The implications of the growth in online videos in the digital advertising industry are huge.

Motion, sound, and sight are indeed of utmost importance to brand advertisers. It can actually pull on the heartstrings as well as entertain people the way banners have never been able to do.

This results to Web video ads being the bright spot in an otherwise tough market for various publishers. Indeed, online video production is becoming a very strong business tool.

Why Video Production Is Important Today

It increases brand recognition – Creating as well as distributing a very professional video production made specifically for the website of your business is very important. This will greatly help you in establishing your services and other offerings within your industry.

Unlike a team of representatives, a video can tell what your business is all about, what benefits you can deliver, as well as connect with your target audience 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In fact, if your video is distributed to the right networks and channels, your business’ brand, reliability, and credibility can surely increase. With such, implementing a video production is a must these days.

People love videos – People today are becoming bored when they read long blocks of text – this activity is indeed not engaging. On the other hand, videos are way more engaging. When your venture has products and services that need an explanation to convert, delaying a video production as well as distributing it through your web video sites can excellently do wonders for your lead generation, profit, and customer acquisition rate.

It decreases website bounce rate – These days, everyone makes use of the Internet for their own purposes. Hence, you’ve got plenty of target audiences all over the world. And if you add a professional video to your site, the quantity and quality of your online traffic can become a lot better.

It is true that most online visitors leave your site immediately when they won’t see anything engaging. This is called a bounce rate. Know that a higher bounce rate will mean more people are dropping by at your site by do not really get your message.

Placing a video on your site would surely decrease, if not eliminate, such bounce rate. Although it will depend on the length and quality of your video production, it has actually been provided that video content will hold the attention of site visitors longer, most especially if compared to text-only content.

About the author: Jessica Sommers is a freelance writer who is very much interested on topics about internet marketing strategies. She loves to learn and share knowledge regarding internet marketing on sites like: http://www.videomelbourne.net.au. She shares what she learned through writing/blogging.

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Best Marketing Strategies For Facebook

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Facebook marketing strategy

Guest post by Seo Land

Using Facebook to effectively grow an ecommerce business can be a struggle for many new sites. Often businesses create a Facebook page for their business but fail to see any results from it.

Effective social media marketing can be achieved via Facebook but there is more work involved than just simply creating a page.

Firstly, there is little point in setting up a Facebook page if your customers are not on the site. If they are using it then setting up a page can be a starting point for creating posts that your customers will want to share.

  •  Ensure that you are creating Facebook content that engages your customer’s interest. Provide information about your brand and your products. Ensure that you speak to your customers via Facebook in their own language.
  • Make your posts outside of normal business hours. The majority of Facebook activity takes place in your customer’s leisure hours. If you post during business hours they may have to scroll down their friend page in order to see your update, as a result it may become lost. By making the post during the evening it will appear fresh and part of the current feed.
  • Offering coupons, giveaways or promote contests. This will encourage the sharing on of your content to your customers friends and in turn increase awareness of your brand
  • Facebook offers the option for your post to be featured as a promoted post. This means that it will appear at the top of your users news feeds, drawing greater attention an increasing its chances of being shared onwards. Using this method on this social media platform, users don’t actually realise that they are clicking on a paid add.
  • Use Facebook polls to obtain customer views about your products. Not only can this generate useful information about how your products are viewed, but in addition when a poll is voted on, it will show up in a user’s friends feed, further broadcasting your brand and increasing awareness.
  • If you are having a sale or a time limited promotion then make use of Facebook to increase awareness of this.
  • Take account of your product market. If you are selling luxury goods then you are unlikely to achieve many sales directly through Facebook or any other social media marketing tool. However it is an excellent vehicle for promoting brand awareness, sop focus your posts on achieving this objective.
  • Share posts made by other pages on your own page. By doing so, a reciprocal arrangement can be set up whereby everyone can benefit from the increased publicity generated by the increased reach of posts.
  • Make effective use of videos and images. Just as the product images on your site should be the best that you have available, make sure that the images you use on your Facebook page are clear and professional. The same goes for video content – ensure that it is of high quality and provides the viewer with something that the will want to share with their friends, for example new information or effective use of humour.
  •  Make it clear what reaction you want to a post. If you want users to click ‘like’ then tell them this and give them an incentive to do so, for example a discount or another benefit of some kind.

About The Author

Seoland is an internet marketing expert that sells social media marketing services along with many other things on their site.




Understanding Non-Linear Video Marketing

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online video marketing

Guest post by John Mowat

Online marketing has evolved significantly in recent years, driven in large part by the proliferation and explosive popularity of social media.

Not only are there now more options when it comes to the marketing medium itself, but there are now a huge number of platforms to choose from.

This proliferation of platforms has led to the rise of what video marketers refer to as the non-linear marketing narrative.

Where traditional linear narratives involve designing your marketing campaign around content that takes place at a specific time, for a specific and pre-determined duration with a beginning, middle and end contained within each piece of content.

Non-linear narrative marketing is more disparate, less self contained and relies on interactivity, the consumption of content over different time periods and on different platforms and devices. In short, non-linear marketing is adaptive and can change over time, depending on how users are interacting with it.

Storytelling as Marketing

Different types of video marketingThe advent of non-linear forms of marketing has been driven by social media and the rise of smartphone technology and mobile internet. But that’s not to say the traditional narrative is dead.

Linear marketing is easy to develop and deploy, and can be effective at maintaining awareness if you have a strong brand, but if you want to make an impact quickly over multiple channels, then understanding non-linear video marketing is essential.

The key to non-linear marketing is the idea of interactivity and adaptability. In a recent speech Google’s global head of automotive, Meredith Guerriero, referred to this new paradigm in marketing as ‘dialogue not monologue.’

