5 Ways Your Guest Posts Can Benefit Your Marketing Efforts

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Guest post by Celina Conner

Marketing Guest PostsGuest posting is today’s future-proof link-building strategy. Well, we can hide it that a lot of link builders have been abusing this link building strategy. On the web, you can sell products without even having an inventory of it. You can copy ideas and make quality articles on your own and present these in your blog.

Start attracting customers who are finding answers to their problems and have them purchase your products from affiliate marketing. Your campaigns can be shared not only through your main channel but you can also use social media and use other’s blogs for promotion.

In fact, most marketing courses today have included the study of online marketing, social media and social networks in their curriculum. In this article, we will discuss on some tips on how you can make your guest posts benefit your affiliate marketing efforts.

1. Improve site traffic through guest blogging

Through guest blogging, you can open up to a completely new online community for free and connect to many other bloggers with related niche. For instance, your focus is on photography and your business is marketing different types of lenses of high-end cameras or e-books to enhance skills on photography, you won’t want to write this topic on a website that talks about flowers and decorations even if they are meant to be taken pictures with in a gathering or party.

Rather, you would want to start getting more exposure with photography bloggers who are in the same field of interest. Their readers belong to the same circle and if they get interested at your offerings, they will visit your website and get to know more about your profile from there.

Guest blogging creates this golden opportunity to grow targeted traffic and at the same time gain quality back links from different sites.

2. Respond to guest posts comments

Once you are done with the guest post, encourage readers to interact with your post by asking them questions in the middle or at the end of your article. You will have greater chances to get them hooked when you pique their minds.

Make sure to answers their comments and make them feel comfortable at connecting with you. Customers feel more at ease when they know they are receiving equal feedback from businesses and site owners.

3. Control niche traffic through guest blogging to sites focused on niche

When you post an article with a relevant topic to another website with the same niche as yours, you are creating this sense of continuity of relations on your expertise. People would reach out to you and see you as an authority when you are talking about one single thing all the time and not divert their attention.

You may share your other interests in a different website or blog. But take control and stick to only when and pursue that when you are targeting viewers to visit one affiliate marketing site. Think that they are not in need of other answers related to health when reading about a guest post on photography.

4. Target their needs

Affiliate marketing is not only helping the original business owner to market their business’ products but it should be thought of as your own line of business. When you set up your blog, the story does not end. Neither does it end when visitors click your affiliate links. What you need is to put a good structure in place and plan how to target the needs of leads.

Guest posts provide value to readers by giving them helpful content that is useful and informative. The best thing to do this is know your audience and analyze their position to meet their needs. Know why they are coming to your website and what specific information they are looking for. You may conduct an online survey and read more commentaries to know what drives them in visiting your site.

5. Write Evergreen Articles

Guest posts should consist of timeless content. This means that the content should not be dated with time and current trends but one that can answer problems and be a helpful solution regardless of time.

You can add simple tips to readers by providing recommended links and sharing other related articles. Focus wisely on choosing right products to promote and on providing excellent content and you won’t get outdated as well even with the changing methods and techniques in affiliate marketing.


Google can be considered too fickle, with its ever-changing search algorithms. In reality, webmasters cannot all understand how Google operates with its latest updates.

SEO may be a difficult field to tackle on but you can still continue to be successful in your affiliate marketing even without a strong knowledge and heavy practice of SEO.

This can be achieved through link-building by guest posting. By providing people with great content, you will have the potential to create passive income with your affiliate programs with content in your blog and guest blogs as rich foundations.

Author Bio:

+Celina Conner is a Yoga Instructor, a holder of a Marketing Diploma and a mother of a beautiful daughter, Krizia. She has a passion in cooking and formulating vegan recipes.

Guest Posts

Is It A Mistake To Allow Guest Posts On Your Site?

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Is it a mistake to publish guest posts?So why is it a mistake to publish guest posts these days? Because people are stupid, and they haven’t learned that you now get punished for building thousands of spam back links to everything.

In some cases, people may still get very short term results by building thousands of back links, simply due to the link velocity, but when the rate at which the links are being built starts to slow down, all you are left with is piles of trash, which trashes your site.

You see people ask me for a quality guest post to be published, and I generally feel bad that someone has English as a second language, and so I publish some piece of spam that’s not fit to throw on a fire, (if it was written on paper), and then I get hit with ten thousand links from blog comments that are now damaging the rankings of my site.

I have lost about 80% of my daily traffic from Google since I started allowing other people to write the content on my site.

