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SEO Versus PPC

Guest post by Rajveer Singh Rathore

Most digital marketers hold strong views on the topic of SEO and PPC. There are many that take pride in using only SEO to achieve their purposes.

Then there are some that prefer PPC and feel that it provides better returns in lesser time, and there is the third group that believes in a balanced used of both the techniques, and other traffic building methods like social media marketing.

Let’s take a look at what exactly SEO and PPC are, explore the differences between the two, and try to work out which one is a better technique.

What is SEO exactly, in as few words as possible?

SEO obviously stands for Search Engine Optimization. Everyone knows this. But, it is a little more complicated when we look at what it means to optimize your site.

It is an organic (as opposed to paid, even if black hat techniques are used) way of getting listing and good ranking on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Using a number of different techniques, digital marketers try and boost the ranking of a website or other blog property. There is no payment made to search engines during SEO.

Okay, and what is PPC?

Pay-per-click is straight up advertisement. The ads are placed near the search results. Open a Google search and enter a random term – on the top as well as right, you will see a number of links under ‘Ads’ or ‘Sponsored’ – there’s a PPC campaign behind all these ads.

When someone clicks on these ads, he is directed to the landing page or website of the advertiser. In most cases, there are no charges for displaying the ad – you pay only when someone clicks on the link.

Well, SEO and PPC seems like two totally different things. Why are we even comparing them?

While SEO and PPC employ totally different methods, they serve the same purpose. The reasons why people conduct an SEO campaign is that they want their web pages or blogs to appear at the top of the results when someone enters specific search term in the search engines.

If the link to their website or page appears on the first few pages of search results, many people may click on the link and the website or blog can generate views, leads, or sales.

For every search term that is being searched by a large number of users, there are thousands of businesses in competition for a place on the results.

So, SEO requires a lot of effort, and even after making many efforts, it is possible that pages do not rank well for the targeted keywords. With PPC, you are guaranteed a place on the first page for a specific keyword – and you pay only when some user clicks on your link!

Differences Between SEO and PPC listings

The above quick-fire explanation may lead you to believe that it is always better to run a PPC camping than invest time, money and efforts in SEO. But before reaching a decision, first take a quick look at the differences between SEO and PPC listing on a search pages.

# It may take months or years to get organic traffic from search engines. Especially, if your company is targeting highly competitive keywords, you may simply not be able to beat the competition. But PPC levels the playing field – you can get visibility on the first page straightaway.

# SEO results appear as answers to keyword queries, while ads are clearly separated from the results. Most users are not interested in ads and simply won’t click on ads. So, the amount of traffic you receive through PPC won’t be as high as that of natural search results.

# PPC costs money – you need to shell out dollars for every click. Many users may simply be exploring your result. They may not have any interest in your services, but when they click and reach your website, you pay for it. Traffic from SEO is absolutely free.

# Conversion rates can be high when you are running a PPC campaign as you can optimize the page that the visitor lands on after clicking on your advertisement. A smart PPC campaigner knows what keywords to target to capture the interest of users that are actually looking for the services or products that the company provides.

So, what’s the verdict – SEO or PPC?

There are a handful of companies that rank well on the set of keywords that they target – their competitors have no presence on the first few pages of search results. If you are lucky enough to be ranking at the top, SEO is enough (at least for that set of keywords).

For others, PPC is the only way of benefiting from search engines and searches by potential customers. PPC can provide a powerful boost to your business and help you improve your SEO ranking by increasing traffic and decreasing bounce rates.

It is also pretty handy when you are selling specific products, offering special limited-time discounts or want to run a quick advertisement campaign on a shoe-string budget.

However, PPC can only give a short boost. It is nitro boost on your race car. If your firm is planning to offer the same services and products for a long time, you need a long-term solutions. That is where SEO comes in. The trick is to find the perfect balance between the two kind of online marketing techniques.

About The Author

Rajveer Singh Rathore is a technical fanatical working with SEO First Page. I love to spend some time studying about the most latest digital marketing trends news. SEO First provides SEO, PPC management and social media marketing services that helps companies improve their traffic and business leads.


Top Ten Ways To Get Free Traffic To Your Site

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Get Free Traffic To Your SiteOK, so everyone who has a site wants to get visitors to it, that’s how you make money, or get your work in front of people.

