Beginners Guide to Internet Marketing

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Guide to Internet Marketing

This is a beginners guide to internet marketing, or that’s what the title of this post is. It’s actually an ongoing free internet marketing training course that will take you from a beginner to an advanced professional online genius within a few years.

I don’t make outrageous promises, I’m just trying to get people to sign up to my list, so I can teach them what I know, and give out quality information, mixed with a few quality products that I have tried, and know work well.

You won’t be hassled to buy something if you sign up to the newsletter, as some sites do, and you will get lots of great free stuff, like e-books, and links to the best resources that really work.

My goal is to teach you how to do what I’m doing, which is basically list building, and general internet marketing, and share with you everything I know about it, as I continue to learn it myself.

I made this video today, and made a squeeze page for it, which is called: Free Guide to Internet Marketing.

I typed it all out in html including the h1 tags, center and bold tags, and the embed code for my You Tube video and auto-responder.

I find that this can be an easy way to avoid problems, like I was having with Open Office. I used Aptana, which is a free html editor, that is very easy to use, once you understand the basic source code tags.

If you don’t know how to look at source code, well you can use a simple toolbar add-on like the Firefox toolbar from SEO Book to check a number of things like page rank, source code, and stuff like that.

I can teach you all the technical stuff, and I do in my first e-book which is called A Beginners Guide to Succeeding Online.

You can get this free guide, and a never-ending supply of quality information and internet marketing training by subscribing to the newsletter.

Learn from a professional how to do internet marketing in the right way, so you don't get it wrong.

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