How To Make Professional You Tube Videos

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The Importance Of Making Quality Videos

I’ve been on You Tube for a few years now, and when I first started, my videos were very amateur, or they were really quite terrible.

After a lot of practice, I’ve learned how to make professional videos that look similar to television ads, and I also offer that as a service, starting at fifty dollars a video.

I also try to make them informative, and entertaining, so that people watch them all the way through to the end.

The bounce rate is very important on You Tube, in fact it’s probably the main ranking factor, so your videos have to be good, or they won’t do well, no matter how many back links you build to them, or views you get.

How To Make A Good You Tube Video

Professional You Tube VideoI can only tell you what I do, and I have a different method than many other video producers.

I don’t have a video camera, and that’s because I don’t really want to take video footage of myself talking, or anything in the real world where I live.

If I want to do that, I can use the web cam on my computer, and I have done that, but it always turns out pretty low quality, and that’s why I usually make videos using a slideshow of photos.

I take screenshots of photos I find online, from stock footage sites, or from anything that looks good on Google Images.

I put them together on iMovie, the free video making software that comes with every Mac computer.

With this, you can add a range of different transitions, moving text, visual effects, and audio files.

I create a video slideshow with text saying what I want it to say, telling a story with the images, and sometimes I add short video screenshots as well.

Then, I hire a cheap voiceover artist who can do a professional sounding reading of a script for about five dollars per minute-long take.

I’m making one at the moment called how to do SEO on a Facebook page, and I’ll add the link to it once it’s been published, so you can see what the final result looks like.

Check Out Some Of The Videos I’ve Made

You can check out some of my other videos on my You Tube channel Social Media Marketing Tips, or you might just want to look at the ones I’ve spent the most time on, like the one I put on my Facebook page Internet Marketing Strategies.

Anyway, you can either do it in that way, or hire me to do it for you, or you can just talk to a video camera if you have one.

A good way to do that is to set up a basic filming studio at home, with a white background, some strong lights, and a stand for your camera.

This can make talking to the camera seem really professional, although I personally find that my voice was made for typing.

If you want me to make you a professional You Tube video like the ones I showed you, take a look at the Cheap Video Production page on the home page of this site, and send me a message at

Tell me exactly what you want in the video, and I’m sure I’ll be able to come up with something. I can also help you get views and promote the video, or do just about anything you want to do with internet marketing generally.

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How To Make More Money Per Visitor To Your Site

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Make More Per Site Visitor


Make More Money Per Page Visit
I started off trying to make money online by writing on a site called Associated Content, which is now Yahoo Voices, or Yahoo Contributor Network.

At that stage, they were still paying anyone around the world a small amount per thousand views as a share of Adsense revenues.

It worked out to be a fifth of a cent or 0.2 cents per person that read your article, or visited long enough for the ads to load.

So I was starting to get excited when I saw that I had one cent a day coming in after a week or so of writing.

The reason was, I was a complete beginner, and I was building a residual income in a steady way, even if it was a ridiculously small amount.

The tax laws changed, the site no longer paid Australians to write. Anyway, I eventually made this site and other sites of my own, which make a lot more per visitor than what I was making when I first started.

There are other ways to increase your conversion rate, your return buyer rate, the profit you make per click etc, and I will explain how that works in this post.


As I explained, when I first started out, I was getting paid a percentage of Adsense revenues, or the full amount on other sites like Blogger and HubPages.

In my view, you have to be very talented at choosing a niche that has a high payment per click on ads and that finds customers who will click through the ads to the site they were searching for to make a decent amount.

For example, you might make a page that was about a certain type of software that’s hard to find for free, then not give it to them but have text ads showing on the page that sell it.

You could also have affiliate links to the same software if you can find them, increasing the ways that you can make money. You can control the affiliate links a lot easier than what type of ad shows up on your page.

I see people making fun sites with ads in the sidebar that have nothing at all to do with the subject matter. It is very unlikely that these will ever make money, unless they go viral, which is mostly luck.

The way to make more per visitor is to rank on Google for buyer keyword phrases, and then sell the exact product they were searching for on your page.

Hold onto your visitors if possible by signing them up to an email list or get them to like you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter, so you can sell to them again and again.


You can have your own product, a product you buy cheap and sell for more through Pay Pal buttons, or an affiliate product.

You can buy physical products from China in bulk for a hundred times less than what they sell for in western countries through sites like Ali Baba.