It’s easier said than done to get hundreds of unique views a day, but I have been doing that steadily for years now, and I’ll share with you the ways I get free traffic to this site in this top ten list.

If you have any experience in internet marketing, many of these things will seem obvious, but even if you’ve been running a site for years, I’m sure you will find this list helpful, and that you will learn something new.

Number One: Google

Google is the largest search engine in the world, and the most often visited site as well. People spend more time on other sites like Facebook and You Tube, but in terms of what site gets the most visits a day, it’s probably always going to be Google.

In order to get found in the organic search results for popular phrases, you need to know a lot about SEO.

The algorithms have changed a lot over the years, and the most recent changes have made it easier for the average person to get found in a search if they publish quality content and build only quality links to their site.

Some basic things to consider are you need to make pages for the readers with lots of text, photos, video, sub-headings, and it needs to be well written, for readers to read.

You need to publish regularly, your site has to be well set up and easy to navigate, and you need to consider the titles of each page on your site very carefully.

Quality back links are harder to get these days, and you will get punished if you try to use most of the methods that used to work in the past, getting links from link farms and through spam techniques.

My suggestion is to try publishing guest posts on related sites to yours, and to use a software like the SEO Spyglass in SEO Powersuite to look at the back links leading to your competitors, then try to copy what they did.

If you need more help and advice about SEO, (and you probably do, because there’s a lot to it), get in contact with me to discuss some coaching or asking me to run an SEO campaign.

It takes a lot of work, and it’s not cheap, although much of it comes down to having a good site and publishing quality pages on it every day if you can.

Number Two: Facebook

It makes sense that the second best way to get traffic to your site is from the second largest site in the world.

It’s quite easy to make Facebook pages, or to join Facebook groups, and you also need to think about keywords when deciding the title of your pages.

You can have as many pages as you want, and there is so much that you can do, and so much to discuss, that there’s no way I can tell you even a fraction of what I know about it in this small space.

Again, get in contact if you want to find about my services doing Facebook page design, getting likes, running a Facebook Ads campaign, doing keyword research, and all of that.

Number Three: You Tube

Obviously the third best way to get free traffic is on the third most visited site in the world, You Tube.

Learn how to make quality videos, because this is the most important thing to running a You Tube campaign.

Google own You Tube, and they have algorithms that are so complex, you can’t fake having a good video, you just have to make good videos.

If you can’t do that, I am an amateur video producer, and can make you something worthy of publishing on your channel starting at fifty dollars.

That may sound like a lot, but if you find yourself in an untapped niche, or if you use Google Adwords to run video ads, you can get potentially millions of views, that’s not unheard of at all.

There are literally millions of videos that have had millions of views because people stay on the site for hours, looking at anything and everything that they’re interested in.

What you want to do is be one of the videos that comes up as a suggestion in the sidebar.

The way you do that is to get a good bounce rate, (the amount of time people spend watching your video), get good social signals such as social shares, subscribers, comments and views.

You can’t really get fake views, Google is very skilled at telling which videos are really going viral, and which ones are just getting robot clicks.

I do sell You Tube views, but I tell people that the best way for me to get them is through social sharing. If you’re going to buy You Tube views, you want to make sure that there’s some real views happening at the same time so it looks natural, and really the best way to get more views is to keep publishing more high quality videos regularly.

Number Four: Twitter

Twitter is one of the fastest growing sites in the world, or it is the fastest growing site in the world, except for Google Plus when that came out.

I love Twitter, I find it so simple to use, while other people have a real hard time figuring out what they need to do.

I just buy or earn random followers through a large popular Twitter follower swapping site which I can’t give you the name of, as that’s how I make money, as a middleman.

It’s quite simple, people earn points by following other people, and these points are good for followers in return.

There’s over a hundred thousand people on the site, or that’s how many have signed up and used the service.

I managed to get up to 30,000 on my largest account @FollowerCrazy, although a couple of thousand have dropped off, the followers have stuck for many years now, and I get clicks on my links every time I tweet.

As a matter of fact, Twitter has been a larger source of free traffic to this site than any other method, when I take the time to tweet for an hour or two.

When you’re getting random followers you need to tweet more often because they’re also following thousands of other people, and you definitely need thousands of followers, but the results are amazing once you get a large following.

It works because you have volume, and there are always people looking at their dashboards at any time of the day, because they’re tweeting themselves.