I only did it because I had so much work to do, but the work was partly coming from the traffic from Google to the blog posts I had written, and there isn’t even any point at all in me writing hundreds of blog posts if they don’t then show up in a Google search.

I hate people who build low quality back links, they were always spammers, always the lowest form of trash destroying the internet, but now, they are like a cancer, which must somehow be gotten rid of, because they don’t even realize yet how bad what they’re doing is.

What Went Wrong With My First SEO Campaign For A Client

I was running an SEO campaign for a client, and she just decided to go behind my back and buy a whole bunch of trashy back links from some back alley trash merchant and that was it, the SEO of the site was ruined.

I gave up on it, after having worked on it successfully, (or fairly successfully, it was on the first page for the phrase), for six months. We tried using the Google disavow tool, still waiting to see if that helps.

What she did was stupid, a rookie mistake, but what this supposed SEO “expert” did is in my view a terrible crime, which should be treated like a terrible crime.

If somebody knows so little about SEO that they would sell something that would have the exact opposite effect that was promised, and that actually ruins a site permanently, and then goes and does it again, and again, because people keep paying them, they deserve to be shot.

That may be a little harsh, but then I like most website owners put a lot of work into my site, and to have the work you put in over years ruined by a thieving criminal who should know better, and who actually probably does know better is justification for whatever.

Of course these cretins are generally operating from some third world country where you can’t reach them, the best you can ever manage to do is get a refund if you do a credit card chargeback, or some such thing.

I don’t trust SEO guys as far as I could throw them, I never have, because I know how it works. You have to put in a lot of work and actually write a lot of original content to get a quality link, and as the years have gone by, it’s become more about quality not quantity, to the point that 99.9% of what used to work now doesn’t.

Sure, this leaves a lot of SEO experts sitting on a website that’s ranking for SEO keywords, when they don’t have a clue what to do anymore. They know a lot of ways to damage your SEO rankings, that’s about it.

Nevertheless, they should either figure out what works, or shut down their shops, because it’s basically a crime what over half of these “service providers” are doing.

That’s all I have to say on that, except that I do actually know a thing or two about SEO, as I’ve been studying it for five years.

It’s more about getting the right advice these days than it is getting links built from random link farms, and I don’t claim to be able to guarantee anything, but if you’re willing to listen to what I have to say, and pay me a decent amount for my time, I can possibly point you in the right direction.

My email is in the sidebar, rowan@professionalsocialpromotion.com and I do all sorts of other things as well, pretty much whatever you want, I just don’t lie about it.

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Nuances of Search Engine Optimization

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Search Engine Optimization

Guest post by Jones Petric

The one thing you need to know about SEO these days is that there is a lot of dodgy practices going on, that used to work, and now causes a reverse effect on rankings.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, or the person you’re hiring is working with outdated technology, you may find that you’re on the road to spending ten times the amount of money to fix the mistakes that were made.

For example, you may have to pay someone to remove every single link that was built to your site via the Google disavow tool, because as a whole, all the links caused a negative effect, and it’s impossible to tell which ones had a negative effect, so all of them need to be disavowed to get over the Google penalty.

It’s important to get the right advice, because if you get the wrong advice, it might land you in hot water and ruin the rankings of your site permanently. One thing SEO isn’t these days is cheap.

So What Do You Do In SEO These Days?

Much of what works today is on-page optimization. You need to carefully look at the keyword density, and all the various photos and videos and tags and HTML, and if you make back links, they have to be relevant, high quality, and from high authority sites.

Today, business cycles are now much faster, integrated, and productive, thanks to the rapid adoption of digital marketing strategies and its shifting factors. Its aspects are very helpful in achieving the topmost exposure to the websites in a professional manner.

Some of the basic yet smart tactics of search engine optimization that still work today are as follows:

Page Headings

Your website is your online catalogue offering a great number of products and services to your customers. Web designers and developers make it as attractive as possible.

They frame the website structure, give suitable space for images, and provide proper headings and sub-headings. Headings are the best way to inform your readers about your description and content.

If your headings are precise, then they will attract maximum number of readers to your website. In order to give maximum prominence to the website, search engine optimization experts and web evangelists use heading tags.

They provide H1, H2, H3 tags, etc. to highlight their headings. It will help readers & search engines to understand your intention. One of the best ways to show relevance is to optimize your headings with keywords.

Website Navigation

You can make your website stronger and more responsive through its navigation. SEO experts provide internal links to make your site agile and navigable.

