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social media managementProfessional Social Promotion is basically me, Rowan Casey from Australia, although I work with a number of other freelancers and service providers who I outsource some jobs to.

I’ve been offering my services for over five years now, and have hundreds or even thousands of satisfied customers.

I can do pretty much anything you want including SEO, web design, social media page design, custom tabs, You Tube videos, ad campaign management, social signals of all kinds, and content production.

That’s a lot of stuff to choose from, but let me tell you what I usually do for my long term clients.

How I Run A Campaign For My Clients

social media managerTo start with, I take a look at your website, your social media pages, and your product and current strategy.

I do keyword research, work out what your best phrases are, and give you some advice on the best way to proceed.

I’ll tell you straight out if I think the idea will work or not, and whether you should go ahead with spending money on ads and SEO, or not.

You see, a lot of people come to my site asking to get some cheap Facebook likes, and that can be a good idea for some people, and for others, it may have no effect at all.

Random likes can have a benefit for social proof, SEO, and perhaps some traffic to the wall posts, but if you haven’t chosen a keyword phrase title, there is no possibility for SEO.

If you aren’t getting traffic from searches or from an ad campaign, nobody will find the page, so the social proof doesn’t mean anything.

I usually have to start from scratch and make a new Facebook page for my clients, giving it a title with over a thousand exact match searches a month on the Google Keyword Planner.

I make a custom tab or two that has either a long description and link to the site, a Pay Pal button, an email signup form, or something that will make money when the customer gets there from an ad click or search engine.

I set up a Facebook Ads campaign, and monitor it to check that it’s producing results, and then I build quality back links to the page to rank it on Google, (and in a Facebook search), for the phrase.

I can do similar things on other sites like You Tube, Google Plus and Twitter, or do SEO for a website, but I’ve found that the approach I use works the best, and I know how to do it, and know it works.

How To Hire Me To Manage Your Social Media Campaign

targeted trafficSend me an email at or use the contact form in the sidebar.

Tell me as much as you can about your site, your products and services, give me links to look at, tell me what you’ve done so far in terms of SEO.

I will take a look at it, and probably advise you to either start from scratch with a different idea with a better chance of working, or to hire me to do one of these Facebook campaigns.

The cost is negotiable, but generally around $300 a month, which includes the cost of ads, the SEO, general advice, page design, etc.

You may need to spend more than that to rank for a keyword phrase with high competition, I don’t guarantee results, but I have some pages I can show you which are ranking on the first page of Google for some popular searches.

Also, if you have anything you want to get done like to buy tweets, shares, Facebook post likes, Instagram followers, You Tube subscribers, or anything you can think of, I can do that as well.

Get in contact now and get some quality advice from a professional social media marketing manager with many years experience.


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