I recommend that people buy Twitter followers no matter what they’re doing, and you can get a large amount like ten thousand for about a thousand dollars. It may cost less than that, but due to the fact you lose some as part of the process, I don’t want to quote an unrealistic figure.

Anyway, you can check out the Twitter followers prices on the likes and followers page above, or get in contact with me to talk about the best possible deals for bulk amounts.

Number Four: Google Plus

Does Google Plus really work for getting traffic to your site? It’s still a little bit early to tell if it’s going to be as popular as Facebook and Twitter, but it works in a similar way, and it is growing at a huge rate.

Google has come out with social networks in the past like Orkut, but this one seems to be the real deal, and everyone who has a site at least has joined as a matter of necessity.

Due to the fact that Google is linked to Blogger and You Tube, it’s become a part of those sites to be able to link to your Google Plus profile, and it seems that you just need to know how it works and have a profile, or you will get left behind in some way.

I don’t really like the fact that you need to be on it, but Google have the power to cause you to have bad rankings all over the place if they want to, and it seems they might do that, if you don’t have a good Google Plus presence sorted out.

I can get you Google Plus followers if you want, that’s about the best I can do to help you with the site, and it does work, although some of the profiles don’t have photos, but there’s nothing wrong with them, they’re real people.

Number Five: Linked In

Linked In groups actually get me more traffic than any of these other methods, for a brief amount of time, when I do a share to all of the groups I’m a part of, as long as the title of the post is interesting.

I joined all of the internet marketing related groups, all the groups related to SEO and social media, and they all have thousands of members.

It means that I get a lot of emails with people sending me posts, but I get hundreds of emails a day anyway, mostly from Nigeria.

You join a group, and perhaps use an app like Add This on your browser to easily bring up the share dialogue, and that’s it.

It really works, but don’t abuse it, it’s a privilege to be a part of these groups, and you don’t want to spam them with affiliate marketing crap or anything like that, only share quality, and no more than once or twice a week, or they will throw you out of the group.

I can get you Linked In shares, or I can log in through your account and join groups for you, or share with my groups, (so long as you have a decent site), or I can also buy Linked In profile shares for about ten cents each. Send me a message to talk about that.

Number Six: Yahoo Answers

I’ve been banned from Yahoo Answers a few times now, and had to create whole new Yahoo accounts to be able to use the site, and each time you have to build up your rating by answering questions, so I don’t post links to my site in answers anymore.

Nevertheless, it is a great way to get free traffic, you just do a search on unanswered questions related to your post, You Tube video, or site.

Make sure that it doesn’t look like you posted the answer just to get a link to your site, and make sure that your answer is truly a good answer to the question, because only the best answer chosen by the asker will get published in the end.

Some people ask themselves questions on another account so they can answer their own question.

There are some real dodgy and annoying answers floating about, especially in the SEO section, and that’s why I no longer post there, although I do like taking part in the site just for the fun of it, and it’s a great way to get answers to any questions you have about anything.

Number Seven: Relevant Forums

I get a lot of traffic from the Warrior Forum, as I often hang out there to learn and share my own knowledge.

People see the link to my site in my signature, and they click on the link to check me out. I’ve had more than a few good clients who came from there, it’s the internet marketing forum if that’s what you’re into, although there are many other ones that are good as well.

If you have trouble finding relevant forums for your niche, try doing Google searches and choose the discussions option.

Number Eight: Blog Comments

This used to be a really good idea, now it’s probably a bad idea, simply because Google doesn’t like you spamming blog comments at people, and if you’re posting comments on a page that also links out to a hundred other unrelated sites, it will be damaging to your site’s SEO.

Nevertheless, I still get the occasional hit from someone who saw a comment I left on someone’s blog post.

If you have something valuable to say, then say it, but make sure that you do it wisely. If nothing else, you’re talking to the person who owns the blog.

Number Nine: Guest Posts

I mentioned guest posts earlier in the SEO section. It can be a great way to get traffic to your site if you can manage to get a post published on a high traffic blog.

I’ve only managed to get about five guest posts published linking back to me in the three years I’ve had this site.

I don’t know why I haven’t published more, it just seems like an arduous task contacting the website owners individually and passing all of their guidelines.

I get rejected more often than I get published, and it really is a time consuming and painful way to write articles, but still it does work, even if the main reason it works is that it helps you rank higher through the power of an authority link.