It also helps audiences to browse through your website. It is a holistic practice and substantially strengthens your site’s infrastructure.

For more attention to detail, experienced SEO experts and web analysts provide breadcrumbs, sitemaps, and bottom navigation to the website. These factors are user-focused and assist them to move instantly across your website.


Your site content is the only thing that will help you to outshine your competitors. Valuable, factual, informative, and actionable site content will help your audience to understand your products, services, business objectives, and intentions.

Boring, repetitive, and copied content will bring disaster and take your audience away. Also it helps search engines read and crawl your website more efficiently. In other words, you can say “Content is king” in search engine optimization.

If you are a business owner and want your website to be highly productive and fruitful, then you need to adopt search engine optimization strategies. These strategies are useful for the business owners to boost their performance and productivity through better online visibility and search engine rankings.

Linking From Other Sites

While back links are still important for the rankings of your site, the most important thing is that you do not build low quality, irrelevant links from low-authority domains.

Quality is the most important thing, and it’s not about page rank these days, that metric has not been important for many years, it’s all about authority, and authority is determined by how many links the sites that link to yours have from big authority sites, and not just the individual page, but the domain as a whole.

Domain authority and page authority can be measured on certain tools, like SEOmoz, but in general, you have to use your common sense to determine that some sites are just link farms that will no longer benefit your rankings, and will actually damage your rankings if you link from them, and other sites are high quality.

About The Author

Web Seo Mall provides SMO services, article marketing, content writing, seo audit, SEO consulting service, twitter followers and blog commenting etc. They have years of experience in internet marketing, search engine optimization and search engine marketing.


Hiring Online Marketing Experts

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Internet Marketing ExpertIf you have a website or business, or even a hobby, you need to have a strong online presence or you will get left behind.

There are countless internet marketing experts out there, offering their services ranging from web design, SEO, social media marketing and the management of a pay per click advertising campaign but some of them are a lot better than others.

The truth of the matter is that many complete beginners go straight into the internet marketing service providing business without even knowing the first thing about how it works.

I talked to a guy who hired an “SEO” company from India for a hundred a month or something ridiculous like that.

He thought it was a great deal because he was getting articles sent to him that were published on high PR blogs.

The problem was, page rank means nothing, the articles were just completely plagiarised from existing content online, straight copied and pasted, and the links either had no effect at all, or were actively punished by Google’s new algorithms.

Things have changed a lot in SEO in the past few years, but many of these shady offshore SEO “experts” are still using the exact same dodgy techniques and if they work at all, they don’t work for very long.

I do a bit of SEO stuff myself, and I have five years experience at it, but what I generally do is just give people advice, I tell them what to do, and suggest that they do the work themselves, because I haven’t got the time to write, (unless you’re paying fifty dollars an article), and you don’t want to outsource writing to just anyone, it has to be good.

The whole thing about SEO is that quality is more important these days than ever before, and another thing that seems to be working is authority, especially the authority that comes with a huge social media site.

Social Media Marketing Experts

Social media pages are easier to rank for a phrase on Google than any other type of website, plus you can get instant traffic easily by buying Twitter followers and tweeting something interesting, and that’s why I mostly focus on that.

The reason is quite simple, Facebook and You Tube already have all the authority they need to rank highly, as does Google Plus, because Google own two of those sites, and they’re huge.

They’ve determined that that’s what people want to see in their search results, they want the video results and they want to see the Facebook page of a brand name or celebrity coming up highly in the search.

Social media is where people are online, there’s no two ways about it, and that’s why you may find it easier to rank a Facebook page for a search and have it connected to your website than to just rank your website.

Just buying tons of likes for example can give you enough juice to easily rank a Facebook page for a low competition search, especially if you use all the best SEO link building techniques, (see professional SEO tips for more details).

Get In Contact To Talk About Hiring Me

I have multiple Facebook pages and You Tube videos that are ranking very highly in multiple Google searches and also searches on Facebook and You Tube, and that’s why I keep getting orders, because I keep making these pages and videos and blog posts and building them all together so that it gets found.

I have five years of experience doing all of that, traffic building on the largest sites in the world. I know how it works, and at the very least, I can offer you some great advice on what your best course of action should be and get you quality likes and followers.

My services include pretty much anything if you can afford to pay enough money, but my advice is to send me an email with a bit about your site and what you’ve done so far, and I’ll give you some free advice on what you might want to do next, and then give you the prices for my services.