I personally chose to not deal with anything that requires me to go to the post office, because that in itself takes up an hour of my time, and time is money.

I deal in electronic products only, such as web design, SEO, advertising campaign management, content creation, coaching, social signals, etc. I make the most money from my own services, sold on this site.

If I am going to sell a physical product, I sell it through an affiliate link, and I have a few sites, articles and Facebook pages which are bringing in a decent amount in affiliate sales.

I now make more from Amazon than I make from Google Adsense, although I didn’t manage to make anything at all as an affiliate marketer until I learned how to compete with the experts who are doing the same thing.

Targeted Traffic

To bring in truly targeted traffic, you need to be somewhere at the top of a search on Google for a buyer keyword phrase through either SEO or paid advertising.

There are other ways to get targeted traffic such as appearing in someone’s news feed randomly, like Sponsored Stories on Facebook. If they click, they should be interested, and you pay for the clicks.

What you really want in my opinion is to be getting found for free in Google searches naturally, on an ongoing basis, without having to spend too much to maintain those rankings.

Social Media

The approach I have found works the best is making social media pages and ranking them on Google through good on-page SEO like the right title, tons of social signals, and relevant, high quality back links.

The authority of sites like Facebook ensures that they have a better chance than any other type of site to rank, and it takes less effort to keep them there, so long as you know how.

If you buy a new domain and try to rank it for a phrase from scratch, it will take longer, more back links, more content, etc than a You Tube video.

Each social media site like Google Plus has it’s own tricks that you need to learn, and I can teach you how to do it, or I can do it for you.

I have five years of experience in SEO, social media marketing, pay per click advertising etc, and I know the best ways to get you a return on investment for your money.

Get in contact with me via the contact form in the sidebar, or by sending me a message at, and send me all the details about what you have done so far with your business, and I’ll come up with a plan for you.

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How To Improve Your Link Building Campaign

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Good SEO requires a good link building campaign as one component.

Guest post by Nesslyn Aquino

There have been many changes in the way Google looks at links with the recent updates, so it is important that we all know how to run an effective link building campaign.

Search engines are starting to punish those of us who used to use bad link building methods, such as spamming, and coming back from being punished can be a very long road.

So, to help you make sure you are running your link building campaign correctly, let’s take a look at 5 things you should know.

Keep the Websites Relevant

Your link should never be intentionally posted to a website that has nothing to do with your niche. This can be one of the worst ways to hurt your link building efforts.

Google knows when all you are trying to do is rank higher, and they are trying to avoid that way of thinking. So, when they see a link in an completely irrelevant spot that offers no value to viewers, they are not going to give you much “link juice”.

A lot of times they will even hurt your overall rankings for using this technique to many times. If you keep your link in natural places where readers could benefit from it, then you will be safe and you will see your rank being raised in no time.

Only Use Quality Websites

Bad websites or websites that have no authority should be avoided. These websites are looked at badly by search engines and will take down anyone associated with them.

When I say bad websites, I mean websites that are known for using black hat tactics, have horribly optimized sites, no traffic, and anything else that could be considered a waste of space.

You may run into some websites that will let you post your link all over the place without any requirement, but don’t do it! Stay away from the bait! Most websites that let anyone post their links everywhere are not highly ranked and will just take you down with them.

Use Proper Anchor Texts

It should be obvious, but using misleading anchor texts to get people to come to your site is highly frowned upon. Both Google and your readers will get upset by that tactic.

Your readers will no longer trust your website and could even give you bad reviews, while Google will lower your rankings.

It’s just a very bad tactic all together. The tactic used to be successful around 10-15 years ago, when unsuspecting viewers were not aware of the tactic and when search engines still couldn’t punish for using bad techniques. To use it nowadays though, will only end in your website failing.

Still Need to Focus on the Content

Most link building campaigns are focused around inserting links within content, then posting that content on other blogs and relevant websites. Like usual, quality content should always be the main focus, especially when guest posting on blogs.

You want the content that is surrounding your link to be as good as possible, to ensure that the readers will be more tempted to click it. Also, the higher quality the content, the better search engines will rank it, increasing the effectiveness of the link.

Build Relationships

When you are link building, it is a bad idea to just use people for a link and then never speak to them again. Instead, you should try and build an ongoing relationship with them to further your link building campaigns.

