The Most Efficient Way To Get Instagram Followers Fast

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Instagram Followers

Guest post by Jessica Sommers

The use of social media is among the efficient ways on how you can increase your online presence.

Although Twitter and Facebook prove to be among the best most efficient social media platforms that can be used, there are indeed other reasons for you to engage your current and possible clients into photo sharing.

Instagram is indeed among these efficient photo sharing media platforms you can trust. Among the main reasons why you must engage into photo sharing is that you can actually get as much as 25% more engagement on such social media platform as opposed to its more popular counterparts.

When it comes to using Instagram, there is a need for you to establish a massive audience who will be able to follow your business or brand. Indeed, there are plenty of strategies you can use in order to boost your Instagram followers.

These strategies will include using the proper hashtags as well as filters, publishing images or content on the right time and day, and understanding the browsing habits of possible customers.

Remember though that is you adhere with such strategies, it will not automatically mean that you can grow you Instagram followers in an instant. These techniques will certain require patience. Also, it will not necessarily mean translate to a huge increase in the number of your followers.

The Best Way To Get Instagram Followers Fast

Indeed, most experts say that there is a far better, most efficient way of increasing the number of your followers in Instagram. That is, to buy followers. Is it really possible? Yes, of course.

But the main concern is that is it worth investing for? Believe it or not, you must be aware that the total number of your current followers will greatly influence the decision of a certain Instagram user regarding whether he or she will follow your account. It is a fact that you are most likely to be followed in this social media platform if you are a celebrity or popular. And in the world of media, be reminded that you become popular if you have lots of followers.

Having plenty of followers in your Instagram account will in fact benefit you a lot, most especially if you own a business. This will help increase awareness of your brand.

Another way of increasing your income if you increase your followers is that you can make use of your account for shout-outs where you can promote the services, products, as well as Instagram accounts of other people for a certain fee.

About the author: Jessica Sommers is a freelance writer who is very much interested on topics regarding internet marketing strategies and the use of social media platforms. She visits sites like  She loves to learn and share knowledge regarding internet and social media marketing through writing.


Warning: You’re Losing Money by Not Using Local Business Marketing Tips Effectively

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Local Business

Guest post by Ella Rich

Recently, I had a wonderful chat with a long lost friend of mine, whom I learnt, was now a local entrepreneur of a small-sized business in Melbourne.

What fascinated me more, besides his great sense of humor, were his supple marketing tips that had proven to be profoundly effective for local businesses.

I will be happily sharing with you some of the most distinguished local business marketing tips that, if not implemented properly, could be letting you lose heaps of money.

Create a Website

The prominent adage of our times is “if you don’t have a website, you simply don’t exist”. So, if your business is not available online for others to see, you don’t exist in their world. It is of paramount importance to have your company’s website on the internet. There are many companies like that will provide you with templates and tools to ease the process of creating a website.

Free Listing in a well-known local business directory of Australia

Once the website is ready, you can then include your website link in Australia’s famous local business directory – offline and online. As, for instance, My Business Central, an Australian owned Local Business Directory offers excellent services to their listed small & medium sized businesses. Moreover, they even have a tremendous social presence on face book that can help in improving visibility of your company.

You can check their face book page on My Business Central for more details.

Free Listing in Google Maps

Listing a small sized business in Google Maps is essential for two key reasons: It is free and it helps in ranking high in Google Search Rankings. Ask any small sized entrepreneur, and you will find out that attracting new customers is vital for the business. By listing your business in Google Maps, you are sure to get attention from a lot of new customers.

Snowball effect

Remember, you are a local business trying to make money from local clients. Undoubtedly you have to be present in their world. Information about your business will spread rapidly in the local community. Make the most by getting attention from local community through word-of-mouth. Let the people in your vicinity know that you are open for business.


Writing skills will come in handy here to write blogs online or to write for a particular magazine or tabloid. If you have the skills to write then you can establish an effective platform online and offline through writing. For example, my friend who owned a café wrote and published a book that got him attention in the local community. So, write and let your presence be known.

Be willing to take feedback

If you really want your business to prosper, you have to know what your customers feel and think about your business. Ask them to give you constructive feedbacks about your products, services and so forth. Make them review your services. Take suggestions positively. Encourage an environment of learning in your business.

You can ask them to leave their comments even online, let’s say on LinkedIn, Twitter or Face book.

Show your presence

People will trust your business more if they can visualize a face of it. Merely by having an online presence will not suffice, you have to have a human figure representing your business.

Ideally, as an owner of your business, you should be the face of your company. Go out and be present in all the local business meetings that happen in commerce chambers. Become a member of local business confederations. That way, you will get to meet other significant entrepreneurs and exchange imminent visions.

Generally, a small to medium sized business will always run short on marketing budget, but, that does not imply that you cannot publicize your business in affordable yet effective ways. By not relying on local marketing tips will severely damage your enterprise.