With the ability to comment, tweet, share and even make complimentary video content, marketing campaigns are having to adapt to opinion and cultural norms
at lightning pace to get traction to an increasingly switched-on audience.

Non-linear video marketing is especially effective because it combines the immediacy of moving pictures with the emotional and personal appeal of user

Instead of being a passive viewer (monologue), the viewer becomes a part of the story, helping to shape the way it evolves (dialogue). Even if they do not end up investing money in your company, they have invested time in your brand by make the effort to shape the story you are telling.

Non-linear marketing is nothing new. Online marketing guru Seth Godin talked about the idea back in 2006, but at that time consumers lacked the patience for the idea (or perhaps their internet connections were just not that up to the job).

Eight years ago marketers just didn’t have the formula to make it work, so non-linear marketing did not take off.

Today, with faster connections and the aforementioned proliferation of mobile technology and social media, we spend countless more hours online and it has become a lot easier to make fairly sophisticated video content.

In 2014 the conditions for non-linear marketing to take off are all there and brands recognise that fact and can manage to take advantage of it will be in a position
to do incredibly well.

Driving Logical Actions through Positive Emotions

Positive emotionsIf the world were a purely logical place, there would be room for just a handful of products in each niche, because the products that offered the best in each balance of price, performance and features would rise to the top quickly.

However, this is not how the world, or more specifically the market, operates. Most of us are driven partly by creativity and partly by logic.

Good marketers understand how to exploit this convergence desires by creating
emotional needs for products — needs that our rational minds then justify. This practice is called persuasion marketing and it plays out perfectly in a non-linear environment.

Let’s say you’ve put together a series of YouTube video ads. It is now entirely possible to reach out to several different kinds of consumer with targeted
advertisement and all over the same period of time.

Each consumer essentially has their own narrative, and depending on how they respond with clicks, commentary and shares, marketers can further tailor their experience.

Are they practically minded, or do they want luxury? Do they demand high performance or durability? What is more important, price or style? Ask questions in your interactive video, and play different responses depending on what the consumer clearly wants.

As much as anything, this form of interactive marketing is about marketers understanding exactly who their target audience is; their fears
and desires, their loves and hates.

Imagine a story which plays out like one of the old “Choose your own Adventure” books many of us may well remember from our youth. The user is prompted along the way to make decisions — what to wear, where to go and how to interact with
other characters they meet in their adventure.

In an interactive online environment with clicks, cookies and device identification marketers can determine for the first time, not just where a user comes from and what device they are using, but also what their motivations and their interests are.

Consumers aren’t interested in filling out surveys, but they will hand over an amazing amount of information in the name of fun.

Creating Brand Advocates

Brand advocatesPerhaps more importantly than market information though, is the opportunity non-linear video marketing offers to create a genuine emotional connection with your target audience and therefore inspire a sense of loyalty amongst them.

Loyal followers can quickly become brand advocates and could ultimately end up
playing a powerful role in lobbying for your needs.

Non-linear advertising requires creativity, but done right it offers many benefits:

• Access to more information than consumers would usually hand out

• Increased engagement and retention of information

• Longer viewing periods

• The option to target multiple demographics with one advertisement

• Improved conversion rates

There has never been a better time to bring a more non-linear approach to your marketing campaigns.

Author Bio
Jon Mowat is a former BBC Documentary Filmmaker and Managing Director or Hurricane Media, a video marketing and production company based in Bristol, England.


Job Searching On Social Networks

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Discover your Profession at Social Networks

job application

Guest post by Christopher Meloni

Job seekers and career builders please pay attention! If you want to enhance your chances of being recruited by the best companies, you should connect with the network of related social sites.

It would prove to be a vital source of aide to the aspiring candidates, who are looking for an opportunity to amplify their career and job prospects.

Social Media Is Not Just For Being Social

Many people possess the belief that Facebook and Twitter are just a delightful pastime. This belief needs to be changed, as now the social networks are proving to be a gateway for building job opportunities.

There are employers, who use these sites as one crucial mode of hunting for candidates. Many aspiring applicants have sent their applications by hunting down the company pages on the social sites.

One important aspect of job hunting is the amount of contacts that you have built in your LinkedIn or Facebook. Nowadays, an ample amount of job hunters are relying on their social network accounts for getting their desired jobs.

If we refer to the statistics, 60 percent of the individuals use these medium to find services and products, 58% of population looks for coupons and promotions, 48% use it for career networking, and the remaining 28 % explore for their job related aspect.

Maximize your Connections

The road to finding your expected job is to increase your number of contacts. Various websites provides safe and amicable environment to the user and helps him to reach the real and reliable people for broadening his job opportunities. According to a survey, the person with more than 150 contacts can maximize his chances of finding work.

Signify your Presence

You have to build your presence on the professional sites like LinkedIn, which is one crucial opening for finding work opportunities. Ample of professionals are using such sites for developing their contacts and business circles.

Employment groups are formed on these sites, which are either job related or field based. Such groups prove to be a salient benefit to the job aspirants for gathering the crucial information, and for the company recruiters it becomes the background of finding a potential candidate.


You have to decide your career path. Explore the future prospects of your development and decide where you want to be in the next four or five years.

If you are using the websites like LinkedIn make sure that you include your phone number, address and your email signature in your bio-data.

  • Link your Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter account to your professional network.
  • Keep updating your profiles that would make the recruiters aware of your presence.
  • Do check your Email and Social network Profiles at regular intervals.
  • Reply to the recruiters as soon as possible when they contact you for further information.
  • Mobilize your emails and Facebook profile by using your smart phone.

About The Author

Christopher is a professional blogger. Here, he provides us with the information of using the social networking sites like Zorpia for job search and career opportunities.

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