Best Marketing Strategies For Facebook

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Facebook marketing strategy

Guest post by Seo Land

Using Facebook to effectively grow an ecommerce business can be a struggle for many new sites. Often businesses create a Facebook page for their business but fail to see any results from it.

Effective social media marketing can be achieved via Facebook but there is more work involved than just simply creating a page.

Firstly, there is little point in setting up a Facebook page if your customers are not on the site. If they are using it then setting up a page can be a starting point for creating posts that your customers will want to share.

  •  Ensure that you are creating Facebook content that engages your customer’s interest. Provide information about your brand and your products. Ensure that you speak to your customers via Facebook in their own language.
  • Make your posts outside of normal business hours. The majority of Facebook activity takes place in your customer’s leisure hours. If you post during business hours they may have to scroll down their friend page in order to see your update, as a result it may become lost. By making the post during the evening it will appear fresh and part of the current feed.
  • Offering coupons, giveaways or promote contests. This will encourage the sharing on of your content to your customers friends and in turn increase awareness of your brand
  • Facebook offers the option for your post to be featured as a promoted post. This means that it will appear at the top of your users news feeds, drawing greater attention an increasing its chances of being shared onwards. Using this method on this social media platform, users don’t actually realise that they are clicking on a paid add.
  • Use Facebook polls to obtain customer views about your products. Not only can this generate useful information about how your products are viewed, but in addition when a poll is voted on, it will show up in a user’s friends feed, further broadcasting your brand and increasing awareness.
  • If you are having a sale or a time limited promotion then make use of Facebook to increase awareness of this.
  • Take account of your product market. If you are selling luxury goods then you are unlikely to achieve many sales directly through Facebook or any other social media marketing tool. However it is an excellent vehicle for promoting brand awareness, sop focus your posts on achieving this objective.
  • Share posts made by other pages on your own page. By doing so, a reciprocal arrangement can be set up whereby everyone can benefit from the increased publicity generated by the increased reach of posts.
  • Make effective use of videos and images. Just as the product images on your site should be the best that you have available, make sure that the images you use on your Facebook page are clear and professional. The same goes for video content – ensure that it is of high quality and provides the viewer with something that the will want to share with their friends, for example new information or effective use of humour.
  •  Make it clear what reaction you want to a post. If you want users to click ‘like’ then tell them this and give them an incentive to do so, for example a discount or another benefit of some kind.

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