The competition is thriving and you have to employ some of the most effective local marketing tactics to survive and prosper, otherwise, you are sure to lose the money invested in your business.

About The Author

Ella Rich writes for various companies including this one, and many others.


Get Maximum Results Out Of Your Creative Advertising Agency

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Advertising for beginners

Advertising for beginners

Guest post by Jessica Sommers

Working with a creative advertising agency is not just a matter of footing the bill for a campaign and simply waiting for stellar results. Having this mindset is a quick shortcut to frustration.

Rather than viewing this relationship merely as a client-service provider one, you can get more out of an advertising agency by viewing this as a collaboration.

If your business organisation is still at the initial stage of working with an advertising agency, here are a few tips that will allow you to reap the maximum amount of benefits from your advertising partner.

Trust the Experts

You entrust your doctor with your health and you entrust your books to the accountant. In the same manner, you should view your advertising agency as a specialist in the field who works with your best interests in mind. One common mistake that many businesses initially make is to have a firm idea in mind which may not necessarily work. Your advertising agency and its personnel have the knowledge, skills and experience and it is worthwhile to trust their judgment, especially on technical matters.

Have a Clear Objective

Despite their expertise, advertising agencies are neither miracle workers nor seers. They cannot produce your expected results if your objectives are vague. In short, specify which problem you have at hand that you want them to work on.

Agree on a Strategy

One quick way to get yourself frustrated is to let your agency begin with a campaign without first agreeing on which strategies to implement. As a rule of thumb, your agency should brief you on which specific strategies can be best used to achieve the goal you have set. At this stage, you should bring your inputs to the table and highlight which strategies you agree to use. Should the agency commence with the campaign and use tactics that have not been previously agreed upon, you have the right to ask them to start over again. However, if you agreed to something, you’ll only be causing disruption to the campaign.

Equip Your Agency

Your advertising agency can provide better results if they know your product or service by heart. Let their personnel meet with your research and development team. Show them your prototypes. Advertising ideas that truly stand out come from ad men who sincerely understand what it is they are trying to promote.

Be Constructive

Another major pitfall clients make is to order too many revisions, delaying the whole campaign further. The key to avoiding this is to have a clear goal which will anchor the whole campaign. Should you have any criticisms, make it constructive and do not make it deviate completely from the established goal.

Author Bio:

Jessica Sommers is a freelance writer. She is very much interested on topics about internet marketing strategies. She loves to learn and share knowledge regarding internet marketing on sites like: She actually shares what she learned through writing/blogging.


Ensuring The Security Of Your Website With Trust Seals

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Website security

Guest post by Jessica Sommers

Hacking is the term used in order to describe the act of gaining unauthorized access to a certain computer network, system or website. This can actually cause damage to a computer network or to a website.

Those participating in such actions are referred as hackers. Some of the motive for hacking will include material benefit, for enjoyment of taking on a challenge, or to get a protest noticed.

Because of the increase in the growth of Internet usage along with eCommerce, hackers today have more opportunities than ever in exploiting website owners, casual surfers, and businesses.

Thus, website owners must take special attention as not just is the security of their businesses at stake but likewise the security of their loyal clients and visitors. In turn, this can make your business to lose clients; thereby decreasing your profits which might lead to bankruptcy.

Benefits Of Online Security
In terms of keeping your site safe and secure at all times, know that there are companies that can help you. With their services, you can be capable of backing-up your website fully and likewise restore it once you detect any kind of malware present in your site. It is very crucial for you to keep all your data such as the details of your clients along with other content safe always.

Selecting A Web Hosting Company
It is very important for you to know that the selection of the web hosting firm must also be considered with regards to what security features they provide. Such company must provide firewall, anti-virus software, anti-spam, and others in order to ensure that your site is protected.

Most importantly, the site trust seal must also be obtained. The confidential information must be translated into codes so as to maintain its confidentiality and secrecy.
Apart from that, the company you have chosen must also determine if your SSL certificate has expired or still running and if the domain name has expired or not. Also, such company must scan your site for trojans, backdoors, and malware. Commercial websites must be scanned on a daily basis.
It can also help if you post the guarantee that no private information of your clients will be shared with any 3rd-party. Doing this will indeed increase the confidence of visitors and clients in your website. Also, this will imply that you are very committed towards ensuring online security.
Indeed, with the increasing number of savvy online shoppers, it is best for online ventures to guarantee the safety and security of their website. Be reminded that customers that find your site trustworthy and safe are more likely to complete a purchase, and most importantly, return in the future.

Author Bio:
Jessica Sommers is a freelance writer who is very much interested on topics about internet marketing strategies and tech related information. She loves to learn and share knowledge regarding internet marketing by reading related books and visiting sites like She shares her insights through writing/blogging.

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