I do publish guest posts here if you have a site related to internet marketing and can write well and know what you’re talking about. Make sure you follow the guidelines carefully.

Number Ten: Article Writing Sites And Web 2.0 Sites

I started out writing on sites like Associated Content, (now Yahoo Contributor Network), Bukisa, Factoidz, (now Knoji), HubPages, and other similar sites.

There used to be a whole community of people who would comment on each other’s articles, and I learned a lot through reading what other people had to say.

The community still exists, although most of these article writing sites have been punished with a Google slap for being content farms.

Many of the sites still give you positive effects for your rankings, and you will want to publish some quality articles on Ezine, HubPages, Helium, eHow, (if you’re in the US or UK), and any site that still has a good page rank and domain authority score.

It’s not as beneficial as it used to be, it’s probably a bit of a waste of time compared to other things you could be doing, and that’s why I’ve put it last on this list.


You may want to try all of these things like I have, or you may only have time to try a couple of them.

If you want the best results, you may want to hire people to help you do all of these things so that you get the best results for SEO and so that you can work out which of these methods works the best for you and your business.

If you need help with any of these things, I can probably help you with it myself, or I can find someone to outsource work to as well.

I don’t work cheap, but I am fairly affordable considering my experience and the quality of my work.

My suggestion is that you send me a message with information about yourself and what you do.

Include links, and a general explanation of what your goals are, what you’ve done so far, and what you know about the whole internet marketing thing.

I’ll do my best to advise you on what I think you need to do, or what you need me to do for you, and we’ll go from there.



SEO Tips For Bing

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Bing SEO Techniques

Guest post by Amit Panwar

Bing is relatively new among the big search engines and doing SEO for it is still somewhat of a mystery.

Simply put, Bing indexes sites differently than Yahoo and Google. Further, Bing’s infancy to the market doesn’t mean it isn’t getting any traffic.

It currently claims about 30% of all search engine traffic. This is good enough reason for any webmaster to want to rank well on Bing!

Bing Webmaster Tools

Most webmasters are familiar with Google Webmaster Tools and maybe even with submitting a site to Yahoo. Bing also has a Webmaster Tools section to which you can submit your site.

This is a good first step in getting indexed by Bing. Submitting to Webmaster Tools lets Bing know your website is there and prompts its search bots to go take a look.

Bing and Backlinks

Results among studies of top 10 search results for the same keyword on Bing and Google consistently show the top results on Bing have fewer backlinks than the Google results.

This shows that Google places more emphasis on backlinks in ranking websites than Bing. Less backlinks means less work for webmasters and this is good news.

However, it is important to remember that the backlinks that are pointing to your site must be high quality ones. Bing doesn’t like junk backlinks any more than the other search engines.

Bing and PageRank

PageRank simply doesn’t matter all that much in SEO for Bing. A lot of webmasters are all wrapped up in raising their site’s PageRank and this is useful on Google.

PageRank is, after all, a Google-patented algorithm of assigning a number to a website based on its perceived search engine strength.

You won’t see many low PageRank websites in the top 10 search results on Google. However, this happens all the time on Bing. This is almost certainly because PageRank is a Google product and Bing doesn’t need it.

SEO Tips For Bing

Bing Doesn’t Place a Big Emphasis on Fresh Content in Rankings

Google places a big emphasis on fresh content in rankings. The more frequently you put up fresh content, the higher your rankings tend to be there. Bing doesn’t index websites or their pages as quickly as Google and this makes having fresh content slightly less important on Bing.

This doesn’t mean you should never put up new content on your site. Bing’s web crawlers will eventually come around to your site a second time and your place in the rankings could be penalized if the same content is found there with nothing new from the first visit. However, you don’t have to worry about putting up new content with the speed and frequency you need to impress Google to do well in Bing.

Bing and Flash

Strangely enough, many experts have noted that Bing loves websites with Flash and tends to rank them highly in the search results. Google on the other hand hates Flash and penalizes sites that use it. You can do really well on Bing just by putting some Flash features on your website.

Bing’s Holy Grail of Ranking–Inbound Anchor Text

While all search engines appreciate a site that has good quality anchor text, this appears to be much more important on Bing than anywhere else. Bing especially likes pages that have the anchor link word or phrase in the title of the page.