Search engines count different links that are posted to the same website, just as long as they are relevant and on different pages.

So having a relationship with multiple other people within your niche will open up new opportunities for you and also give you a bigger overall network. You never know when you might need some help in the future.

There are plenty of other tactics and strategies that can be used for an effective link building strategy, but these 5 tips should definitely help you get ranked much higher.

Just remember, the most important part of link building is making sure not to get punished by search engines for the links you put down. Keep your links legitimate!

About the Author:

Ness is a guest post contributor on behalf of MakeAWebsite. They highly recommend Web Hosting Hub to individuals and business owners who are looking to have their domain hosted.


How To Rank High On Google

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Ranking On GoogleLiterally millions of people are trying to rank their site higher on Google, many of them just working as SEO providers for a client.

More than half of them are wasting their time, using outdated or time-consuming link building strategies, some of which actually work in reverse, and damage their rankings.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a much easier, cheaper way to get to the top of a Google search that didn’t involve paying per click on Google Adwords?

There is, and it’s very simple, you use the ranking power and authority of large social media sites like Google Plus, Facebook, You Tube and Twitter.

The difference in cost to rank for a search is about a hundred times less when starting a Facebook page and a new domain from scratch, I’m not kidding.

Some people just make their social media pages because they think they’re supposed to make them, without even a passing thought to their SEO potential.

They think that having a Facebook page and a You Tube video is going to make their site rank better, but that’s backwards logic, considering how easy it is to rank social media pages, and that links from social media sites are no follow.

So, here’s an explanation of how to use each social media site to rank highly on Google for almost any keyword phrase you want.

How To Rank For A Local Search

How To Rank LocallyThere is only really one way to rank for a local search like plumber, electrician, or the job title plus the city name like guitar teacher New York.

You have to make a Google Plus page, after first making a Google Plus profile. It’s relatively easy to set that up, but what you do have to do is get the title right, and the social signals like reviews which help you get past your competitors.

Do a search on anything like that, anywhere in the world, and if it isn’t packed with Google Plus pages, it’s only because they haven’t been made yet, or they weren’t made properly.

You don’t even need back links to rank highly with a Google Local page, although it might help if there’s heavy competition.

Some other things that might help are Google Plus followers, reviews, posts on the wall, a fully filled out and verified page.

There is no alternative, you have to make one if you want to rank locally in your city, that’s how powerful it is. I can help you do that, get in contact with me via the contact form in the sidebar.

How To Rank Worldwide For A Phrase

Ranking A Facebook Page On GoogleWhat’s the most visited site in the world? Google, but the place where people spend the most time and the next most visited site is Facebook, and that’s how you rank for any phrase or many phrases worldwide.

Some would say that Facebook isn’t effective at selling products because it’s a social site. Not true, if someone is searching for a product via a buyer keyword on Google, then they get your Facebook page at the top, it’s user friendly, they feel comfortable, and they are one click away from your site.

You can even set up your whole site on your Facebook page in a tab, especially if you only need one set of Pay Pal buttons to sell a small amount of products. That way, they don’t even have to leave the site.

You rank a Facebook page in the same way you rank a sub-page on any site. You need the right title, an exact match to a phrase with a large amount of exact match monthly search volume, then you make back links, and internal links to the page, and fill it with quality, relevant content.

I usually set up four or five pages with similar titles, and link them together, by using Facebook as the first page to like the other ones. This sets up one way, or two way links that are do follow within the site.

Then, I make a few back links to all of them, like a nice long HubPages or Ezine article, or a relevant guest post on an authority site.

Then, I get all the pages hundreds of likes, either random likes from a social swapping site, or targeted likes through Facebook Ads, which can also turn into immediate sales.

If you need to, you can create other social signals like shares, post or photo shares, comments, and post likes. Unless you’re competing for keywords with huge competition, once you do that, you should already be ranking, but it does take at least a few months, like any site.

You can in theory do the same thing on You Tube, but there are unknown factors, like the bounce rate of the videos. You can’t really control how long people will watch a business related video ad, except by your talent at video production.

Twitter works, and you can get results just by pumping thousands of followers on a profile, but it’s the last one I would bother with for ranking. On the other hand, it does work the best for getting traffic from random five cent followers.

I can do all of these things and more, for a very affordable price when compared to the hundreds of dollars a month it takes to rank a website for a phrase. Get in contact with me, tell me about your site, your product, and your current social media pages.



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