This is unusual for all of the other search engines. A good quality anchor text is one that has very close relevancy to the word or phrase that’s linking to it. Bing will rank websites and their pages very highly for this, so it is definitely something you want to be doing in your Bing SEO efforts.

Domains and Bing Rankings

Bing gives more importance to domain names in its rankings than do the other search engines. It prefers top-level domains like .gov and .edu. Bing also almost always prefers a .com over a .net or .org unless the .net or .org is attached to a highly authoritative website.

Further, aged domain names rank more highly on Bing than on other search engines. Other search engines don’t seem to give as much weight to domain age as in the past. However, this is still an important ranking factor for Bing.

As you can see, it’s a bit different getting ranked in Bing than in the other search engines. Some of this advice may go against what you’ve previously been taught about SEO. However, you must remember that Bing is a different search engine from the rest and it does things its own way. You definitely want to capture that 30% of search engine traffic so learning SEO for Bing is important.

About The Author

Amit Panwar works for, an SEO company in Orange County that can help you get ranked higher on Bing and Google!


Dealing With Account Suspensions On Social Sites

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Account Suspension On Social MediaIn the five years or more that I have been working online, I’ve run into problems with almost all of the popular social media sites, and have had accounts suspended for one reason or another many times.

This is not unusual, and if you are a serious internet marketer trying to get the word out about your product on social media, the odds are you will be suspended by one site or another.

In this post, I will talk about the various sites I’ve been suspended on, what it takes to get suspended, how you can appeal the decision, and whether it’s easy to get your account back.

I understand how annoying it is losing an account, and while you may have lost it for good, there may be a way to appeal to the right people and get your profile back if you follow these tips.

Getting Your Account Back On Facebook

I have to be honest, I’ve had accounts suspended on almost every site except this one. The only time they seriously delete your account is if you’ve been reported as a spammer multiple times, and not just that, they have to check out the offending post and see that it was really offensive or annoying enough to warrant an account suspension.

Facebook understands that a person’s account is their identity, it’s their connection to all their friends, their address book of names and faces who mean something in their lives.

For this reason, they very rarely suspend accounts, and if you’ve done something so bad that you do get your Facebook account suspended, you probably deserve it, see if you can look it up on Google what you can do to appeal.

Appealing Account Suspension On Twitter

This one is really easy to fix, so long as you follow these steps. Twitter has started to crack down on people who follow and then un-follow too many people in a day, and so it’s very easy to get suspended.

What you do is fill out the appeal form with common sense answers, like say that you realise you made a mistake and won’t do it again.

They will then send you an email, to the email address associated with the account. You simply reply to this with the same sort of message, and 99% of the time, they will give you back your account.

Getting Your Account Back On You Tube

It’s only in very rare cases you can get an account back on You Tube, and it’s only for people who have had an account for years in good standing who then made one stupid mistake.

Generally speaking, you can’t rely on this at all, and will lose your account permanently if it’s suspended, 99% of the time.

If you want to avoid this, be very careful to read the rules and regulations, don’t published copied material, don’t publish violent videos or anything which could be seen as pornography, etc.

I managed to get my main account back after it was suspended for no good reason, but I still don’t really know why they suspended it in the first place, as they didn’t tell me.

Appealing A Google Plus Suspension

I had a Google Plus account suspended as well, and again, they didn’t tell me why they suspended me, just that I should look at the terms of service, which didn’t explain anything.

I had to spend a lot of time in Google groups begging for my account to be given back to me, it’s a very annoying thing to have to do, and it’s hard to tell if that even works.

There is a names appeal form for people who have been suspended due to having the same name as a famous person, but apart from that, you pretty much have to just sit back and wait to see if you get your account back or not, and you usually don’t.


There are things you can do a lot of the time when you lose an account to suspension. In other cases, you just have to wear it. The key is to try to stick to the rules and not do anything that’s going to annoy the people running the site.

That’s easier said than done, as I’ve been trying very hard not to bother anyone or to be seen as a spammer on social media, but they always seem to find some detail to pick on you for.

Regardless if you do lose accounts here and there, that’s bound to happen. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, spread your social media marketing campaign over multiple sites and using multiple methods.

If you need any help with any of these things I’ve been talking about, I can get you likes, followers, views, shares, make you pages, make you videos, give SEO advice, etc, etc. Get in touch via the contact page, or my email is in the sidebar.

Social media